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Note from Author:

This book is a work of fiction. All characters are fictional.

Any religious references made was done solely for the purpose of

Bringing the story to reality and making it believable to the readers.

No dis-respect to religious beliefs was intended.

A Descendant dictionary


Adaula – (verb) Elvan word for Run

Alurya – (noun) Mark of the knower- possessed only by Irin

Aquadore mountain- (noun) mountain of deceased Lightwatchers

Asguardians – (noun) off spring of Angels, pure bloods who have not earned a place in the Infinity

aveu – greetings


Caster – (noun) child of a Tempter

Cadre – (noun) Leaders of hell (Paros)

Cherub – (noun) Name for Angels in the Infinity


deceptor – (noun) human beings

Demon – (noun) creatures created by Tempters

Descendants – (noun) created by the seven children of Adonai and Archangels, or born to the Angels and Tempters. (Shifters, Casters, Naturahs, Lightwatchers, Asgaurdians, Fuized, Elvan.)

Dresta – (noun) Angelic laced whip named and made by Azazy-el (The master of weapons)


Fuized – (noun) only partial Lightwatcher eg, mother is a lightwatcher but the father is a shifter


Garde – (noun) Lightwatchers or Fuized who bring justice to those who have broken the law, and hold up the descendants treaty. They are the policeman of the descendant world.

Gazool – (noun) energy

Guiders – (noun) birds of the Angels


Harpien blade – (noun) angel blades, can not be wielded by any other besides a full angel or someone even more powerful

HOL – (abv) house of legions


Ichor – (noun) demon blood

Igori – (noun) the original watchers

Infinity – (noun) heaven

Irin – (noun) Angel of a high rank in the Infinity, but not as powerful as an Archangel


Khiron – (noun) land of the Lightwatchers


Legions- (noun) Lightwatchers who ascend and gain legacies. The Lightwatchers assassins

Legacies – (noun) Angelic abilities only possessed by Legions

Lightwatchers – (noun) part Venusian, part angel, ( descendants of four archangels Mikael , Gabriel , Raziel , Casteal)


Paros – hell


Realm – country


Seals- verses mixed with souls of the Lightwatchers dead or blood from the living… Sometimes found on the body of Lightwatchers and angelic descendants or in rare angelic stones

Seeker – (noun) half caster and half shapeshifter’s (rarest of matings)

Seraph – (noun) Guardians of Infinity, minor angels still earning a higher rank

Sytna- (noun) the mark of a new birth


Tempters – The 200 hundred fallen angels who were kicked out of the Infinity


Verses – (noun) spells that are angelic in nature, Used by Lightwatchers. Found in the book of Watchers.

House of Legions

The Angel descendants



Shan R.K


William Blackwyll stood motionless on the roof of an old rundown building. A lone figure shrouded in the darkness of night waiting with infinite patience for his guest to arrive.

Months passed since he’d last spoken to Franchesca. It was the day she showed up in his New York building demanding his presence. He was pissed that she thought she could demand anything from him, obviously at first he refused. But Franchesca never deterred in the slightest. No, Draiken women were known for their persistence, and Franchesca proved her bloodline true when she stormed into his office in a state. And not the good kind, more the ‘I’m in dire need of help’ kind. So reluctantly he agreed to listen.

“Just look at her William, one look, a minute of your time, maximum five,” she’d said, those months ago.

Staring at the night sky moonlight he thought back to his decision. There was no agreement reached as he walked her out of his office toward the elevator. Unlike his siblings he wasn’t ruled by emotions, but he recalled the hair on his nape rise to attention when he considered her request.

The sensation passed, she left and all was forgotten.

Two weeks later an unexpected trip to London was the changing tide of his decision. He was in West Central London with hours to spare before his next meeting. He should’ve never tracked the girl, he should have walked away, but cowardice wasn’t a suit William wore and that was what stayed on his mind right until he stopped across the park from where the girl stood.

There was no doubt in his mind of who she was or how she looked. The instant he set his sight on the young Lightwatcher, behold his virgin sister.  She was jumping up, trying to reach a branch in the tree. William Blackwyll knew then, that this green eyed beauty across from him was the greatest treasure on earth.

And so it began, the path which led him to now, standing on a rooftop, waiting.

Gazing upon the stars, home crossed his mind. In the past an overwhelming sense of loss sired him because he missed his family, he yearned for his mother. Now, the pain he festered in leaving his birth place those many years ago no longer mattered, only his decision to stay did.

Frustrated with a sensory overload of emotions that were just too dangerous to accept he clenched his jaw, something he had done much too often over recent months.

His father will call his name and soon. So will the time come to pick a side.

The drum of footsteps snapped William out of his reverie. Turning, he faced the rapid click of heels on concrete approaching at a brisk pace,

“Franchesca, aveu,” his voice echoed through the space of the thirty story roof top.

Franchesca walked closer to him, her black hair windblown, attire somewhat out of ordinary for a private meeting amongst their own kind, “Dressing as a deceptor, nice.”

The woman smiled and bowed her head in respect. The ‘old fashioned’ formality held a touch of reverence. Because while he appeared to be in his mid twenties he was much older.

His long wool coat moved with the easterly wind as he took two steps toward her.

“William.” Franchesca paused, her eyes twitching, “Sorry, Clare’s difficult to avoid, I’m running out of reasons for leaving at odd hours, she believes…”

“Clare believes as she wants. Deception fuels inquisitors, Franchesca. Please, call me Liam.”

The shortened name was something new he’d gained from his brother, Kole. The same night Kole started drinking himself into foolishness for which new woman, William never wanted to know. He’d grown accustomed to the nickname as Kole continued using it to goad him and it stuck.

“Liam,” She corrected, “You needed to speak. Sending a Seeker, isn’t that risky?”

“No, I trust Quintin, longer than I, you.”

She flinched at the unvarnished truth which he ignored and continued, “There’s more important matter’s at hand.”

A long time ago Liam faced facts regarding his involvement in people’s affairs, he was terrible at meddling. It took three wars which he caused to figure that out. The plausible solution was simple, emotions of any kind needed to stay inviolate to those besides his siblings.

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