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Chapter One


Jenna groaned in excruciating pain as Susan her step-sister pushed her to the hard floor.

Hot tears circulated in Jenna’s eyes and slowly rolled down from her cheeks.

Suzy, Susan’s twin sister glared at Jenna who was still on the ground and snorted.

‘You are totally useless Jenna, there is no point allowing you stay in this house anymore when you can’t even give us some cash” Suzy grumbled.

Jenna gasped as she sat up on the ground ‘Please don’t throw me out, I don’t have anywhere else to go”

Her voice was shaky because tears didn’t let her speak.

The two sister laughed hysterically and exchanged glances with each other.

‘You are of no use to us anymore, so you should just get your stinky self far away from us Jenna” Susan blurted out.

Mrs Vero Wilson, Jenna’s stepmother walked out of the apartment with Jenna’s luggage.

She stared at her girls in confusion, ‘What is Jenna still doing here? Why is she still here in my house?”

Mrs Wilson ranted angrily.

‘Mother please you can’t throw me out! I don’t have anywhere else to go to, you are my only family” Jenna continued wailing and went on her knees.

Suzy spat on her face in disgust,

‘What family? You can never be family Jenna, our late Father is the only family you have, and he is gone now”

‘You have been fired by restaurant where you work at as a waitress, how do you expect me to accommodate a free loader in my house?” Mrs Vero Wilson scoffed.

Jenna sobbed uncontrollably… ‘Mother I promise you that I’ll find a new job as soon as possible”

‘Who is your mother you dirty old thing? I can never give birth to someone as useless as you are” Mrs Wilson kicked her legs.

Suzy smirked mischievously at Jenna who was crying herself to death, ‘Sorry Jenna! But we are all sick and tired of hearing you say all the time that you will find a new job for the past one month”

‘It’s better you go live in the streets’ cos that’s the best place for people like you” Susan sighed, and she threw her luggage out of the house.

‘Oh no please, please don’t do this to me”Jenna burst into tears the more.

Mrs Wilson pushed Jenna out of the gate, ‘Leave my house Jenna! And don’t you ever think of coming back”

‘Because there is no place for free loaders in this house” Suzy snapped, and they slammed the door on her face.

Jenna was bruised so badly due to the push her stepmother Mrs Vero Wilson have her.

She managed to get up from the ground and rushed to the locked door knocking and pleading.

‘Please, please mother! Please sister Suzy and Susan let me in please” She begged.

Susan groaned in anger from the house, ‘Scram Jenna! Get out of here”

Jenna continued knocking but no one opened the door, she sat on the entrance with her messy hair and dirty dress.

‘Where exactly do I go from here?” She thought.

She was still sitting there with her luggage outside when suddenly the thunder clapped.

Fear gripped her, she looked around then she noticed that the weather was not bright at all.

‘It is going to rain any moment from, good heavens!” She cried out.

The rain started pouring heavily, and she grabbed her luggage and placed it on her head.

She walked down the road with her luggage on her head.

The rain was falling so heavily so in no time, she became drenched with water.

She yawned hungrily.

Her stomach grumbled noisily and hungrily.

It is past one in the afternoon, and she hasn’t even had breakfast, she didn’t even have dinner last night.

She was feeling so pale and weak.

Mrs Vero Wilson her stepmother and her twin daughters maltreated her so much that she wished she died alongside her late mother and father.

She was not only the breadwinner of the family, they turned her into a punching bag and a maid right in her own father’s house.

Susan and Suzy, her twin stepsisters didn’t work or do anything instead they made sure they took every penny from Jenna.

They even made her lose her job at the restaurant where she used to work because they forced her to do all the house chores before leaving the house.

Before she could get to the restaurant, it was already too late and that was how she lost the job.

Ever since she lost the job at the restaurant, she was finding it so difficult to get another job and since then, all she did was go to people’s houses to do laundries and cleanings for them just to get paid.

After getting paid from the cleaning for other people, her stepmother and stepsisters will only snatch the money from her.

She couldn’t work for few days because she fell sick, they concluded that she is useless, so they decided to throw her out of the house.

Tears of sorrow didn’t stop running down Jenna’s cheeks.

‘Life is so unfair and cruel” She mumbled.

The rain didn’t stop and soon, she was shivering in cold.

She still managed to continue walking and walking under the heavy rain.

She scratched her head as she kept talking to herself.

‘Where exactly am I going to?”

Then suddenly, she thought of her friends Angelina who moved from their area because she got a new job.

Smiles escaped her lips.

And now she had to reach Angelina as soon as possible.



A knock came on the door three consecutive times as Angelina sprang up and walked towards the door.

Angelina got to the door

‘Who is it?”

‘It’s me Jenna”

Angelina gasped as she quickly opened the door to see Jenna drenched with her luggage on her head and she was looking hopeless….


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