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Chapter0: Prologue.

Your smirk, your eyes, your face, your eyes had me cringing with fear, you left me behind with haloes of darkness in my dreams.

I  can’t breathe,

My mind is screaming,

My heart is quivering,

My body is aching

I’m bleeding,

I’m burning with hurt from your betrayal.

“Welcome to Rave Enterprise, Miss your office will be on the 20th floor close to the CEO’s” a voice called and I was once brought into my reality


Chapter 1.

Beauty’s Pov.

I stood staring at my bedroom mirror a little bit scared if i was being honest, trying to believe the words I’m spurting out.

“You can do this” I said giving myself the final pep talk, then taking in a deep breath, I turned and walked out of the bedroom.

I made the stroll down the hall and stood in front of my sister’s room. I remained still at the door, wrinkling my hands together nervously.

Why was I so nervous, speaking to her about hitching a ride with her and her best friend Andrew to college today shouldn’t be overwhelming.

“Urrgh Nick” I thought as I held firmly to the handle before pushing the door open.

“Brittany?” I whispered as i opened the door, “There you are!” a voice exclaimed, I looked back to see my sister. “Yeah, yeah, she’s up, bye” Brittany said to the person on the phone which I guessed to be Nick.

“Beauty! Go and eat your breakfast, Nicky said his car broke down! You’ve got 15 minutes till Andrew comes !” She called as the got off her phone walking downstairs to the dinning.

“Okay, coming!” I replied, due to the happiness of not having to explain myself.

15 minutes later.

I walked into the parking lot and sighed as I saw who was giving us a ride to college, trying my best to smile at Andrew.

“What’s the ugly duckling doing here, Oh! Nick got tired of your silly ass” Andrew teasingly accused. “Be nice Andy”

Brittany who was peering into a hand-held mirror to fix her eyelashes responded.

I sighed as I got into the backseat muttering a “hi Andrew” trying so much to not show my discomfort towards him. There you have him guys, Andrew Harper, a football player for the school team alongside my Nick who is the captain of the school team. He and I never clicker together, he is a pretty big bully that hated my guts (funny how its only me he bully)

Yep you heard that right, he has a cute dimple smile, shaggy brown hair and I’ve gotten the honour to see his six pack due to his frequent stay in our home during holidays basically everyday, except when his parents are home.

“Your royal majesty, we’ve arrived” to Brittany he said while beaming. “Frog of the land out you go, get up from my car seat” he said scowling at me. Then I noticed we’ve arrived at the college gate parking lot

I went out of the car with a speed of lightning wondering why Andrea hates me so much, wishing he could talk to me without the scowl and glare on his face for a day or even for a minute. Knowing  Nick will be late today I walked into my  lecture room, to keep a seat for him.

Seeing Gabriella in her favourite seat, I waved while saying “hey girlfriend”,

“Poor you I saw you getting out of Andrew’s car” she said. “Nah it’s no biggie, it’s just for the morning, I’ll ride with my baby on my way back home” I said smiling.

“Awwn, that’s so….” She was interrupted by the lecturer, “settle down students, Gabriella off to your site you go”.

Then I had to pay attention to the lecture, while waiting for Nick to make an entrance.

Andrew’s Pov.

The irritating blade of the alarm, it was giving me back the migraine I had last night. I slid my pillow from underneath my  head and flipped it onto my head so I could fold it into an inefficient earplug from the noise.

It’s okay, just 2 more minutes and it’ll snooze automatically. I was too lazy to move all the way out of my bed, to the plug point my phone was charging and snooze it myself. So I let it ring.

And just as it was fading into the distance and I was falling back to my precious sleep again, “Andrea sir, it’s time to get up and head off to college” I head our head Butler say in a soft whispher.

I groaned, softly sobbing in despair into my pillow, why can’t I just sleep? Why do I have to go to college.

” Miss Brittany told me to tell you it’s code aqua today” he continued saying. I chuckled at my best friend’s antics of describing her sister hitching a ride with us, with that I got up to have my bath with the lukewarm bath prepared by my maids.

As I walked downstairs, watching my maids and chefs lay down my breakfast on the dining table. “They’ve left” I questioned John the head Butler, “yes” he replied. Chuckling annoyingly at the fact that my parents travelled again without notifying me I grabbed a granola bar.

“Tell the driver, im giving him a day off” I said as I headed off to the car garage to ride my Ferrari with the keys in my hands.

10 minutes later

I tried calling Brittany but she didn’t pick up, so I called the home line pretty sure someone will pick up, after 2 rings “hey can you tell Brittany, that Andrew is downstairs” I said to the person that picked up and hung up

Looking up, I saw Brittany pushing the door open “Yo, handsome” she shouted, laughing at her “I heard there’s a aqua code today, where she at, my lady ” I said trying to sound British.

Then I saw her looking all timid as she notices me. That’s right be scared u thought. ” What’s the ugly duckling doing here, oh ! Nicky got tired of your silly ass” I teasingly accused. “Be nice Andy” Brittany, who was peering into a hand- held mirror to fix her eyelashes responded.

Looking at the aqua eyes through my side mirror, I remembered the first face I saw and thought to be my friend when I first arrived, until I saw her watch her sister who is my best friend get scolded for something she did.

Then we have my best friend Brittany Sage a redhead, captain of the cheerleading team, brown eyes to complete are beautiful figure and gorgeous face to which every guy fell at her feet for except me, cause I always saw her as a sister I never had.

“Your royal majesty” I said to Brittany smiling, “frog of the land out you go, get up from my car seat” I said scowling at Beauty ad we arrived at the college parking lot.

Watching as her sister scurried out of the car, Brittany said “C’mon remove that scowl from your face or its gonna cause wrinkles, by the way she’s still my sister”

Rolling my eyes at her I said “yeah, yeah I believe you”.

Carrying our bags we went to our lecture room, being popular in college and at your last year requires you to look pretty and give that heart melting stance for our audience which are students in lower years.

We arrived at our lecture room, as soon as we settled down I drifted off to my imagination due to the fact that we’ve had a lecture on this topic two days ago.

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