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Chapter 001 Do You Want To Come Me?

Kerusabit, at the police station.
“Captain, it has been five days. I called all of Kath’s relatives, but none of them are not willing to adopt her. What do you think we should do?”
The young policewoman looked at Katherine Nicholson, who was sitting on the chair and constantly playing with her hands, and felt sorry for her.
“What else can we do? Let’s send her to an orphanage.”
After that, Captain Grey knelt before Katherine and said, “Kath, I will send you to an orphanage tomorrow, okay?”
Katherine lowered her gaze and pursed her thin lips lightly as if she did not hear him at all.
With a sigh, Captain Grey commented, “She’s such a cute child. Why is no one willing to adopt–”
Before he could finish speaking, a series of heavy footsteps came from the police station entrance.
Stunned by the sound, he stood up and walked toward the door.
“Mr. Moore, over here.”
Captain Grey saw the person who spoke. When he saw that person, he was so shocked that he could not close his mouth.
What kind of influential person was that man to have the Police Chief personally welcome him?
Feeling a cold gaze that seemed so sharp that it could destroy everything being thrown at him, Captain Grey’s heart skipped a beat. He looked over and immediately took in a sharp breath.
The man who was walking toward them had a graceful and tall figure. He wore a light-colored casual suit and had his hands in his pockets. His handsome chiseled face looked as if the creator had carved it himself and was filled with an innate indifference. Also, his two clean thin lips were slightly pursed together while a noble temperament reflected from his body. His temperament made others afraid to look straight at him.
Captain Grey recognized that man at a glance!
Harrison Moore!
The Moores was the head of Kerusabit’s four great families, and Harrison was the third and most important son of the Moores. Moreover, he was the one that Old Mr. Moore had publicly announced to be the future successor of Pearllight Group.
But what was he doing here?
Then, Captain Grey noticed that they were coming over.
Thus, he hurriedly retreated to the side.
Harrison walked straight to Katherine, pulled out a hand from his trouser pocket, and gently lifted Katherine’s chin with one finger. Then, his deep and cold eyes stared at her face, which looked as delicate as a doll. “Do you want to come home with me?” he asked expressionlessly.
Captain Grey was speechless.
After the car accident, Katherine had not said a word for five days in a row.
Now, she stared at Harrison with black eyes resembling two uncontaminated gems.
“You don’t want to?” Harrison frowned.
While lowering her gaze, Katherine slowly raised her hand and gently held onto the cold finger that was under her chin.
Harrison narrowed his eyes and used his long arm to hug her body. Then, he held her under his arm and strode out of the police station.
The scene left Captain Grey dumbfounded, and he looked toward the Police Chief.
With a frown, the Police Chief shook his head at Captain Grey and immediately followed Harrison out.
“Mr. Moore…” When the director chased out, Harrison had already entered the car with Katherine in his arms.
“Chief, Mr. Moore has decided to adopt this child. I will handle the necessary procedures for adoption.” Jorge Mitchell, who was Harrison’s assistant, stood in front of the Police Chief and stopped him.
The Police Chief wanted to say something else, but Harrison’s car had shot away like an arrow.
Instead of bringing Katherine back to the Moores’ manor, Harrison brought her to his villa.
He didn’t like being disturbed, so he didn’t hire any servants. As for the cleanliness of his villa, the Moores’ manor would often have it cleaned from time to time.
Those people in charge of cleaning the place left after finishing their work.
Katherine was carried under Harrison’s arm all the way. His arm was hard, which hurt her waist and stomach when pressing against them. However, she was stubborn and didn’t voice her discomfort.
After arriving at the living room, Harrison finally put her down. However, he ignored her, sat on the sofa, and pinched his tall nose with two fingers.
Meanwhile, Katherine stood in the living room with her hands clenched into fists while she stared at Harrison with a pair of pure, bright eyes.
Although she was in an unfamiliar environment, she did not show any uneasiness or discomfort.
“Are you very tired?”
This was the first sentence that Katherine spoke after five days of being silent. Her voice sounded hoarse and soft.
Harrison paused for a moment, put down his hand, and stared coldly at her.
Then, she slowly approached him and stood in front of him. “My name is Katherine Nicholson. What’s yours?”
As Harrison stared at Katherine, an unknown emotion flashed across his eyes so quickly that no one could catch it.
Seeing that he did not speak, she pursed her pink lips slightly.
“Harrison Moore.”
It was the first time that Harrison had introduced himself in such a way. His handsome brows furrowed slightly as if he was a little unaccustomed to it.
In the meantime, Katherine moved her lips in a way that looked like she was silently reciting his name.
After a long while, she asked, “How should I address you?”
“You can call me whatever you like,” Harrison said.
“Can I call you Uncle Harrison?” Katherine tilted her neck and stared at Harrison with her big eyes.
Staring into her clear, obsidian eyes for a long time, he said, “It’s up to you.”
Katherine suddenly curled her lips and said sweetly, “Uncle Harrison.”
After that, Harrison narrowed his eyes and stared at Katherine before softly responding, “Yes.”
It was this soft and sweet-sounding “Uncle Harrison” that made Harrison destined to be unable to part with her for the rest of his life.

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