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‘Between two evils, I always pick the one I never tried before.”

― Mae West

When madness and genius meet in one person, what might happen; especially if fate tied the thread of love on the way ?


It was a quiet and gloomy night, with only lunar shadows piercing through from the dark sky. In the misty city of London, among the concrete road of villas that were separated by vast gardens indicating the wealth of their owners: stood at the end of the affluent neighborhood a dark stoned mansion, a secluded extremist, surrounded by a dead garden colored in autumn orange colours.

Inside the mansion and up in the second floor, specifically inside the darkest of rooms where only the rays of the moon could see it between the lumpy clouds, there stood before the fireplace a man and a woman.

Staring at the stray sparkles of the fire that devoured the wood, making a relaxing sound, the man approached the fire carefully as he added more logs of wood to be devoured. On the other side of the room, the woman stood far away close to the window looking at the woods surrounding the house from all sides. Her sharp eyes were locked in deep thought, a glass of red fine wine, the same color of her bold-colored lips, was in her hand as she softly uttered a deep tone that broke the silence.

” I have to get to him .” Her words were dead serious, very calm, and honest, but they made the man break in a deep humorless laughter before he said, sarcasticly, amid his fist of laughter. “Yes, of course you have to, but I wonder how ?”

Moving away from the fireplace, the man started walking towards her while looking out at the storm that was starting outside behind her. The light rain had turned into a thick waterfall, and the fierce wind that was raging from the morning had made the scene look extra gloomy under the dark night sky. The roaring storm was as majestic as a reflection of the the woman that stood watching it from the window, he thought to himself. When she remained silent for a long time after his laughter, he asked, arching his eyebrows,

” Are you serious? But he is a married man, you know!”

She nodded her head slightly at him before she took another sip from her drink, which was nearly finished, and headed toward the small bar in the room to refill her glass again before saying,

” I know she was a high school friend of mine.. A naive girl who got the main man.. A classic cliche story.. But I want him, now .” She waved her hand indifferently.

The glint of fire in her dark eyes made him realize how serious she was, and that she was telling him a decision she had made and it was over for anyone to be able to change her mind.

” And how are you going to get rid of her?” He asked carefully.

Looking from afar, anyone could see the similarities between the two. Both were like a roaring fire: burning aflame and hungry to swallow everything surrounding them.

She dipped her index finger in her glass before bringing it to her mouth to suck on it lightly before saying, ” The first and easiest option is… to kill her.” She took a pause, looked around her before looking back at the man and whispered wickedly . ” The second option is to turn her from the honorable position of a loving housewife to a traitor- a cheat.” She smiled evily, ” The Billionaire’s wife, the kind lady: turns out to be nothing but a whore who moves from bed to bed. I like this one more .” She smiled at the end of her words cunningly, and her wide eyes flashed maliciously.

“I prefer the second option, too .” The man agreed with a sinister side smirk that matched his darkened face of harsh features and sharp eyes which despite their dark color still shone in the middle of the darkness. She gave him a small smile, raising her glass to honor their secret motto, saying a little loudly ” Our honor… over that of the billionaire’s . ”

The evil do not follow any laws, but creates them, and when necessary; they break them.

The evil are the winners here, let the good go to hell. Goddness must be banished for once and for all.

It was a night different from any other night– a night in which the sky thundered and flashed, and when she went to bed looking at the sky from the window of her room, and how it stormed so hard, she saw herself through it all. She was a fire bull roaring aflame, a stom aching and wind blowing.

She was both fire and water. The cunning devil and the beautiful, intelligent woman.

She had set her eyes on him. He was already married, but she was Norma De Luca; when she faces a problem that she seems unable to solve, she finds a way around it. When she finds an obstacle, she erases it. She was not raised to faile, but to set goals and reach them. Even if it meant she had to die in order to achieve her goals, it was in her blood.

She was young and charming, but also a successful and wealthy fashion designer and one look from her would make any man fall to his knees in front of her. But there had always been one man. Only him.

Behind the mask of coldness, cruelty, and beauty: she sees herself as the only one worthy of the only capable and impprtant man on earth. She sees herself as the only one worthy of him, and him as the one only worthy of her.

The princess of the silver-spoon gated community, who has been absent for years, achieving her success in France and Italy as a designer with her own high-end brand, now is back home. She smiles cunningly at her targets– her preyes– then moves, and when she fails, she tries again… And when hope ends, stubbornness takes over.

She was different and everyone could see that she was the worst kind. The truth was that she indeed was so.

Now, she was sleeping quietly and looking like an innocent child with calm features that didn’t reflect her dreams. Her dreams of stealing her friend’s husband and marrying him instead.

How will that happen? No one knows but her and her demons.. Either they win or they win. A woman like herself was only made to achieve victory.

It’s the war between love… and love itself.

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