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Camille was chosen to be Jerome’s wife but her mysterious husband had never shown up in the three years after their wedding day. Then one day, Jerome came home drunk, and they made love for the first time.

However, Camille became disappointed about this cold relationship. She came to Jerome and proposed in a heartless manner, “Shall we get divorced? You do not love me, why not untie each other. ”

Jerome raised his eyebrows, “Honey, I gave you all of me, don’t deny it.”

Camille replied calmly, “I thought you’re in love with someone else.”

“Nobody else, only you.”


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Chapter 001

Camille Kent had a nightmare.

There was a man in her dream!

Camille cried out in distress as she dreamed of the man approaching, “Go away… Don’t touch me!”

Her flailing hands swept over the man’s cheeks, but the next second, his figure evaporated and her hand went right through.

All of a sudden, the person disappeared right in front of her. What was left was the tormenting aches and pains over her body.

Camille woke up in a sudden tremble. She opened her eyes to check around: she was still in her bedroom, things were familiar but somehow unrealistic.

It was just a nightmare? Camille stared at the crystal chandelier and thought.

“Hiss” She tried to get up, but a tearing pain made her gasp.

“What? What’s going on here!”

Camille was instantly astonished as she lifted the blanket.

“Someone broke in and raped me? How the hell… Hedy!” Camille rushed to get dressed and ran downstairs just in time to run into Hedy, her nanny, who was doing cleanings the living room.

Hedy turned off the vacuum cleaner and looked at her in surprise, “I’m here, ma’am, what’s up?”

“Did you see any stranger upstairs this morning? In my room, it looks like someone broke into my room last night!” Camille looked pale and couldn’t help but tremble at the thought of what had happened in her nightmare.

“A stranger broke in?”

Hedy hurriedly put down the things in her hands and walked quickly to her, “Ma’am, have you been seeing things? I got up early this morning to prepare breakfast, but there was nothing wrong in the house!”

“No no, I’m sure there is someone, and he did horrible things to me…” She was about to cry out, “Hedy, come upstairs with me! There’s surely someone! That person… ”

“Hedy, did you see my Lozenges? I can’t find them. Get me some back when you have time.” A male voice followed the sound of a shutting door, from the direction of the wine cabinet.

Camille was stunned, she recognized this voice!

She looked back in shock. Then unexpectedly, she saw the man in the white shirt approaching from the side hall with a bottle of wine in his hand. He casually straightened the collar of his shirt, revealing his sexy collarbone.

Jerome walked over to serve himself a glass of wine, it seemed that he had not heard about Camille’s panic.

“When did you come back? Wh… what are you doing here?!” Camille’s eyes were filled with surprise, never expecting to see him at this time.

Over the past three years, Camille had only met Jerome twice. The first time was at their wedding, and here comes the second.

She took a deep breath as she remembered that this villa belonged to him. She had forgotten about the fact because in the past three years, he had never come back once.

“Oops! Forgive my bad memory.” Hedy slapped on her forehead, trying to ease her embarrassment, “Ma’am, I forgot to tell you about this, Sir just came back last night. Sorry, I should have told you the first thing this morning.”

“He came back last night?” Camille froze as she realized something, “He came back last night? Then the person who broke into my room was… ”

Oh my God! That was Jerome Johnson!

Ridiculous! She had sex with him when she was unconscious in her sleep? Wait… maybe she was conscious but didn’t resist with much strength because she thought it was a dream…

“Madam, the stranger in the house… were you talking about sir?” Hedy was slow to catch on to what Camille said.

“Forget that Hedy, I wasn’t totally awake just then…” Camille turned around embarrassedly, not daring to look at Jerome.

‘Don’t touch the sore spot, Hedy! Do you think my life is too smooth and comfortable?’ Camille almost screamed out loud, she had to think about how to palter with this topic.

“Hedy, can you go get me Lozenges now?” Jerome said, his deep voice mingled with the huskiness. He came behind Camille at a steady pace while she was trying hard to get her brain working.

