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Chapter 1: Lexy
Author Note: Hi readers, if you want to read this, I recommend that you read the first book called, The Gang Leaders Betrayal in my profile. I hope you enjoy reading both of these books!
“Lexy, stop!”
The woman wiped her eyes bitterly. She walks out of the building and walks to her car near the entrance.
Opening the car door, she ignored the shouts of the man who just walk out of the building in large strides.
“Lexy!” The man roared before gripping his hair in frustration.
“Brett…” A small voice called out coquettishly.
Brett turned around and looked at the woman in front of him in anger and disgust. His cold eyes were wide open, and his lips were curled upside down in disgust. He looked at the woman with killing intent in his eyes. His eyes flash red for a second before he gritted his teeth and turn his head around. Looking anywhere but her.
He clenched and unclenched his fist, trying to calm himself down from exploding.
A few moments after, “Scram.” he said before walking to his red Audi car without looking back at the woman who stood frozen at the entrance of the Night Hotel.
Avilla gritted her teeth as she watched Brett’s car disappear from her sight. But, upon recalling Lexy’s reaction when she saw them just now, a sinister smile appeared on her face.
“Brett is mine. Trash would only be trash.” her eyes turned vicious as she looks at the dark sky.
Keith’s Mansion or Main Base…
Lexy walked in lifelessly and didn’t pay attention to her surroundings at all. Her head was lowered in a dispirited manner. Only when she bumped into something did she reacted and struggled to keep her body standing and not falling on the floor.
Big arms surrounded her waist and held her up to steady her. She looked up and watched Caleb’s face blankly.
Before she could step out from Caleb’s embrace, a loud voice roared from behind. Pushing Caleb away from her, she turned around and saw Brett standing at the living room entrance with a furious look on his face.
His eyes zeroed in on her, and his fist was clenched tightly in anger.
“How dare you!” He strode forward and gripped Lexy’s wrist before dragging her upstairs to their room.
“Brett…” Caleb, who stood frozen on the spot, finally came to his senses and tried to stop Brett but was ignored.
He sighed before shaking his head and put his phone back to his ear, “Did you hear that?”
“…” There was no response from the other side of the phone.
“Why is she not speaking? Has the call ended?” Caleb murmured as he pulled the phone away from his ear and looked at the screen. It was still connected.
“Nancy?” Caleb called the person’s name.
“Huh-oh! Sorry, I spaced out.” Nancy answered guiltily.
“What are you thinking about? You spaced out for so long.” Caleb said as he sat on the couch crossed-legged. His free arms draped over the back of the couch in a free manner.
“Uh-Its nothing. What happened to Lexy and Brett? Are they arguing again?” Nancy’s asked worriedly.
“It seems so.” Caleb pursed his lips when he recalled the murderous look that Brett gave him a few minutes ago.
“It’s the third times this month.” Nancy stated helplessly, “They didn’t have any problems before. Did something unusual happened lately?”
“You seems very interested in their relationship. Have you done something bad secretly?” Caleb teased.
“You heartless pig! You didn’t even care about your friends. Forget it. Let’s end our friendship here. It’s no use talking to you. Humph!” Nancy said in displeasure.
“Wait! Fine! I’m wrong. What do you want me to do?” Caleb immediately sat upright in alert when he heard that Nancy wanted to end their friendship.
He couldn’t let that happen!
“Hmmm…I know!” Nancy exclaimed all of a sudden causing Caleb’s to pull the phone away before rubbing his injured ear.
“Nancy!” He yells in an aggrieved tone.
However, upon hearing Nancy’s innocent voice, Caleb could only grit his teeth and rubbed his ears, pitifully, “Nothing.”
“So, I was thinking…Let’s stalk them!” Nancy exclaimed again. Luckily, Caleb was prepared and didn’t put the phone too close to his ear.
Caleb minds went numb when he heard Nancy’s suggestion.
“How old are you?” Caleb gritted his teeth as he rubbed his forehead.
“I’m 22 years old. Why?” Nancy answered innocently.
Caleb felt like he wanted to smack himself to death. How did he fall in love with such a childish woman?
“It’s good that you still remembered your age and no, I’m not stalking my best friends romance.” Caleb answer sarcastically.
The line went silent.
Caleb’s eyebrows creased, “Nancy?”
“If you didn’t want to do it, then fine. I’ll do it myself.” Nancy said with a low, dejected voice.
Hearing her sad voice, Caleb softened and pursed his lips as he thinks.
“Fine. Let’s do it. But, if anything happens…”
Nancy cut him off, “If anything happens then you can blame it on me! Don’t worry, I’ll take responsibility!” Nancy said confidently.
Caleb sighed in defeat. How can he see his crush take the responsibility?
He calculated the damage he would receive bitterly in his mind.
“Deal. Don’t forget about lunch tomorrow. It’s your treat.” Caleb said before he immediately hung up with a smug face.
Unbeknownst to him, at the other side of the phone, a shrill voice exploded.
Nancy watched as her phone bounced wildly on the bed after being thrown heartlessly by her.
However, after a few seconds, she immediately grabbed the phone back, afraid that the newly purchased phone will be damaged.
Recalling her conversations with Caleb, Nancy fall back on her bouncy bed with a loud sigh.
She stared blankly at the ceiling. Gradually, the ceiling turns into Caleb’s handsome face. A perfect dimples paired with seductive lips. A small pierce at the side of his nose. A seductive dark eyes with sharp eyebrows. A perfect chiselled jaw and a short black hair.
A ding from her phone shakes Nancy awake from her wild imaginations. She looked at the empty ceiling and frowned.
A while later, she rolled around the bed as she rubbed her hair in frustration.

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