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Chapter 001

A small village was shrouded in the darkness of night.

“Cough, cough…”

An oppressive cough suddenly came after the broken wall behind the girl.

“Who? Who’s there?” The girl who had just walked to the door was taken aback and her face turned pale, “You…you come out!”


However, she received no response after half a minute. Nina Preston’s arm started to feel sore from holding up her phone in flashlight-mod.

There was no sound coming from the broken wall.

The cough was definitely from a human, not a cat or dog.

Nina stroked her chest with her hand, and with courage, she approached whatever was behind the wall cautiously, and vaguely heard a faint breath.

After a few steps, under the flashlight of her phone, she was sure that there was a person, a male, lying there.

He was wearing a suit. But it was wrinkled. His white shirt was covered in dark red as if something stained it. Dirt covered his face, Nina couldn’t see his face clearly.

A light smell of blood floated in the air. Nina couldn’t help frowning and pressed her hand on her nose.

Out of her instinct, this man was injured, badly injured.

They were in a small village away from the urban area. Nina’s grandmother lived here and she would come here regularly. She didn’t expect to run into something so horrifying.

She emboldened herself and reached out to pull the unmoving man. The warmth of his body eased her a little bit.

‘He is still alive.’

She smoothed away some wisps of sweat-soaked hair on his head and found some blood stain on his face. He seemed to be her age, a young man in his twenties. ‘How come he was so badly injured.’

They were in this remote countryside village and it was in the middle of the night. There was no hospital in the village, so she was unable to take him to the Emergency.

After seconds of hesitation, Nina decided to help him with her best. First, she would have to check on his condition.

She grabbed his arms and dragged the tall man all the way into the room with every drop of her strength. A simple task was so exhausting that Nina could barely stand when she accomplished it.

Her grandmother lived in a simple house. Fortunately for the man, her grandmother was an experienced doctor. Though grandma had retired, she would still treat villagers and provide them with necessary medicine. Various medicines were at home.

Nina couldn’t rest. She laid the man flat, then undressed him and began to focus on examining his injury.

She grew up in a doctor’s family and was influenced. She had basic medical knowledge. At this moment, she recognized at a glance that the man suffered a gunshot wound.

She was scared, but saving a life was the priority. He was bleeding and Nina feared that this man might die in her house.

The wound was on his chest, which made the problem more intractable. She was no surgeon and this was no operating room. What should she do?

‘Whatever. Stop the bleeding and then we’ll see.’ She thought that this was all she could do for now.

She rummaged through the whole house, and found some hemostatics. She applied so thick a covering to the wound that she thought grandma might kill her for her extravagance.

After the hemostatic were applied, the man frowned and let out a faint groan, the kind of groan when one’s unrecovered wound was hit.

Nina didn’t notice that the man had opened his eyes. When the man saw Nina doing something on him, he showed shock in his deep eyes.

“Get off. Don’t touch me.” He uttered, and raised his hand with difficulty to push Nina aside.

“Hey, I’m just trying to help you to stop the bleeding.” Nina was taken aback by his sudden push. This man… is so rude!

“I don’t need.” The man said coldly.

“Of course you need! I’ll stop the bleeding for you first, and then call an ambulance for you, or else…” Nina looked serious. This man was not friendly, but she would still try to save him. Saving a man’s life was nobler than all other noble acts.

An unfriendly man is a man.

“Oscar sent you here, didn’t he?” The man turned his head, but his hands were clenched tight in vigilance as if he was guarding against the enemy.

“What?” Nina thought he was murmuring to himself and focused on tidying scattered drug bottles, “Don’t move, or the wound might dehisce again. And you would bleed.”

Nina put the hemostatic beside the man and told him how to use it. Then, she began looking for other drugs or medicine that might be of help.

The man managed to sit up. He frowned in pain and then swept a glance at his wound. The hemostatic had come into their effect and he had stopped bleeding.

It seemed that she meant no harm. She did save him.

He raised his head. In his eyes were mixed feeling. He fixed his eyes on the back of the girl not far away. The girl was searching for medicine while he was emerged in thoughts.

Just as he was about to say something, there was a sudden sound of footsteps in the yard. The footsteps were approaching.

And it sounded like there was more than one person.

The footstep stopped at the house door eventually. After some whispers, they knocked on the door.


“Is anyone home?” A man’s voice was heard. It was a tentative question. They were on guard.

Read all chapters,via:

Tips: Read all chapters via APK and enjoy more price discounts.

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