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Submit to the Boss He Rules the Boardroom and the Bedroom
《Submit to the Boss He Rules the Boardroom and the Bedroom》

omggggg... I NEED MORE CHAPTERS!!!a thougt:lucia and august have to talk about theincident in the beach... pretty sure Joshuadid saw Lucia beside August and tookAugust and made his men impersonatekidnappers and call Paul to ask for moneyand to pick up Lucia and take her away


i too guessed it long back

Please don't make Lucia and August suffermore. It's height of separation.

i think August isn't dead he and Lucia isthe main characters of this story I think hismain man had someone to find him hideaugust away until he get his revenge on hisbrother

OMG... How can August die.. There no funreading in this book if he is dead...

my heart cannot stand it......

Submit to the Boss He Rules the Boardroom and the Bedroom
  • When Lucia arrived for her blind date, she was shocked to find that the man waiting for her was her boss. She struggled to catch her breath and asked, “B……boss, are you on the wrong table?”
  • “Lucia Mitchell,” The man called her name calmly, “Things are much easier now since we already know each other. We are here for the same reason, so how about our getting married?”
  • “……”
  • Lucia had never thought that her stern and domineering boss, who was at the helm of a business empire, would spoil her so much once they were married.
Novel extracts
When August was about to say something, the woman beside him suddenly muttered, "It's so hot... I want to hug you..." Her voice was charming, and there was a bit of grievance in the tone. It was even more pleasant to hear. August's face turned somber instantly. He glanced at the woman beside him and frowned deeply.

Burton hesitated for a moment before he asked, "Do you want to call a doctor?" Turning to look at the woman beside her, August grumbled, "We don't have time to do so."

Having been in the business circle for a long time, he had seen kinds of tricks to deal with people. From Lucia's strong reaction, he had known that it was a strong drug. With the drug working continuously, she just couldn't hold on like this. Burton understood immediately and nodded sensibly. He quietly left the room and closed the door.

Hearing the sound of the door being closed, August felt a little annoyed and pulled the tie off his collar. He hadn't wanted to touch her, but for now, the fire in his body was triggered. Just at that moment, Lucia started to rub her head against August's shoulder. She raised her head and kissed him on the lips all of a sudden. "Buzz...", August felt as if something exploded in his ears. He pulled Lucia into his arms and said in a hoarse voice, "Under this circumstance, it's not my fault!"

really liked this new story line

really amazing story

very good so far and I like it

very, very interesting story, Ilove Lucia andAugust

good & interesting story

what a amazing story

Novel extracts
"No...No...I don't want to go to the hospital..." She leaned against August's chest and rubbed back and forth like a dingy cat. August lowered her eyebrows and tried to push Lucia away, but she wrapped her arms around his neck. "I'm so... so hot..." She said.

August lowered his head, only to see her snow-white neck, her bright bloodstains, and her cheeks which had already been flushed. No one could refuse a woman like this. August tightened his grip on the swab and was about to continue cleaning her wound, but Lucia suddenly slapped his hand away. "No... No..." She resisted.

Looking at the woman who was unwilling to cooperate and the bleeding cut, August had no choice for a moment. When he inadvertently glanced at the set of props on the nearby table, he took the rose-colored handcuffs and clasped her hands behind her back in one take without thinking too much.

Thanks author.More update please.Hopefully August will find out about thesabotaged of DNA test.I really like thisnovel,I spent penny too.Hopefully August and Jeane will get divor...

luving the story, Hope August n Lucia livehappily together

so sweet

great now Paul and Lucia will hold weddingand raise August's kids....

the story is interesting and Ilike the wayLucia is relating with her colleaques in theoffice despite being the boss wife

Good Read

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Chapter 001

There was silence in the huge cafe. Lucia lowered her head, stirring the coffee in front of her nervously. The atmosphere fell into an awkward state for a while.

“First time on a blind date?” the man asked in a plain tone after being seated for half a minute.

His invisible power was too strong, and just a simple question sentence made Lucia even more nervous.

Today was Lucia Mitchell’s first blind date in her life. Under the coercion of her mother, she reluctantly came to the pre-appointed cafe and found the designated seat.

She originally thought that today was going to be a formality, but the man who sat down turned out to be August Adams, the CEO of the Lion Group. He had huge influence in Austos city!

Worse still, Lucia worked in the Lion Group as a small clerk in the administration department. Of course August would not know her, but it was too hard for Lucia to pretend she did not know him.

She was so nervous that she stuttered, “Yes, the, the first time…”

August looked back and forth on Lucia with his cold gaze, and continued to ask, “Have you graduated from college?”

“Graduated.” Lucia swallowed unconsciously and added, “It is been two years since graduation.”

Hearing the answer, August was silent for a while, and there was no emotion on his handsome face.

But Lucia felt quite nervous in his heart. On the one hand, she was thinking about what kind of fairy her mother worshipped and got such a top blind date. On the other hand, she wondered if August was sitting in the wrong place. Or was she sitting in the wrong place? She glanced at the number plate on the table from the corner of her eye, and it was indeed No.18.

“Sorry… did you find the wrong place?” Lucia asked with courage.

“Have you got your ID card?” August said.

They two opened their mouths at the same time, and also stopped abruptly at the same time.

Lucia raised her head in shock after hearing August’s words. Seeing August’s near-perfect face in such a close distance, Lucia felt her cheeks flushing and her mind going blank.

August was very handsome, even better looking than the popular male star of the moment. However, as a businessman, he emitted a domineering temperament, which often made people want to run away.

Lucia entered the Lion Group as an intern since college, and stayed after the internship for two years. In the past two years, she had only seen August from behind in a distance for a few times. Now they were sitting face to face, which was even more fantastic than a dream.

“Do you have any questions?” August looked at Lucia’s blushing face, and the coldness in his eyes lessened. Lucia shook her head, what problem could she have with her boss!

Suddenly, August’s cell phone rang, and he picked it up. After a brief silence, he replied neatly, “Got it.” Then, he hung up the phone and looked up at Lucia, “Let’s go.” He got up as neatly as he spoke and did things.

Lucia obediently stood up and followed August out of the cafe as if she was bewildered by August. August was 1.9 meters tall, and Lucia was 1.7 meters tall and looked petite behind him. Lucia followed August into the car, a black business Maybach that he often drove. Sitting in such a luxurious car, Lucia was very uneasy. She kept stirring her two fingers, asking herself from time to time if she was dreaming. However, all her reactions were seen by August.

“My family forced me to go on a blind date. I do not want to waste my time on this. You are clean and comfortable, so you are a good candidate for marriage.” In the quiet car, August said suddenly. His magnetic voice rang in Lucia’s ear.

Lucia looked at August in astonishment. Although she came to have a blind date with him, they were not at the stage of marriage, “Do you need to think about it again as we seem not to be quite familiar with each other …”