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Chapter 1 Going into a Trap
Yongcheng, Daliang Imperial City.
Here, the treasure is Tianhua and the people are outstanding. As evening approaches, it is still prosperous.
In the endless stream of people, a carriage rumbled forward and stopped in front of an inconspicuous courtyard.
A stunning woman with weak body was helped out of the car by the maid. Seeing the characters “Rejuvenation Building” written on the lintel, she couldn’t help asking the page driving the car doubtfully, “Are you sure my father wants me to meet the guests here?”
This graceful woman is the eldest daughter of the prime minister of Daliang, Shangguan Yue.
On the surface, the page was respectful, but he was not at all polite in his speech. “Master Xiang and the guests have been waiting here for a long time. What are the big ladies dawdling about? Please come in quickly.”
It is no wonder that the page was rude to her. Although she was the eldest lady of Xiangfu, her biological mother died of massive hemorrhage after giving birth to her. Now her stepmother has one son and two daughters. She was not pleasing to the eye early and wanted to get rid of it quickly. She is only a name for herself, and even the servants dare to bully her.
The servant girl held her and was about to step up when she was stopped by the page.
“Xiang Ye ordered that Miss Da can only go in alone. You can wait outside.”
Shangguan Yue kept silent, which dared to say more, and had to walk into the yard alone. Early a maid came up to meet her, helped her to a room to sit down, and served tea.
“This is Miss Da’s favorite Longjing tea before the rain. You drink it first, and I will report it to Xiang Ye.”
Shangguan Yue took the cup and took a sip. I only feel that although the tea is sweet and sweet, there is a trace of imperceptible peculiar smell in the aftertaste.
She is soft-tempered and accustomed to seeking perfection. Although she feels the taste of tea is a bit strange, she doesn’t take it to heart.
Only slowly, she felt something strange in her body. The dryness in her body made her ashamed to speak up and felt a strong sense of guilt.
This is a phenomenon she has never seen in fifteen years, and endless fear strikes her.
The second sister Shangguan Li and the third sister Shangguan Yao had always been at odds with her, but today they ran to her room and said that her father wanted her to meet some guests. At that time, she felt something was wrong. Only the second sister and the third sister, backed by their mother, have always been domineering in front of her. They only urge her to go out, impatient to explain too much to her, and she dare not ask more questions, so she has to come to this place with the carriage that picked her up.
Is there something wrong with the tea she just drank? However, she is expensive as Miss Xiangfu and the future prince. Who dares to break ground on Tai Sui’s head so boldly?
The burning sensation on her body became stronger and stronger, and she had an uncontrollable impulse. She didn’t react until then. Her father had something to do with each other. Why did she let her second sister and third sister convey it? This fact is somewhat strange. No one dares to touch Miss Xiangfu and the future princess, but… She didn’t dare to think down, but her sixth sense told her that danger was approaching her.
No, she must leave here at once.
No, the wall facing the door is moving, and it is slowly moving away at this time. On a rough wooden bed, a unkempt and ragged man is lying there panting.
Seeing her come in, the man rushed at her with red eyes.
Shangguan Yue was frightened and wanted to break free, but the man was physically strong, so she could move half a minute. Soon, a smell that makes one’s ears hot and one’s heart beat permeated the room.
A burst of messy footsteps came, and the man seemed to be suddenly awakened. He flew to grab the clothes on the ground and broke the window to escape.
Before Shangguan Yue could react, the closed door had been kicked in and a group of people poured in. Immediately, the whole yard sounded the shrill screams of Miss Second and Miss Third. </p >

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