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Love is an amazing and beautiful feeling of adoration, affection, attachment, fondness, endearment, closeness。
A person can love other people, themselves, animals and things。
Love happens between two evovled consciousnesses
A men and women, who identify themselves beyond body
Love is divine experience, it is beyond human body and mind and it is most selfless and pure emotion
You might have listened that ancient sages experience love of god in deep meditation, that“s what i。 Am trying to say, it is beyond body
When those sages directed their consciousness inward and detached themselves from body, they experienced love of god
If Love has attachment in it, it is Lust
When lust is transformed and you enter into the city of love, you enter unattached。 Remember, that is their definition of love。 If love has attachment in it, it is lust, If love has no attachment in it, only then is it not lust。 When you are in lust you are not really thinking of the other, thinking of your beloved or lover。 You are simply using the other for your own ends。 And of course, attachment is bound to be there, because you would like to possess him, and you would like to possess him or her forever。 Because tomorrow also you may need, the day after tomorrow also you may need。 You need a lover and you want to possess him。
LOVE is a gift。 You give; you need not be worried about whether tomorrow he will be there to receive or not。 Because a lover can give to the trees, to the rocks。 A lover can give to the emptiness of the sky。 A lover can simply flower and send his fragrance to the winds, even if nobody is there。 Just think: Buddha
sitting under his Bodhi tree, alone, full of love, overflowing Not that somebody is there to receive, but
God is always there to receive, in so many forms, in so many ways。
Lust is greed, lust is attachment, lust is possessiveness。 Love needs no possession, love knows no attachment, because love is not greed。 Love is a gift。 It is a sharing。 You have found something; your heart is full, your fruits are ripe。 You hanker that somebody should come and share。 It is unconditional; who shares does not matter。 But you are so full of it that you would like to be unburdened — as when clouds are full of rainwater, they rain。 Sometimes they rain in a forest, sometimes they rain on a hill, sometimes they rain in a desert, but they rain。 The fact of where they rain is irrelevant。 They are so full they have to rain。 A lover is so full he becomes a cloud, full of lovewater; he has to rain。 That raining is spontaneous。
LOVE and LUST 。。
These both are very different feelings but in today’s world people do not have the clarity between the two of them。 SEX is not always LOVE!! 。。You think that you want to kiss them or have sexual desires for them does not mean love 。 LOVE is the most beautiful feeling in the world。 The most strongest emotion。
LOVE – Love is just an amazing feeling 。 It’s when you fall for someone without even realizing that you are in love with the person。 You feel secure and happy with them。 When their happiness is more important。 Love can be cute lil talks, caring for each other, supporting each other, understanding each other rather than acting crazy over some issues。 LOVE is not just about SEX。 It’s about how you understand each other , how your soul connects with your partner 。 Love is when you trust your partner and not become a detective and give them their space also。 When you are not insecure about your relationship cz he、she might have friends who they want to talk to 。 You cannot always talk to your partner for whole day you do need friends !!
When you are in love it doesn’t matter what others will think about you and your partner 。 Age, size , skin colour, height … these things doesn’t even matter!!…。 The thing that matter is YOUR HEART。 It’s when you feel relaxed and secure in each other arms 。 Love is not just going on dates, movies, sex etc 。
It’s about creating memories watching a movie at home and cuddling is also nice。。 Love is supporting each other in difficult times no matter whatever the situation is。 It’s when you realize that no one is perfect and accept them with their flaws 。 And the most important thing is when you have to console
your family for your life partner it’s difficult but not impossible and when you genuinely love some you will … and it’s the most beautiful feeling marrying someone you love with all your family support。
LUST – Simply, I can just say that you have huge sexual desires for your partner !! you just wanna be physical , you want to make love in many different ways 。 People call it LOVE but NO !! Loving someone
just physically ????? seriously man ???… If you want to be physical there are many different options you can go for but don’t make fun of someone’s feelings by calling it Love!!… Many things matter in lustful relationship like you want your partner to be sexy in front of your friends , you do take care of him、her weight, size , skin color etc 。 You wanna show off that you have a sexy partner 。 That’s Lust ! You just care about yourself and your reputation in the society 。。
。。。。。And , Since the day I met him, my hormones in my body were dancing and singing across my veins。 He is nothing but a sex god。
After seeing him, I doubt if I ever loved my husband, if I love my husband I shouldn“t get this sinful desire called LUST, right?
