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Chapter 001

There was silence in the huge cafe. Lucia lowered her head, stirring the coffee in front of her nervously. The atmosphere fell into an awkward state for a while.

“First time on a blind date?” the man asked in a plain tone after being seated for half a minute.

His invisible power was too strong, and just a simple question sentence made Lucia even more nervous.

Today was Lucia Mitchell’s first blind date in her life. Under the coercion of her mother, she reluctantly came to the pre-appointed cafe and found the designated seat.

She originally thought that today was going to be a formality, but the man who sat down turned out to be August Adams, the CEO of the Lion Group. He had huge influence in Austos city!

Worse still, Lucia worked in the Lion Group as a small clerk in the administration department. Of course August would not know her, but it was too hard for Lucia to pretend she did not know him.

She was so nervous that she stuttered, “Yes, the, the first time…”

August looked back and forth on Lucia with his cold gaze, and continued to ask, “Have you graduated from college?”

“Graduated.” Lucia swallowed unconsciously and added, “It is been two years since graduation.”

Hearing the answer, August was silent for a while, and there was no emotion on his handsome face.

But Lucia felt quite nervous in his heart. On the one hand, she was thinking about what kind of fairy her mother worshipped and got such a top blind date. On the other hand, she wondered if August was sitting in the wrong place. Or was she sitting in the wrong place? She glanced at the number plate on the table from the corner of her eye, and it was indeed No.18.

“Sorry… did you find the wrong place?” Lucia asked with courage.

“Have you got your ID card?” August said.

They two opened their mouths at the same time, and also stopped abruptly at the same time.

Lucia raised her head in shock after hearing August’s words. Seeing August’s near-perfect face in such a close distance, Lucia felt her cheeks flushing and her mind going blank.

August was very handsome, even better looking than the popular male star of the moment. However, as a businessman, he emitted a domineering temperament, which often made people want to run away.

Lucia entered the Lion Group as an intern since college, and stayed after the internship for two years. In the past two years, she had only seen August from behind in a distance for a few times. Now they were sitting face to face, which was even more fantastic than a dream.

“Do you have any questions?” August looked at Lucia’s blushing face, and the coldness in his eyes lessened. Lucia shook her head, what problem could she have with her boss!

Suddenly, August’s cell phone rang, and he picked it up. After a brief silence, he replied neatly, “Got it.” Then, he hung up the phone and looked up at Lucia, “Let’s go.” He got up as neatly as he spoke and did things.

Lucia obediently stood up and followed August out of the cafe as if she was bewildered by August. August was 1.9 meters tall, and Lucia was 1.7 meters tall and looked petite behind him. Lucia followed August into the car, a black business Maybach that he often drove. Sitting in such a luxurious car, Lucia was very uneasy. She kept stirring her two fingers, asking herself from time to time if she was dreaming. However, all her reactions were seen by August.

“My family forced me to go on a blind date. I do not want to waste my time on this. You are clean and comfortable, so you are a good candidate for marriage.” In the quiet car, August said suddenly. His magnetic voice rang in Lucia’s ear.

Lucia looked at August in astonishment. Although she came to have a blind date with him, they were not at the stage of marriage, “Do you need to think about it again as we seem not to be quite familiar with each other …”

“No need.” August interrupted Lucia. He said domineeringly in a cold voice, “Be my wife and I will give you everything you want.” Unbeknownst to Lucia, August knew her very well before he came.

With the end of August’s voice, the car also stopped. At this time, the special assistant Burton Harris, who had been sitting in the front row silently, got out of the car, opened the door for Lucia, and made a gesture of please.

“Municipal Department?” Seeing the destination, Lucia pinched her arm in disbelief, and yelled in pain. This…was this too fast? She was not ready yet.

Lucia wanted to go back, but Burton came over and said with a smile, “Miss Mitchell.”

“I, I didn’t got my ID card.” Lucia found a reason for herself in panick. She had not heard of anyone who came to get married just after a blind date!

Burton smiled and led Lucia inside, “It is okay.”

Burton’s actions made Lucia feel a little embarrassed, and she looked back at August who was still in the car. Judged from his expression just now, if she ran away, would August kill her? So, Lucia had to follow Burton into the municipal department.

In fewer than ten minutes, Lucia came out of the municipal office. Lucia patted her face, feeling like she was still dreaming. She actually applied for a marriage certificate with August, without an ID card, without appearing with the male protagonist, and she became a married woman? She still felt that none of this was real. Lucia didn’t get her sense until August got out of the car.

