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Chapter 001

“Fitz, I have married you for three years but you haven’t touched me once… I sacrifice my marriage to maintain your relationship with your lover. After this evening, you can find her! But now, what I gonna do is your compensation for me, for my feelings for you that last for so many years, ok?”

After saying these words, Janet Heley leaned over to kiss the man with madness and… despair.

She knew that she was mean.

But she had loved him for too long, and that was suffering!

Now, what she had was only a hint of consolation.

“Janet, how dare you!!!”

Fitz Capet gnashed his teeth, demonstrating enormous irritation on his handsome and sexy face.

He wanted to push away the woman on his body, but the lust inside his body was so rampant that his desire controlled his mind.

The audacious girl dared to play a trick on him!

“I am not afraid of doing so…”

A drop of tear fell from the corner of her eyes. She kissed him more frequently, and her hands touched the man randomly, which showed that she had no experience of making sex.

She just wanted to own his entire body of him for once!

Fitz was furious.

However, now the situation was out of his control.

After a while, the instinctive response of his body aroused. With the rising body temperature, his lust prevailed.

On the following day, Janet woke up just after daybreak.

She endured the discomfort, got up from bed and dressed, took out a divorce agreement from a drawer, and put it on the bedside table. Finally, she took a deep look at the man on the bed significantly…

“Fitz, I’ll set you free. From now on, there will be no relationship between us!”
Janet murmured, stopped looking at Fitz, and turned away.

When she walked out of the Li family, her heart was filled with bitterness and sadness.
She had loved Fitz for seven years!

And that feeling lasted from her puberty to the time when she went to college.
Her biggest wish was to marry him!

However, Fitz hated her, which burgeoned since the first day of their marriage!

At that time, Fitz’s grandfather was badly ill. According to Chinese superstition, the way to save his life was to find a girl whose birthday matched Fitz’s.

Therefore, Janet’s greedy father and stepmother immediately sent her to the Li Family.
She was overjoyed and expected the wedding night.

However, when Fitz appeared, he said with disgust on his face, “Janet, you should know that the person I want to marry is Emily instead of you! You are not on a par with her. Only she can be my wife!”

Janet knew that Fitz had no obligation to love her.

Despite this, she still had hope naively. She wished that his heart could belong one day.

During three years of marriage, she tried hard to be a good wife.

To make warm food for Fitz, she cooked meals by herself every night.

No matter how late it was, she could wait for Fitz to come back home, which gave her a sense of security.

When he was drunk, she would take good care of him on her own.

If he was sick or injured, she would be the person who cared about him most.

Every winter, she would turn on the heating and prepare hot water in advance, and woke up in early money, which just to make his clothes warm and ensure he would not get cold…

Nevertheless, Fitz did not love her at all.

Until the day before yesterday was her birthday when Fitz accompanied Emily Silver to the hospital, she eventually understood that Fitz had no feelings for her.

All this was just her wishful thought!

She could not capture the man’s heart.

His heart belonged to another woman!

Janet completely gave up!

When Fitz woke up, it was already ten o’clock in the morning.

After getting up, the first thought in his mind was killing Janet!

As the president of Li’s Group, Fitz was famous for his He has always been known for his shrewdness, and nobody could play tricks on him. But he had never thought that a girl could play tricks on him. He was furious. When he glanced over the room, he did not notice the girl, but he discovered the documents on the bedside cupboards.

“What’s that?”

Fitz frowned and took it over.

The title “Divorce Agreement” appeared instantly.

His pupils narrowed and his expression suddenly became gloomy.

The girl primarily played tricks to make sex with him, and now she filed for divorce…What a cunning girl!

Fitz did not believe that Janet would divorce him.

He suddenly got up, put on his clothes, went downstairs with a bad spirit, and questioned the housekeeper, “Have you seen Janet?”

The housekeeper called Uncle Li was stunned and immediately replied, “She went out with her luggage before dawn .”

Fitz was greatly stunned

Six years later.

In VR Medical Research Institute in Yogoit.

When Janet just came out of the research room, Linda Patrick, who was her assistant said, “Janet, Professor Lu has something to tell you. And he asked you to his office.”

At first, Janet was a bit sleepy since she had just stayed up all night. But when she heard this, she was sober.

“Did he say anything? Is our research outcome destroyed by my two little demons?”

“Obviously,” Linda responded with a hint of sympathy in her eyes.

Janet was agile and have a good capability. From a young age, she had already become a student of Vordan Blade, a top-class physician. in the circle of physicians, Janet was well-known, and she had never been scolded.

But every time, she was to blame for two troublemakers in her family–her sons.

Linda subconsciously comforted her, “This time you haven’t been out of the research room for three days. Caleb and Daniel were worried about your body, so they messed about in Professor Lu’s office every day… I saw that some of Professor Lu’s hair turned white.”

After hearing her words, Janet was a little worried and she felt somewhat funny.

Six years ago, after she left the Li family, she went abroad!

Originally, she intended to study hard. Surprisingly, she was pregnant.

At that time, she was torn between abortion and not, but when she arrived at the hospital, she retreated and was reluctant to do it.

Finally, she decided to bear the babies, which were triplets–two boys and one girl.
When giving birth, the girl died because of lacking oxygen, and the two boys–Caleb Heley and Daniel Heley survived.

Janet was happy when thinking about her smart sons.

But she was sad when reminded that she would be to blame for their behaviors.

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