And I feel so awkward to say that I“m simping over MY HUSBAND“S BROTHER。。。

Chapter – 1
“Darling“ the girl my named Stella was preparing breakfast for her family members when she suddenly heard her husband calling her from their bedroom。 “Maybe he needs something that“s why he is calling me“。 Stella thought
“Wait a minute, I“m coming“ she said loud enough so that her husband can hear what she is saying。 Stella picked everything she prepared for the breakfast and placed them on dining table。 That was beside Living room。
You must be wondering who Stella is。 Stella Williams official wife of the John Williams。 A regular house wife nothing new。 Not that her husband told her to stay at home like a typical wife。 Stella“s husband John is very open minded。 Its just Stella who don“t like to go out that much。 She prefer staying at home。
After placing breakfast on the dinning table。 Stella walked inside her and his husband“s bedroom。 There she saw her husband getting ready for office。
John Williams is a busy man。 He is the owner of “The gold jewellers“。 Williams are one of those high class people。 Being one the richest person John Williams is still a kind hearted person。
Stella walked towards his husband and kissed on his cheeks while her hands were fixing his tie 。 John kept looking at her with his loving eyes。 John loves his wife so much。
“Why did you call?“ Stella whispered now playing with his shirt buttons。
“Can you please wake Kevin up for me, you know he never wakes up on his own“ John said knowing very well that his brother is a heavy sleeper and it“s hard to wake him up。
“Sure。 I am going to wake him up , see you at dinning table“ Stella said kissing his cheeks one last time then she walked out of their room only to go inside her brother in law“s room for waking him up。
A sigh left from her lips。 Now she was standing infront of his brother in law“s room debating inside her head before knocking on the door two times, three times but no one opened the door。
She pressed the door knob and the door opens, it wasn“t locked from inside。 She peeked inside the room then she fully entered the room。 She looked around at the messy room。 Clothes were all here and there。
The she moved her eyes to the bed and instantly her cheeks went red like tomato when she saw Kevin his husband“s brother lying on the bed half naked。 His big muscle arms can crush anyone his mainly broad shoulders his perfect sun kissed chest with six pack abs were showing 。 Anyone would drool over him want to touch him or touch by him。 His sleepy face was looking so cute yet handsome。 His long hair was all over his eyes。 Hiding his beautiful eyes from the world。
Kevin Williams is the brother of John Williams , the most eligible bachelor , living with his brother and his wife。 They are the only three persons living in this big ass house。 John and Kevin“s parents died when they were still young。 That was the hardest time for them that both William brothers have ever seen in their lives。
John being a elder brother he took take of his younger brother Kevin。 At the young age John had to join his father“s company。 Even after so many difficulties John made it 。 John took the company where it is today at the highest level。
Stella was looking at his brother in law with having something in her eyes。 Something she knows very well what it is 。 Something named love and lust。 Knowing that it“s wrong but still she always close her eyes。 She couldn“t stop herself from falling for his husband“s brother。
Don“t take her wrong she loves her husband alot but it was till she saw Kevin ,she don“t know what happened to her。 It took so much time for her to realize that what these odd feelings ,she was having。 Why seeing Kevin like this make her that hard。 Her hormones always hit her when she look at Kevin。 Can“t blame her。 Kevin is basically a Sex-God。
At first it was just lust but then she realised that she is not only lusting over him but she is also loving him more than she loved her husband。 She don“t know how to deal with it。 She just wanted to be touched by Kevin。 She want to be on the same bed with Kevin in his room。
Her need is becoming more and more every day。 She don“t know how long she“ll able to control herself。 Whenever Stella feels hard she always ended up having sex with her husband while imagining Kevin in her husband“s place。 Sometimes she felt guilty but other times she just want Kevin。
She let her husband touch her but only when she wants。 Stella always makes excuses whenever her husband wants to have sex with her。 She even told her husband that she doesn“t want to get pregnant yet。 But the main reason was she wants to have kids with Kevin not John。
Stella slowly walked to the bed where Kevin was lying。 She purposely bend over the bed more than it needed only to make her boobs display fully。 It looks like her dress from the neck was too deep that“s why her breast was fully displayed but she purposely did that because she wants Kevin to look at her。 Look at what she is showing。
She make her hand towards Kevin“s chest。 Stella traced her fingers slowly on his chest her his abs。 She wants to kiss his abs but now was not the right time。
She removed her hand from him but she was still bending over the bed With that,
“Kevin wake up“ she said while shaking him a little。 But no avail Kevin didn“t wake up。
“Kevin , it“s morning already wake up“ Stella tried once again but still not any sign of waking up。
She decided to try once again if Kevin is not gonna wake up then she“s gonna shout at him, So with the deep breath,
“Kevin, Wake up now or else i am gonna pour iced water on you lad。“ Stella screamed and this time she heard some groaning。
She was Kevin yawning and stretching his body in his sleep。 Kevin slowly opened his eyes and looked around his room。 Then his eyes fell on stella who was still bending over the bed。
Kevin smiled at Stella who returned it back gladly。 Kevin was about to look away when his eyes fell on Stella“s boobs。 He looked at her boobs while licking his lips he saw how big it was。
Kevin kept staring at her boobs totally forgetting the fact that Stella was looking at him。
Stella smirked while looking at Kevin knowing very well that her plan has worked。 She let him stare at her boobs as much as he wants。 She was kinda enjoying it。
Kevin respects stella alot 。 The both of them is very close to each other。 Anyone can say that their bond is very strong but now at the moment if anyone else was at his place they would have also react the same way。 But for a boy its too hard to control his hormones。
“Stella breakfast is getting cold“ by hearing John“s voice both of them came out of their thoughts。 Kevin lookedbaway avoiding the eye contact with Stella。 While Stella up straight fixing her dress。
“Kevin go wash up and join us on dining table“ Stella said smiling at Kevin trying to act normal while Kevin nodded his head。 Kevin saw Stella walking out of the room。 He looked down at himself and sighed at his familiar problem he always have。
On the other hand stella closed the door of the Kevin“s room。 She took a deep breath as she walked towards her husband with her wobbly legs because she was wet as fuck。

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