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Chapter 001 Abort the Children

“Both babies are healthy!”

In the obstetrics department of a hospital, Theresa Cameron held her medical records and was relieved after hearing the doctor’s words.

She had suffered a lot in her seven-month pregnancy. But the health of her babies made her feel that everything was worth it.

At seven in the afternoon, she heard the door being unlocked and opened. She hurriedly stood up, “Babe!”

Jimmy Watson appeared at the door. He didn’t look up when he heard Theresa’s voice. Perhaps he was exhausted after working for the whole day.

He didn’t speak, and just lowered his head and changed his shoes.

“I had an exam today and the babies are both healthy.”

Jimmy had a meeting today and he didn’t go to the hospital with Theresa. She went there by herself.

The hospital was not far from their house. And it was not a big deal.

Theresa said happily: “I was just thinking about the babies’ names. You have any ideas?”

They had been married for three years. And the whole family had been looking forward to the babies.

Jimmy’s mother, in particular, would call every once in a while to ask if Theresa was pregnant.

They were all happy for Theresa’s pregnancy. Though pregnancy meant hardship for a mother, Theresa thought it worth it when the idea that two lovely babies were coming to the world occurred to her.

Jimmy had already changed into slippers, but he showed no smile on his face. He then said, “Abort the children.”

“Wh… what?” Theresa was stunned by Jimmy’s words. She was immersed in anticipation for their bright future seconds ago!

I must have misheard!

Why would he abort our babies?

Theresa married Jimmy when she was twenty-one years old. Jimmy dated her for two years before they got married. And he had been nice to her.

She was a conservative person and she couldn’t quite accept sex before marriage.

She wanted to give her virginity to Jimmy after they officially became husband and wife, and Jimmy respected her choice.

However, after they were married, she found that Jimmy was infertile.

But she thought that his infertility didn’t matter because she believed that the love between a couple was the most important, and that she loved Jimmy for his personality, not for his sexual ability.

But Jimmy’s family didn’t know about his infertility and had been urging them to have babies.

Their peers had children one after another, but they remained fruitless. And Jimmy’s mother had been nagging about how she wanted a grandchild. Therefore, Jimmy came up with the idea of artificial insemination and persuaded Theresa to conceive.

Theresa had suffered a lot for the twins in the past months.

But now…

He actually wanted to abort the children?

Theresa asked, “Why…why?”

Jimmy answered, “I asked a friend in the hospital today and he told me that I might be cured. I want to give it a shot. They are not my children and are not related to me. I don’t want them.”

Theresa looked at him in disbelief. She couldn’t believe that he was talking about killing the babies as if induced abortion was some kind of trifle.

She argued, “You wanted them yourself. You said that it doesn’t matter that they are not related to you. You said that because I bear them, they are our children. And, they are seven months old! It won’t be long before they will be born…”

She had suffered a lot in the past seven months. She had accepted their existence and began expecting her future with the twins.

How could he abort them as he wants?

Jimmy said irritably, “We will have to raise them when they are born. You think it easy for me to raise two kids? If I spend all my money on them, how would I have the money to raise my own child?”

“They are good enough for us! Besides, they are children, human beings, not trash you could dump as you wish. And it was you who decided to have them in the first place.”

“Abort or not?” Said Jimmy impatiently.

“No!” Said Theresa, “I am not as heartless as you. You know how hard it was to me to bear them!”

She had already had maternal love for the twins. She would not agree to abort them.

More than that, when she knew how pretty the kids were, she was filled with maternal love for them. It would be too cruel to let her abort the children.

Jimmy answered, “Fine. If you want to give birth to them, just do it. I won’t help you! And, you will raise them all by yourself. Divorce!”

“What did you say?” She didn’t expect that he would even mention divorce.

She had always thought that Jimmy was nice to her, so, she could accept his imperfection as a man. But she didn’t expect that now he actually…

Jimmy said, “I’m not joking with you. They are not my children. Why should I raise them? ”

After saying, he opened the door of the bedroom and locked himself in the room.

Theresa stood alone in the living room. She suddenly felt that the room was much colder.

After a while, Rosales, Theresa’s mother-in-law, called, “Theresa.”

“Rosales.” Answered Theresa. She didn’t realize that she had been crying until she heard Rosales’s voice. She didn’t know how long she had been crying.

She wiped her tears and didn’t want Rosales to know that she had been crying.

Rosales asked on the phone, “Jim just said that you are aborting the babies. Why?”

“Ask him. I don’t know.”

“He also asked me to persuade you into agreeing with him, or he want to divorce. I thought he liked the babies. Did you two have a quarrel?”

“I did nothing.” Said Theresa, “It is he who doesn’t want the babies.”

“How could it be?” Rosales was confused, and after pondering, she asked tentatively, “Are the babies not biologically related to him?”

Rosales couldn’t think of another reason why her son didn’t want the children all of a sudden.

Theresa didn’t know how to explain to Rosales.

The fact was that Jimmy wasn’t truly the babies’ biological father.

But she agreed with the idea of artificial insemination.

She never thought that Jimmy would suddenly change his mind when the fetus was seven-month-old

Theresa remained silent while she was thinking about how to explain, but Rosales regarded her silence as admission. She began scolding Theresa, “Theresa, I didn’t know that you are so cheap. We Watson is nice to you. How could you!”

After cursing Theresa, Rosales directly hung up the phone.


When Theresa woke up, she found herself in the hospital.

Noises were coming from outside. It was Rosales shouting in an accusatory tone, “You have a good daughter! Divorce! You Cameron really has a nice-bred girl! My son was being so nice to her and she is still insatiable! She found the other man! Shameless thing!”

Theresa opened her eyes and saw Johnson Cameron sitting beside her. Father’s appearance brought her into tears. She cried, “Dad.”

She didn’t know how to pour out her grievance.

Johnson looked at her and showed no smile. He just asked, “Who is the man?”

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