August took the marriage certificate from Burton and put it in the lined pocket of his suit.

Then, he looked up at Lucia and said, “I’ll have an emergency meeting later. I’ll ask Burton to take you back, and visit your parents after the meeting ends.”

Lucia nodded resignedly.

Seeing this, August didn’t say anything more. He turned around and walked to the intersection, stopped a taxi and left.

Looking at the figure of August leaving, Lucia lost her mind. This incident was too bizarre. She actually got a certificate with August, the famous handsome man of Austos City!

“Madam, please.” Burton said after August left, opening the car door for Lucia.

Madam? Lucia was pulled back to her senses by the new name. She glanced at Burton in embarrassment, nodded her head, and got in the car.

“Madam, this is my business card with my number on it. If you need help in the future, you can call me.” Burton turned around and handed Lucia his business card with both hands. Burton was August’s personal senior special assistant and had a high status in the company.

Lucia was a little nervous when Burton handed her a business card. She took it with both hands and said subconsciously, “Thank you.”

“Madam, do not be too polite to me.” Burton said respectfully.

Seeing Burton smiling so closely to her, Lucia swallowed and said nothing. She felt that today’s experience was too dreamy. It was hard to believe she got married in fewer than three hours on a blind date. In retrospect, she felt that she was too impulsive. How could she agree to get married just because the man dating her was her boss. She did not know how to explain to her mother when she got home.

“Madam, my boss will be here on time at six o’clock.” After getting out of the car, Burton added.

The scene of Lucia getting out of a luxury car instantly attracted the attention of countless people. Lucia had no time to wonder why Burton knew she lived here. She nodded to Burton before she quickly fled the scene.

Lucia arrived at the door, exhausted and out of breath. When she was about to knock on the door, she found her mother, Ms Mitchell, standing behind her with a vegetable basket.

“Lucia, look at you, you’re not elegant at all right now.” Mrs. Mitchell said in a judgy tone as she opened the door.

Lucia stuck her tongue out and rushed to the door. And then she took off her shoes and rushed into the living room to grab some water and drink.

Mrs. Mitchell shook her head in disgust, “Lucia, your behavior is really inappropriate for the name I gave you!”

Mrs. Mitchell put the food basket in the kitchen, and then came out and muttered, “When I came back, I heard from our neighbor, Aunt Anne, that a little girl got out of a luxury car! Such a lucky dog.”

Lucia said in a weak tone, “That is me.”

“Huh, you? Rich people will like you?” Mrs. Mitchell smiled disdainfully, “Lucia, you should look at yourself in the mirror.” Mrs. Mitchell’s disbelief and relentless suppression left Lucia speechless.

Both Ms Mitchell and Professor Mitchell were university teachers.

About Lucia’s marriage, the Mitchell family upheld it was matched. They did not want Lucia to marry into a wealthy family. After all, it was not easy to be a lady in a wealthy family.

Lucia also knew what her parents were thinking, and she feared that Ms Mitchell would be intimidated if she told her that she was indeed married into a super rich family.

“By the way, how is the blind date today?” Mrs. Mitchell came over and sat down on the sofa, looking as if she was going to interrogate Lucia. Mrs. Mitchell was retired. In addition to dancing, she went to the hospital to be a volunteer. Lucia’s blind date this time was the grandson of Ms. Green, whom she met in the hospital.

“Mom, where did you meet this guy?” Lucia sat down on the sofa next to her.

“He is Grandma Green’s grandson. I heard that he is 30 years old. He has never had a girlfriend for being busy with work. I’ve seen his photos and he looks very stable.” Mrs. Mitchell had a slight smile on her face, obviously satisfied with him.

Lucia bit her lip and noticed her mother’s expression. Apparently her mother did not even know August’s true identity.

“What is your impression of him?” Seeing that Lucia was distracted, Ms Mitchell asked while rolling his eyes.

Lucia nodded while biting her lips, “He is not bad.”

“That is fine. You can try to get along with him for a while. After all, it takes time to know people’s hearts.” Mrs. Mitchell stood up and walked to the kitchen, preparing to wash the vegetables she just bought.

Seeing that Mrs. Mitchell was about to walk into the kitchen, Lucia rushed to pull the corner of Mrs. Mitchell’s shirt and asked, “Mom, where is Dad? Is Dad coming back for dinner tonight?”

“Yeah. What’s the matter?” Ms Mitchell asked.

Lucia shook her head, then nodded again, and finally whispered, “That man is coming to our house for dinner tonight.”
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