“Yes, sir.” Hedy, however, was still unaware of the situation, she took off her apron and headed out the door.

Camille and Jerome were soon the only two left in the spacious hall.

Looking down at her, Jerome looked sullen when he saw the evasiveness in her eyes. It seemed that she was about to slip away.

He heard it all.

This woman, apparently, had forgotten about him completely.

“Are you not expecting me back?”

He said coldly, walked past the woman in front of him, and headed to the couch.

“Of course not! I mean… ” Camille smiled stiffly, “I was just…surprised…you know, you came back without telling me… I wasn’t prepared for it.”

At the beginning of their marriage, Camille used to look forward to his return, day in and day out, but with the accumulation of disappointment, her passion had gone… and then he came back without saying a word, and made love with her when she was asleep. What kind of reaction is he expecting from her?

Camille had no idea how to respond!

Under extreme pressure, Camille carefully sat down across from him, trying to regain her identity as his wife.

However, Jerome spoke coldly without looking at her, “From now on, I will live here.”

“What…?!” Looking at him in disbelief, Camille choked on a sip of tea, her face turned pink due to lack of oxygen.

Jerome spared an eye on Camille unpleasantly, which kind of scared her. She dared not to speak up a word in case something would annoy him.

After a long silence, Camille felt she had to break the ice, “So, what is the reason for your decision? Why are you coming to live here?”

“Hmm?” Jerome frowned. “If my memory is working fine, this should be my villa and you should be my legal wife, right? Do I need a specific reason to live in my own villa with my wife?”

Jerome was still irritated about being recognized as a burglar and rapist by his own wife. He looked sullen and put his glass down, not interested in continuing this boring conversation. He got up and said, “Hedy prepared the breakfast before she left. I’ll drop you off at work when you had your breakfast.”

“Okay…thanks…” Camille shivered a little.

However, if it wasn’t for his bossiness, she would have raised her finger at him and told him to “f**k off”.

He left her in this villa alone for three years with no explanations and no care. Now he said he not only wanted to come back, but also wanted to send her to work?

What was this if not being sick?

Or did Cupid, the god of love, finally find her?

“But …… will this bother you?” She squeezed her hand with a slight primness. Given her relationship with him, it seemed not good to take his car to work on the first day to work.

“You can absolutely refuse to do so. I’m not forcing you.” Jerome glanced at her coldly.

Camille was so scared that she stood up immediately, “No, no, no, I didn’t mean that! I’m just talking nonsense. Wait for me and I’m going to change my clothes. I’ll be quick!”

Jerome watched as she ran upstairs in a panic and not long afterward ran down again, gasping for breath.

Without waiting for him to say anything, Camille grabbed the bread from the table and finished the breakfast as fast as she could.

She wouldn’t dare to disobey this man’s orders at this moment.

After the breakfast which almost choked her to death, she took her bag, put on her heels, and followed Jerome to the car parked in the garage.

When she sat in the passenger seat and closed the door behind her, the smell of male-only cologne wafted in her nose, tugging at her heartstrings.

With her face slightly red, Camille couldn’t help but think about what happened last night. Her heartbeat accelerated and she dared not to speak.

Along the way, Jerome didn’t pay her any attention either.

After half an hour, they arrived in the bustling downtown area, where they could see modern commercial buildings ahead from afar.

Camille looked out of the window and reached out to point to the junction ahead, “I’ll just get off at that junction. The company I work for is right there.”

She didn’t want this fancy car to be parked in front of the company, attracting discussions from her colleagues.

“Here?” Jerome frowned lightly and parked the car at the junction as she had requested.

“Thank you very much for driving me to work today.” Camille unbuckled her seat belt to get out of the car.


He suddenly spoke and stopped her.

“What is wrong?” Camille stopped suspiciously. She dumbly saw the coldness in his eyes, wondering what he was thinking with his forehead knotted in a frown.

Could it be… He suddenly realized that he had been neglecting her for three years and intended to take this opportunity to apologize to her?

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