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Chapter 1 Found One
Found (Book 1 Blurb)
Ever since I was a child, people keep saying that I am just an adopted child. I keep on denying myself that I am not adopted though many people noticed that I don’t resemble my parents, unlike my younger brother.

Until one day, a couple went to our house, claiming that I am their daughter.

I didn’t expect that aside from my birth parents, I will also find the love that I was always dreaming of having.

Chapter 1

I’m almost near our house when I noticed a luxury car in front of our home.

My eyebrows furrowed.

Do we have a visitor?

Who might that be?

It was not as if we couldn’t have a wealthy visitor. My family is kind of rich, I mean my parents have a stable job, we can have the material things that we want. We also have a car but not as expensive as that car.

I shake my head as I was almost in our house.

What’s the big deal, Alli? Why are you that curious?! I scolded myself.

I was holding the doorknob when I suddenly felt nervous. This was so weird! Why am I getting nervous? Did something happen?

I slowly open the door. When I went in, I got all the people’s attention. My mom, dad, and my young brother were looking at me. They look shocked!

Wait?! Why do they look so nervous? What is happening? I then looked at our visitor. I don’t know who they were. They look like a couple. Younger couple than my mom and dad. They also look in my direction. They smiled at me, but tears were visible in their eyes.

What is happening?!

Can somebody tell me?!

Why does my heart keep on beating crazily?!

“Alli,” my mom called me.

I went to my parents to greet them and kiss them.

‘Mom, it looks like you have a visitor.” I just said.

My mom just smiled at me, but sadness was visible in her eyes.

‘Alli, we have a confession to make. Listen to us and try to understand everything that we were about to tell you.” My mom said in a serious tone.

I saw that their eyes were all teary. Their actions make me more anxious. What is happening? Why are their eyes sad? Did someone die?

‘What is really happening? I’m so confused! And who are these people?” I said, almost hysterical.

“A-alli, they are your b-biological parents.” My mom softly confessed.

My eyes widen, and tears flowed from my eyes. I look at the couple who they claim as my biological parents. They were smiling at me. They don’t know if they will come to me or what. While I stay still, no emotion or whatsoever.

“Alli, sorry if we didn’t tell you the truth…” my mom said, now crying.

“It’s okay. I already had a hint.”

They all got shocked by what I said. I wanted to laugh. Since I was young, people were always telling me that I’m just an adopted child. Even my dad teases me sometimes. I never believe that I was an adopted child because they never make me feel like one.

They loved me just the same as my younger brother. But as I grow up, I don’t resemble my parents or my brother.

‘Since I was young, people always tease me that I’m just an adopted child, remember? Though you always make it sound like a joke.” I said coldly.

I honestly don’t know what I should feel nor how I should react right now.

“Alli…” mom’s calling me.

“Don’t worry, mom, I did not take that against you. I’m thankful because even though I’m not your biological daughter, you love me just the same. I am even more spoiled than Dennis.” I told her.

I can’t stop myself from crying. I wiped my tears and looked at my biological parents. I smiled and greeted them.


“Allison!” The woman said.

She went to me and hugged me. She keeps on crying. The man beside him also hugs me. He was trying to stop himself from crying.

We decided to have our dinner in our house and to tell me why I end up with my adopted parents.

They did not give me to my adopted parents. My mom had an early pregnancy; my grandparents drive my parents out of their house.

My parents both came from wealthy families, but my father’s parents are against their relationship because they already arranged my father to someone.

My dad stopped attending school and started to work for my mom and me. That was the time that they met my adopted parents.

My adopted mom and dad were having a hard time bearing a child. The frustration of having a child led my parents to be close with them. The reason why my mom was always at our house to take care of me while my parents were working.

At first, my parents were still able to sustain our needs. Until I became sick, they need a huge amount of money for my recovery. At that time, my mom’s parents were out of the country. My dad went to his parents to ask for help. They did help us, but they want my dad to go abroad to study and be trained for their business.

My dad had no choice but to agree to their condition. My mom can’t accept it. That’s why she got mad at my dad. My mom thought of going back to her parents and begging them to take us. My mom left me first with my adopted mom because she kind of scared that her parents will reject us. She doesn’t want me to experience being rejected.

Unexpectedly, my mom’s parents accepted us with open arms. My mom went back to my adopted parents, but they had already left. My mom thought that they run away from her to steal me because they can’t have a child. My mom felt so miserable at that time. She hired a private investigator to look for them, but none of the private investigators they hired found me.

At that time, my adopted mom received news that her mother was severely ill. They rushed to go to Mindoro, where her mother was. They can’t wait for my mom at that time because they were so worried about her mom. They decided to bring me along with them.

Unfortunately, her mom died. They can’t go back to Manila at that time because they need to take charge of her mom’s wake and some properties that her mom left behind.

My adopted mom tried to ask for my biological mother from their neighbor, but as per them, my mother did not return. When my adopted parents went back to Manila, they did not stay in their old apartment. That made it more challenging for my mom to trace them.

After four years, my dad went back, and he went straight to my mom’s place to win us back. And that’s the time that he found out what happens to me.

My dad didn’t know who to blame at that time.

Will he blame himself or my mom? He just chose to blame himself. My dad did nothing but study and work hard for my mom and me so that we don’t need to worry about money anymore.

It took a while before my mom decided to accept my dad again. Love always wins. She chose to give my father a chance. They got married, and they had two more children.

Even though they already have my siblings, they didn’t stop looking for me. And this was the day they were all waiting for me because finally, they found me.

My mom already told my adopted parents that they would bring me with them. They thank them for the love and care that they gave me. They also apologize for thinking ill of them. They even offer them financial help, a business, or anything as their way to thank them. But my adopted parents refused to ask for anything. As per them, they were happy that I came into their life. I completed my mom’s dream, which is to have a complete family.

My mom also believes that I was their lucky charm because when I came into their lives, they finally know the feeling of having a complete family. And maybe because of the love that they gave me, God bless them a child of their own, which is Dennis.

I started to cry when I heard my adopted mom telling my mom all my favorites and what I don’t like. My mood and attitude that they need to adjust or understand.

‘Sis, you take care, okay? Don’t be so moody and a snob. You go here and visit us, okay? I will miss you even though we often argue.” My younger said while crying.

‘I will miss you too. Especially whenever you annoy me.” I hug him tight.

I face my adopted parents.

‘My daughter, be good to your parents and siblings, okay? You come here and visit us. We will miss you. We love you so much.” My mom said, getting emotional again.

‘Yes, mom. I’ll go here and visit you guys.” I said while crying.

I know that this day will come, but I still find it hard to accept it.

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