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Chapter 1

Audrey’s POV

Wiping off the last breed of sweat on my forehead, I couldn’t help but sigh tiredly wanting to rest my back on the nearest neat floor for some minutes but then, I remember that I have an entrance exam to attend to later this afternoon as the second batch who are provided the opportunity and chance to seat for this examination.

Getting my broom, moping stick, towels, and some detergent including some equipment that I would need in this dirty and sticking bathroom conjoined with toilet together, I begin to mop the floor as fast as I can till I can make it clean like I had promise I would.

Only God knows if it was an animal that use up this bathroom or a human ass she has claimed before I decided to go in and have it cleaned. Only if I had, I would have made her paid extra rips for this place before I agreed to her payment.

But come to think of it, he or she must have been dirty to have turned this toilet to brown within a month of the person staying here for holiday.I would have argued against them that the color of this water closet is brown if I didn’t see a little part of it which screams of attention.

” All the same, you have to stop complaining and get this done before time runs out.” I reminded myself before rushing down to the tap to get a bucket full of water.

” You need to stop bothering me.” I said to my inner mind which wouldn’t stop bugging me on how dirty this place is else, I might just throw up adding more to what I would clean up.

Sadly, the more I try to keep my inner mind out of my head, the more my inner mind continues to yell at me.

” Gosh! Seriously? Are we going to do this again today?” I asked, rolling my eyes angrily as I due the towel and bucket full of water on the floor with the same emotion, but frustration was added.

This place stinks that I can’t even think or breath in fresh air. All I have in my head and mind are muddy, if you won’t let me be then I won’t stop! My inner mind yelled again, provoking me as it proves how stubborn it could be.

” The pay is huge and the exam I have are both ties to this, which means if am not getting this done then am I losing both. I need you to cooperate with me and snap out of this!” I yelled back, making it go silent like it never existed some minutes ago.

‘I hope everything is fine in there?” I heard the lady who gave me this unforgivable job yell through her nose. She also seems to be the owner, cause anytime I come down here to work, she is always acting like the boss around here.

‘Yes, ma’am, I will be done in the next few minutes!” I yell back in response tiredly hoping she could hear them as well as feel and increase what she offered to pay me.

” Good.” She said firmly, making my hope of her increasing the pay fall because her voice doesn’t even sound like she felt what I had pass through my emotion as a message to her.

‘ You should hurry, people are still coming whom they might prefer this particular room to the others.” She said still with her nose blocked while I heard her descending footsteps leaving the room until I couldn’t hear them anymore.

Going back to the position that I was before my mind started battling me earlier, I dragged the bucket down to the place, including myself.

Scrubbing the floor for another thirty minutes, I stood up and begin to wipe it off (I mean the soapy water I had to use to scrub off the dirt, which had turned deep brown already).

Pouring down the bucket of water in one goal, I made sure I used my broom to create and move them in direction, washing off the soapy part of the floor in the bathroom. I also did the same to the toilet, which I had to scrub the dirt off earlier. Then I began to wipe off the wet floor in order to make it less slippery.

As a punishment for the next person coming into this place, I left some part wet, hoping the guest they are expecting can come in as quick as possible before it dry off.

I am sure if he or she hit their head once on the marble floor, they will learn how to make use of a toilet and bathroom like humans.

Spraying it as the last thing I have left to do, I make my way out of the bathroom. Taking off the cleaning jumpsuit apparatus I had worn to clean this up, I changed into my jean trouser and a round neck top not leaving out my hoodie as my style then I comb my hair dressing it nicely.

Checking out myself in the mirror, I was satisfied with what I saw. This is enough to make them look at me like an average student, I thought spraying my perfume before packing up my bag, then I dash out of the room.

” How much did we agree on before the service?” The woman asked, seating comfortably with her big chubby stomach forcefully out in the air. Mere staring down at those stretch marks that came out large and big right before me got me irritated, including her dirty bellybutton.

I had to keep my eyes away from them in order not to vomit. Ruining my dress and ruining hers as well.

” We agreed on $900 with the way you had told me the last room toilet will be, but when I got there what I saw was beyond what you said. I don’t think taking $1,500 would be bad.” I said, and she looked at me with a questioning eyes.

” That’s far too much, if I want to increase it, I can only increase it with $200.” She said counting the money out.

” Am not going to take such ridiculous amount from you because no one would take that less amount I propose from you to clean up twenty toilets, especially that last one which seems like an animal house.” I said but she looks away which only preach one thing.

She isn’t going to pay the money.

We continue to argue while I check my time almost every second and minutes to be sure if I still have time to argue with her until she pays what I want.

Arguing for the next thirty minutes, she brought out her bag again then counted four hundred dollars, adding it to the nine hundred which she had brought out before then pointed it at me.

I took it money yet telling her to have the rest of it but then, she didn’t. Instead, she stood, walking away from me. I wanted to follow her, but checking my time again, I realize I have limited time left to use.

” I will collect my remaining change the next time am here to work!” I yelled at her, angry at the fact that she already took what am meant to use for taxi to and fro from the exam location.

This is not her first time of doing this but not like cutting off huge amount like which she did this time around.

Maybe if I had waited right on her neck like I did today, she wouldn’t have cut my money then neither will she do such now, I thought before making my way out of the guest house.

Stepping out of it compound, I trek down to the nearest bus stop, and I was lucky enough to meet a bus which was about to move but thanks to my quick legs, I was able to meet with it.

I had thought I would have to wait for ten to fifteen minutes at the bus stop before the next bus going to my exam location arrives. In there, I brought out my note and began to look through, having to cross-check if I have not mopped down what I had read with the toilet.

My stomach began to rumble at the scent of sweet cake coming from my left-hand side which made me turn around to see who could be eating it and hopefully, the lady was going down to her marketplace.

Meaning I won’t have to wish I could eat it, all I have to do is to buy and satisfy my stomach but then, I remember the woman has reduced my money by $200. But what can I do when my stomach cry for food?

Without a second thought, I have already bought two cake slices, dipping them into my mouth as I Munch it like my life depends on it… TBC

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