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Chapter 1

Bare feet slapped the uneven terrain of the thick forest, heavy breathing breaking the so called silence of the night. An occasional hoot of an owl could be heard clearly each time she held her breath. The crickets sang merrily oblivious to the chaos surrounding them, surrounding their territory per say.

Turning to look back she saw the large silhouette of her chaser. Clutching onto her ripped blouse she covered herself up to maintain her decency even though all decency had been taken away from her.

Her tear stained cheeks a clear indication of the horrors she had faced or should I say was still enduring.

“Lord please help me,” she whispered over and over again as she ran aimlessly into the thick foliage.

She did not care if death would be her saviour for all she wanted was peace in that instant.

She wanted to just stop and rest but that would mean she had lost, that would mean she was weak.

She could not give him that satisfaction.

The branches inflicted scratches upon her skin as she continued to run. Her feet complained of the torture she was inflicting upon her bare soles. Her lungs begged for some much needed air but she willed herself to not give in to all this.

Looking back she did not anticipate the root that led her to her fall. Scrambling up she heard him call out her name in anger, clearly frustrated if not tired.

The pain that shot up her leg rendered her immobile from any vigorous movement as she was forced to stagger towards the opening. At last she had reached the open road, by some miracle.

Two beams of light blinded her as she froze in the middle of the road shielding her eyes from the rays of light.

“Death take me now,” she thought to herself. It was better than facing that monster.

The screeching of tires indicated the car coming to a halt just inches away from her.

Armed men disembarked from the vehicles looking at her in an intimidating manner. Firearms pointed in her direction.

“Who dares stop me at such an ungodly hour,” she heard a voice boom.

Taking no heed of this voice she looked back to the bushes she had just come from only to see him retreat into the darkness.

“Will no one answer me,” the voice from before growled angrily as she flinched at the harshness of the voice turning towards it, eye wide open in fear.

Her number one thought being, she had escaped one hell to enter another as two of the guards blocking her view stepped aside.

Upon get seeing the man before her she gasped dropping to her knees as her forehead touched the ground mumbling her apologies.

“Your highness please forgive me,” she cried out making sure to not even dare look up at the said men for her life could be snuffed out in an instant if he so wished.

“How dare you stop my procession to the palace. Tell me what punishment you think you should be given,” he stated as she saw his feet before her.

“Whatever punishment my king sees fit,” she whispered trembling in fear.

“Stand up,” she heard him growl.

Clutching her shirt tightly she stood up trying her best to hide her pain.

She could feel his eyes on her as she stood before him, indecent. Eyes shut tight praying this was all a bad dream.

What he did next surprised her, even more so the guards.

“Look at me,” he commanded.

“I beg your pardon,” she whispered unsure of what she had just heard.

“Look. At. Me,” he said each word slowly and clearly.

Doing as asked she looked into his brown eyes. His features hard as granite, his face rid of any expressions as he looked at her.

“Get in the car. You will get cleaned up by my staff then we can see a befitting punishment for you after you have rested,” he said as a guard stepped up towards her just as the king turned to walk towards the car.

Roughly grabbing her arm she winced in pain only to feel the pressure gone in an instant once his royal highness stopped instantly turning to glare at the guard in warning.

Limping towards the third car she sat in the back thankful to be finally off her feet. The door opened revealing the king himself as he stepped in and sat beside her. She kept her head bowed not looking at him for fear he would throw her out of the vehicle at any point just because he felt like it.

The jolt of the car coming to a stop at an intersection had her wincing in pain as the seat belt bit into her skin.

“The next time you stop this vehicle like an idiot will be the last time you drive,” his voice boomed in the car making her flinch at its harshness as he pressed the seatbelt clasp releasing it from its security.

The drops of sweat quickly forming on her brow did nothing as she tried to hide her shame.

Arriving at the palace she was shown to the staff quarters, by a man who went by the name of John, where all the maids slept.


“Welcome home my love,” the Queen smiled as her husband.

“Thank you,” he murmured tiredly with a hint of irritation as he yanked his tie off.

“I hope there was no trouble on your way back from London.”

“None at all. I have brought a new girl, she might need some time to rest. Make sure she is taken care of,” he said looking worried before his expression turned cold. “Close my door on your way out,” he said in a flat tone.

The queen did not miss the signs of worry on her husband as he headed towards the bathroom making her both and angry and curious of this so called girl.


The morning sun cast rays of sunlight through the small window as she lay still in the bed. Her body drenched in sweat she winced in pain when she tried to sit up, a dizzy spell took over forcing her to lay down.

“Where is she?” She heard a voice thunder as her head pounded indicating the potency of her headache.

The door swung open as she saw the silhouette from the previous night. She winced in pain at the sharp sound of the door slamming against the wall. Immediately fear took over as her breathing picked up in panic.

“Did the physician not see to her well-being?” He barked as the other maids stood at the entrance.

“Answer me!” He yelled making them jump back in fear.

“The Queen requested for him,” one of the girls stuttered as he narrowed his eyes to slits observing her.

“Call for mine,” he said in a dangerously low voice as the girl scurried away in search of the physician. “Tell the other one to meet me in the throne room,” he told one of the guards.

Looking back towards the young girl he asked one simple question.

“What is your name?”

“Speak up woman!” He said seeing her visibly swallow as she tried to speak up.

She only managed to whisper her name thus forcing him to bow down towards her lips after seeing it would be pointless to force her to speak up.

“Rudo,” she whispered before closing her eyes looking beyond tired.

“You and you,” see to it that she is well taken care of. After she had recovered she will resume duty as one of you, do I make myself clear?” He boomed.

“Yes your highness,” they bowed in fear as they parted allowing him to leave.

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