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Chapter 1
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There is much talk about the other life, and there has been research and discussion in many ages about life after death, how it is, and whether there are wandering souls moving among us. Nobody has found an answer to this question, and to you, I will tell a story that has been told in some countries. A girl named Claudia was active, smiling, always on the move. Between homes with a social personality who loves to help others but avoids relations with the opposite sex more than friendship or work fellowship. She always dreamed of having one man who deserves her. She always looks for him as she dreams of. She joined work as a nurse in hospitals to help the needy. The times for her to return home at night Many days, she was watched by one of her colleagues who wooed her a lot to approach her, but she always stopped him and kindly told him that he was not the person she dreamed of and she wished she saw as a friend only to her and with repeated attempts to get close to her, she had to request a transfer from the hospital in which they worked Together with her to another hospital, her request was already approved, and her last day in the hospital almost had an accident on the road. The injured were transferred to the hospital and she worked until late at night until over Two hours at midnight, she took her bag after she finished work and got out of the hospital, and of course, there were no transport cars, which forced her to walk back to her home, which is away from the hospital by four long streets and the middle of the road that is silent, and there is only the sound of the loud wind and the streets empty of people, due to the cold weather, they are in the middle of the winter season. Suddenly Claudia felt that someone was following her. She turned more than once, but she did not see anything, because darkness enveloped the street except a slight light from the distant lighting poles whispered in fear:

Claudia said” Hi … Anyone here”

But no one answered her, Claudia was terrified and began to speed up the error while hesitating inside her (no one is this sound of the winds encouraging Claude, no one will arrive in peace, it is not the first time) but she listened again to the sound of a foot approaching her from behind, so she tried to turn around, but suddenly with a strong blow on her head to fall She landed at once and after some time opened her eyes to find herself bound on a wooden table without clothes and surrounded by a group of people wearing masks in the shapes of animals holding knives of various shapes in their hands and moving in a circle around the table while chanting words that were not understood Claudia screaming as she tried to move her hand and foot to free

Claudia said “who are you and what do you want from me where do my clothes leave me”

Someone approaches her head and whispers to her

The person Laughter and said “if you had agreed with me, it wouldn’t have happened”

Claudia said “You are Bruce Why are we friends?”

To laugh loud and then add ” I did not want you a friend I only want your body, but you are stupid What was happening that you gave me what I wanted before but do not worry I will take what I want not only me but everyone from here”

Before she speaks, he sticks her mouth to her mouth with sticky tape and then begins to circle with others around her, and after a few moments they stopped and removed the masks, then put knives next to her body and grabbed wine bottles, and started drinking and every one of them approached her and whispered to her and knew her what his name is and what he does, it became clear to her that they are six men working in the field Medicine is between doctors and nurses, and they all tried to woo her, but she refused them, so they decided to take revenge on her, took her, then killed her and disposed of her body, then they actually raped her and then beat her, she returned fatal stabs with separate parts of her body.

From the abandoned building in which they were, they rushed and put her torn robe on her and untied her handcuffs, but the police voices approached, so they could not take the body and they left and fled.
Lost between two worlds, she is neither among the living nor among the dead she stands inside a hospital, trembling with horror, she does not know what she is doing. She heard a lot and she read while alive about the suspended spirits, but she did not believe in them one day, and now she is as you see one of these souls standing looking at her lying body In one of the slides of the refrigerator in the mortuary room that was torn from stab wounds and blood was still bleeding from it, looking in awe, what to do? And when she was still here, I looked at her body for the last time with sadness and then passed through the wall outside the refrigerator room to where to go and what she should do is only what is going on in her head She moved and got out From the hospital and began wandering in the streets the same streets that were the last time in it, but now it is full of people How much time passed by it? How did I reach the corpse’s refrigerator? What happened to its rapists? They enjoy the freedom and live like this without punishment, and her body is lying in the refrigerator of the dead. She knows who they are, but how to reach them, and it is only a soul that no one sees, no one hears it. She stood in the middle of the street exactly where it was knocked screaming and screaming, but no one listened, no one turned to her.

The person said” Are you done screaming”

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