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Chapter 001 The Divorce Agreement

It had been three whole years since she left the country the day after her wedding and now, she was back.

This time she got to come back because her mother was diagnosed with terminal lung cancer.

Three years ago, he sent her abroad after their marriage on the pretext of allowing her to continue her education, but in fact, it was only because he was afraid that she would disturb him and his true love.

At night, she had dinner with her parents-in-law and Grandma at the old house and then returned to their matrimonial home, where they had never lived.

The once arrogant princess had long since learned to control her temper.

Coming back this time, she had a strong feeling that it was time for them to end their relationship in name only!

He came back from outside in a neat black suit, oozing with the message that no stranger should ever come near him.

He was a perfectionist!

More than that, he was a heavy clean freak!

Jane Cho stood at a distance away from him by the window. Her heart beat a little faster with every step he took closer!

Three years had passed and he was even more handsome and imposing.

He stopped at the couch, loosened his tie, and sat down.

She dropped her eyes in dismay!

“Have you seen your mother?” he asked her lightly, without looking up at her.

Jane put her hands behind her back out of habit, like a good kid or a quiet subordinate, as she nodded. “Yes!”

“Read this!”

He suddenly leaned over, took some papers out of the drawer, and placed them on the table.

Jane just glanced at them and knew that what she had thought was right.

She had read the news online the other day about him and his true love going to order a wedding dress, while their marriage was hidden from the public.

She walked over and picked the papers up to read.

The words “Divorce Agreement” clearly showed themselves in big bold letters.

She was glad that she had been prepared and smiled lightly. “I agree!”

Alexander Hamilton looked at her with his haunting eyes. “Sit down and talk!”

Jane sat down on the single couch diagonally opposite him.

He had had a drink and seemed to be in a bad mood, tugging at his tie again!

Jane read the divorce agreement in silence, trying to avoid making him feel uncomfortable.

He even decided to give her two apartments. How nice he was to her!

Jane smiled and asked him when she finished reading the agreement, “Do you have a pen?”


He tilted his head slightly as if he hadn’t heard her clearly.

“I need a pen to sign it!”

Jane kept her gentle smile on her face as she talked with him.

Alexander looked at her with his dark eyes for a while before leaning over to open the drawer again and get a pen for her.

Without any hesitation, she signed her name at the bottom of the agreement. “Okay!”

“Carreen doesn’t have many days left and she wants a perfect ending,” Alexander explained suddenly.

Jane’s grip on the pen tightened as his words wrenched at her heart.

He would do anything for that woman!

“I can understand!” Jane nodded sensibly.

Alexander was silent for a moment until she held the agreement closer to him and he took it. However, he raised his eyes to look at her again when he was about to sign it. “You can ask for anything you want and I will give you as much as I can!”

“That’s enough for me. Thank you for covering my mother’s medical bills,” Jane answered him.

Alexander felt like being taken out of breath. Looking down at her beautiful handwriting at the bottom of the agreement, he suddenly put it aside in annoyance. “Meet with Carreen tomorrow!”

Seeing that he had set the agreement aside without signing it, Jane said obediently, “Sure!”

“If she asks if you have someone you love, just say yes!”


“You have to convince her so that she’ll be happy!” he said!

“I will!”

Jane responded numbly and couldn’t help looking again at the agreement beside him.

At that moment, she had the absurd thought that maybe he felt bad about getting out of this marriage too.

“Can you run the bath for me?” he asked suddenly in a cold voice.

Jane was surprised at first, but only when she saw the indifference on his face, did she finally realize how foolish she was. With her long eyelashes lowered to hide the tears in her eyes, she got up to go upstairs and run the bath for him.

She couldn’t help laughing at herself. What the hell was she thinking?

All he could think about was that woman, not her!

She walked upstairs into the darkness, told herself over and over again to calm down, and composed herself before pushing open the door.

It was the second time she had ever been in this bedroom, apart from the night of her wedding.

For some reason, she felt like she had broken into someone else’s place.

But the interior was furnished and decorated as simply as it was downstairs, with white walls, black floors, a bed, a bedside table, a couch, and nothing else.

He had spent their wedding night on that couch and it was the only night they had ever spent alone.

She went into the bathroom to run the bath for him.

Suddenly, what her seriously ill mother had whispered to her in the hospital during the day rang in her ears. “I guess he wants a divorce. All he thinks about is his truelove. Why doesn’t he think about how hard it will be for you to get remarried if he divorces you?”

She wasn’t thinking about remarriage at all. She was just heartbroken that she would never be able to have his name alongside hers again.

Jane sat on the edge of the bathtub, gently ruffling the warm water inside it with her hand. She remembered him sitting in front of her three years ago when her father had just committed suicide for fear of punishment and her mother was in need of help after having been diagnosed with stomach cancer.

“Are you done?”

Suddenly a cold voice came from behind her. She turned around reflexively, but unexpectedly her hand slipped and she fell into the bathtub that had just been filled with warm water.

Instantly, there was an embarrassing aura in the room.

Jane was wearing black pencil pants and a white shirt. They were all wet now and the upper half of her body, in particular, could be faintly seen through her shirt.

He could see her black underwear.

He was a clean freak. She didn’t have to look at him to know that he must be so disgusted at this point that he wanted to change the tub and even the bathroom.

Jane quickly got up out of the tub, feeling glad that the water covered the tears on her face and saved the last bit of her pride. She stood beside him, hugging herself and humbly apologizing, “I-I’m sorry!”

Alexander didn’t move closer. He just said lightly, “Go and change!”

Jane lowered her head and headed out. She turned sideways to avoid him as she reached the door.

But her perfume seemed to be evaporating as it met the water and his heart skipped a beat unconsciously when he smelt it.

Jane went downstairs, opened her suitcase and hurriedly found her clothes in it. She looked around at the rooms on the first floor and ran into one of them to change.

Alexander walked over and stopped outside the water on the floor near the bathtub.

He wouldn’t step in and just stared at the bathtub for quite a while.

Jane hurried up again. “Alexander, I-I’m sorry!”

She thought he must be furious. As a heavy clean freak, he would never allow anyone to mess up his bathroom. But she found that he was undressing when she changed and hurried up to clean up for him.

Jane froze for a couple of seconds before she turned and went to stand outside the door.

Alexander pulled his trousers off by the wall and held them out casually, “Put them away for me!”

Jane looked awkwardly at his trousers and belt in front of her and took them over with a little hesitation.

“Do you want to keep looking?” A question came from behind her.

Jane hurriedly took his shirt over and then turned to run away.

However, Alexander suddenly gave a deep sigh. Without closing the door, he simply went over to the shower and turned on the water.

Jane folded his clothes and placed them by the bed before heading downstairs.

He was probably staying here tonight. And she was wondering whether she should sleep here or go to a hotel when suddenly her phone rang. She went to answer it, “Hello?”

“Welcome back. You won’t leave again, will you?”

It was one of her friends at the other end.

“Yeah! I don’t think I can leave for now!”

“I’m short of hands. Why don’t you come and help me for a while?” her friend said.

Jane thought about her situation and agreed unsurprisingly. “Sure!”

“You know Alexander is getting married to Carreen, right?”

Her friend suddenly changed the subject.

“Yeah, he told me!”

Jane strolled over to the window clutching her phone and unconsciously leaned against the frame to look out into the darkness.

“Jane, do you still love him?”

Her friend suddenly asked her in an extremely restrained voice.

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