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My Ex-wife is Glorious
‘Sir, your ex-wife just got first place in the international jewelry design contest again, and a jewelry tycoon went down on one knee in front of her to invite her a dinner.’
‘Sir, your ex-wife played a piece of the violin that amazed everyone. A world-recognized violinist played excitedly for her for three hours and want to kiss the back of her hand.’
‘Sir, a new drug was developed by your ex-wife which saved the most famous actor from a car accident, and he sent thirty posts on Twitter consecutively to thank his goddess.’
‘What do they want?’ Raymond Carcia asked with an ice-cold and handsome face.
The secretary murmured, ‘Following your ex-wife around like her private pack mule, just like you are now?’

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Chapter 1

‘She’s back. Let’s get divorced!’

With a blank face, Raymond Carcia pushed forward the divorce agreement in front of Helena.

Helena wondered if she had heard it wrong, and for a moment, her eardrums buzzed.

Her bright and beautiful face now turned a little pale. She looked at the divorce agreement he threw at her and his handsome yet indifferent face, and asked with a frown, “What did you say? Why are we getting divorced? And, who is she?”

This was ridiculous! Did he just call her into the bedroom to talk about divorce?

Raymond’s hawk-like eyes looked at the woman in front of him.

The man who used to look at her affectionately now eyed her coldly and sneered, “What am I saying? Stop pretending, Helena? How did Tanja offend you? I had promised grandfather I would marry you, but why did you still drive her away? You’re such a jealous and self-serving femme fatale! Do you think it’s funny to stop someone from pursuing her dream? Why are you so heartless, is this the manner of the eldest daughter of the Taylor family?”

He just thought that Tanja Jones was a good jewelry designer and wanted to recruit her to his company, but he didn’t expect that Helena would kick her out and let her stay in the remote countryside for three years. It was completely unreasonable!

Helena frowned incredulously, ‘When did I drive Tanja away? What does the pursuit of her dream have to do with me, what have I deprived her of? Also, what do you mean by promising your grandpa that you would marry me?’

She understood every word Raymond said, but why did the combination just leave her confused?

Raymond sneered, ‘What are you pretending? Three years ago, you drove her away and made use of my filial affection to get my grandpa to force me to marry you. I’ve put up with it until today for grandpa’s sake! Now that grandpa’s funeral is over and she’s back, it’s time to end this boring marriage of ours!’

Helena asked in annoyance, ‘What the hell are you talking about? Has your brain been damaged by something? Have you been to the hospital? Honey, stop it and say properly what you want to say. Do not make such a joke with me. I don’t think it is funny at all!’

Raymond’s icy mouth corners twitched slightly.

‘Has my brain been damaged? Have I been to the hospital? This woman’s acting skills are still so good even now.’

Raymond took out his phone, flipped out the text message Tanja Jones sent him three years ago, and handed it to Helena, ‘Read it yourself!’

Helena took his phone. What jumped into her eyes were a few lines,

‘Mr. Carcia, how are you? I’m afraid Mrs Carcia doesn’t like me and she has made some awkward demands on me. I don’t think it’s suitable for me to stay in the H City. I always wanted to pursue my dream in a big city, but it has to be put on hold.
Please accept my apologies if this message bothered you.
I wish you and Mrs Carcia happiness.
Tanja Jones.’

Just in a flash, Helena felt her heart slump.

Tanja Jones was the daughter of the family’s nanny. She did leave the H City three years ago. However, Helena was sure that she said nothing to Tanja and made no demands on her. Also, she didn’t know about the dream which Tanja had. Moreover, she did not know that Raymond and Tanja were acquainted with each other!

She raised her eyes to Raymond and said as sensibly as possible, ‘I don’t know what’s going on here, or you want to call her here and confront me in her presence!’

Raymond sneered, ‘Confront you in her presence? You are the daughter of Taylor’s, and your grandpa is the board chairman. Even if she is here, does she dare to say a word of the truth? Wouldn’t she be afraid that you would retaliate against her?’

Now, Helena kind of figured it out, ‘You mean, you trust her rather than me, no matter what? You mean, in the three years of our marriage, everything was a lie, and you never loved me at all?’

Her sharp eyes stared directly at Raymond’s eyes.

Facing her eyes of such kind, Raymond suddenly felt that his heart had missed a beat, and what he was sure of, now seemed to be a bit uncertain.

But he opened his mouth anyway, ‘Yes, I never loved you! The one who deserves me would not be a vicious, jealous, good-for-nothing, and boring woman like you, who cooks at home every day and does the jobs that a nanny could do!’

Vicious, jealous, and good-for-nothing?

Helena was nearly forced to tears by these humiliating words of his. After she married him, in order to please him and make him happy, she, as the daughter of the Taylor family, asked the nanny to teach her how to cook and cooked for him every day, but in his eyes, she was so cheap?

Raymond saw tears suddenly flooded in her eyes. He actually felt his heart was stabbed by something but he was unaware of why. Confused. He thought he obviously hated this woman.

Why would a look of hers stir up his emotion?

He was unexplainably agitated. He didn’t want to stay any longer, so he turned around and said indifferently, ‘Just sign the papers, and we are going to get divorce certificates tomorrow!’

Helena looked at his back and asked, ‘Raymond Carcia, let me ask you! Did you lie to me, about why you wanted to hide the fact of our marriage? You said that you wanted to keep it secret from the crowed but in fact, this was a lie to me, right? You didn’t want to admit that I am your wife?’

Raymond’s upright back stiffened for a moment then he said coldly, ‘Yes, Helena Taylor, you don’t deserve it!’

After finishing his words, he walked out the room.

All in a sudden, Helena laughed, ‘I actually believed in your lie, I made so much effort to convince my family, and was really in the marriage with you in secret for so long. On the contrary, Mr. Carcia, since you hated me so much and believed I was so evil, why have you acted so soulfully in the past three years and how can you still slept with me and lived a conjugal life for so long?’

With his eyebrows knitted, Raymond said in a cold voice with his teeth gritted, ‘Living a harmonious conjugal life was an act for my grandpa! Now that my grandpa has passed away, of course there is no need to act anymore!’

Helena laughed coldly, ‘Is that so? In my eyes, however, Mr. Carcia enjoyed it every time!’

It seemed that Raymond’s nerve was touched. He turned back, walked to Helena, and pinched on her chin, ‘Helena, I have been very lenient with you by not coming after you for tormenting Tanja. So, don’t get ahead of yourself and provoke me on purpose!’

This question had always been puzzling to Raymond. He had always kept himself away from other women, or another saying those women who tried to seduce him could not arouse his desire, apart from Helena. He had no idea why, when lying in the bed with Helena, he couldn’t control himself. He obviously hates the woman, but his body never obeyed.

Now, Helena mocked him and uncovered his greatest embarrassment. He was angry, of course!

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