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Chapter 1: New Job

Hailey’s POV

‘OKAY MOM” I yelled in the loudest tone I can because it’s been 20 minutes, she is making my ears die of noise pollution. I mean, who the hell shouts like bloody murder just to get up from the bed and that too at…

I looked at the clock.


‘MOM!! Why the hell did you not tell me it’s 8 AM?? I’m gonna get late for the job!! I mean seriously mom!!” I yelled and she came inside.

Yes, she was shouting from the ground floor till now!

‘That’s what I’ve been shouting, dear, don’t waste any minute more, you know how big this offer is!!” she yelled as she made her way towards my room.

‘Yes mom, I know!” I said and got up. I went to the bathroom, did my daily chores, that includes nothing more than brush and bath, after that I was standing in front of my closet, fighting with my own mind for what to wear that could be professional enough and still look casual.

Here I am.

This building is… awesome. More than awesome. I can’t yet get enough courage to enter it and meet the crush of my life.

Yes, the CEO of this company is a dream boy. Of me. Of endless girls out there. And I’m gonna finally meet him today. You know, how difficult it is to come face-to-face with our crush.

With great courage, I entered the building, passed the double doors, and I was taken aback by the sight laid ahead of me.


I looked here and there and finally found a receptionist.

‘Hello, Miss, I’m here, I came to give my interview for the job of personal assistant of the CEO” I kept a slight smile while facing the young woman.

‘Yeah, you’re Hailey Cameron, right?” she asked, flipping her hand through the files, while her one hand was kept on the mouse of the desktop.

‘Yes, I am” I replied and she smiled.

‘Please take the lift to the 20th floor and then enter the CEO’s office that you will find to your left, 5th room, it’s bigger than the others,” she said.

‘Thank you mam,” I said, and as I was leaving, she stopped me.

‘And mam, that door provides a one-sided view from the sir’s side. So, please don’t try to peak inside before going” she whispered.

Well, that’s embarrassing.

‘Y-Yea, thank you…?”

‘Maria,” she said.

‘Oh, thank you, Maria,” I said and sharing a smile, I left for the lift and taking a quick breath, pressed the ‘20′ button.

I reached the floor. I can clearly see the ‘CEO’s Office’ written over the door of a room. Taking a deep breath, I knocked over the door. A dark, deep, masculine voice came, ‘Come in”.

I entered the room, and found the man of my dreams, working on a laptop. He didn’t give any attention to the ‘intruder’, so I started speaking.

‘E-excuse me, sir?” I spoke, while I could feel my nervousness getting better of me. He still didn’t look up, but said, ‘hmm”

‘Sir, I’m here for the interview,” I said and he looked towards me. His gaze went from my eyes to my body, looking me from top to bottom and then again to my eyes.

‘Welcome, Ms. Hailey,” he said.

Wow. He knows my name.

‘T-thank you sir,” I said. He gestured me to sit down across him and I sat down hesitantly.

‘Introduce yourself,” he said with a firm voice and looked straight in my eyes. I couldn’t make eye contact, so I looked down.

‘I-” I couldn’t speak but he interrupted.

‘If you can’t look into my eyes, then better leave!” he said with an inflated tone and I looked at him straight away.

‘S-sorry sir,” I said, suddenly worried. He smirked.

‘Continue” he instructed.

‘I graduated from the University of California San Francisco, and I-”

‘That’s not a business academy,” he said and looked at his laptop. ‘Why to do a business job, then?” he asked.

‘Well… that’s… I…”

‘Confidence! The first law of any business” he said and smirked again. ‘No confidence, No business, No job. GET OUT, NOW!” he yelled.

‘But sir, I’m capable of doing this job!” I said as I got a hint that he was, I guess, was just taking a test of my confidence for this job.

He smirked. ‘Impressive,” he said. ‘Any past experiences? What did you do before coming here?” he asked.

‘Actually, no. But I am sure I will do this job well!” I said.

‘Quite okay,” he said in that formal voice of his. ‘But not enough to become MY personal assistant,” he said.

‘Sir, please, I’ll do my best if you give me a chance. I really need money because my mother is not well” I blurted out.

‘Oh, then I’ll consider you – but after this test,” he said, and gave me his laptop. ‘Find the latest file and summarize the file in 5 minutes,” he said and smirked, while I kind of already decided that was impossible. Summarising takes time, dude.

Still, I tried, and with my knowledge of the computer, the file was founded in 2 minutes. It was encrypted, for god’s sake! I guessed the correct word related to business with the clue he gave. After that, I saw the length.


‘Sir, this is-”

‘I’m going out,” he said and went out of the cabin.


I still tried and could only summarize 2 pages when he entered the office again.

‘Time’s up,” he said with a dominating voice.

‘Sir, actually… I could only do… err… 2 pages” I said with embarrassment.

‘Let me see,” he said and took the pages, and then smiled.


‘Do you think you got the job?” he said.

‘I… uh… you’ll decide that sir, so…”

‘I asked your opinion, Miss Hailey!!” he said with a little frustration.

‘Oh, oh-ok sir, Sir… I think I’m capable of doing the job, but if it requires me summarizing all these pages in 3 minutes, then sir, I really need to think about the result”

‘Well done, Ms. Hailey, you got the job”

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