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Chapter 1 Caleb is dead
Caleb died, holding Grace’s photo, in a bloody bathtub.
Carl grabbed Grace by the neck and snapped, “Grace, are you happy now?”
Grace’s face was pale and he smiled: “I am happy. I am so happy that I finally don’t have to marry a fool…”
The fool, holding a heart in front of her, clumsily pleasing and carefully spoiling.
The only person who cared about her was dead. How could she be happy about that?
“You ruthless bitch!”
Carl slapped her hard with his backhand, and the cold light suddenly appeared in his cold eyes, eager to cut her to pieces.
But she laughed louder and louder.
Cold and clear facial features, brilliant eyes like the Milky Way, thin lips like knives, want to kill her, is the man she loved deeply for five years.
Those warm big hands also held her tightly in their arms and gave her a promise for the rest of her life.
But now, he personally packaged her as a gift and sent it to his brother-in-law’s bed with low IQ. She escaped and became an evil murderer.
She explained and defended, but he didn’t believe it.
He put her in the cold and damp basement and beat her hard with a thick whip. Now she is all wounded and dying, but he still refuses to let her go.
“Grace, I will not let you die like this!”
He bent down and grabbed her arm and dragged her roughly into the bathroom.
“You are really dirty. Caleb likes clean women. I want you to wash you and give it to him. He likes you. Even if he dies, you must marry him!”
She was thrown into the bathtub and her clothes were torn to pieces.
He tore off the shower head and washed it over and over again with cold water. Her body was already scarred. The wound was blown open by the cold water and her cold sweat broke out in pain.
“I will not marry, Carl. I would rather die than marry a dead man!”
She grabbed the razor on the bath table and cut it off at her wrist.
The next second, Carl’s cold voice sounded.
“Grace, when you are dead, I will let lily bury you.”
“What are you doing? Don’t touch my mother!”
Her hand holding the razor quivered slightly and almost shouted aloud. Lily was her only soft rib and she could not let lily have an accident.
“Grace, if you obey me, I can continue to let lily lie in the hospital to survive, otherwise, she will die worse than you!”
He smiled, but his tone was as cold as ice.
Grace knew he could do it.
Afraid, she knelt in front of him and begged him in a low voice, “No, Carl, don’t touch my mother.”
Lily was originally a rich and powerful lady, but she was framed and injured. She has been lying in the hospital for ten years. She is already very poor. Grayson doesn’t care about her, she can’t care about her.
“Now just know weakness? It’s late.”
The cold water hit her face vigorously. She was pressed by his backhand on the bathtub and suffered. She saw her long hair in the water swinging like seaweed.
She clenched the blade in her hand, and blood dripped down her hand and dyed the whole bathtub red.
“Carl, you will regret it.”
The sky was dark and the blood was flowing into rivers, but she smiled poignant.

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