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Chapter 1- A Truth Untold
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I woke up from a call and I picked it up immediately seeing that the caller was Faith. Faith is my very best friend.
“Good morning Isabella Sophia Morsel, It’s your day!” Faith shouted
“Argh your voice, It’s too early! School starts at 7:00 and it’s only 5:46.” I said with a sleepy tone.
“Oh sorry my bad, but I just wanna greet you a happy birthday. See you in school I love you!” She said and hung up on me. That girl, she’s kinda sweet though. And because of her, I can’t sleep more so I woke up and tidy up my bed and go out.
“Goodmorning mom and dad! ” I said when I saw them both.
“Goodmorning our dear daughter. Do you sleep well?” Dad asks. “George honey?” Mom said. “Yes, Honey?” Dad replied.”Do you have a meeting now or later?” Mom asked. “Yes and you?” Dad said and mom nodded.
I felt like they didn’t remember my birthday so I walked sadly towards the bathroom to get ready for school. I wore our uniform when I finished taking a bath. “Mom, I’m heading to school.No need to worry about the driver. I’m using my motor.” I said and kiss them both. “Bye.” They both said. Argh, they don’t remember my birthday. I’ve been used to it. They’re always at work because my dad owns a company. But I love them purely with my heart. They help me to grow up, teach me how to be nice and kind, filled my heart with joy. I have no siblings but I felt I’m getting half of their attention because of work.
“Hey Faith, I’m heading off to school see you there.” I recorded my voice and send it to her. As soon as I arrived and get down on my motorcycle, every boy that sees me said happy birthday and gave me gifts. I thanked them for being too nice to me and giving me gifts on my birthday. While some girls are staring at me angrily with their two eyebrows meet at the center. But what can I do they’re all liked that since I was elementary I guess boys had a crush on me and girls were too jealous but Faith is by my side so I don’t worry about that issue on me.
When the boys finished giving gifts for me I said thank you to all of them when I saw Faith waving at me. I ran towards her but someone bump me on purpose. I saw Hillary, one of the meanest girls on me. They said that Hillary was only jealous because of me. But I didn’t care at all. Hillary glared her eyes at me as if she was going to kill me but Faith grabbed me and help me to get out of there.
“Argh! I hate that b*tch ” She said angrily.
I calm her and told her that there was no need to worry about that girl I can handle Hillary on my own. She nodded, and we start to walk going to our classroom. “Hey, Sophia?”Someone from the back called me. I was shocked, it was Josh. I have been crushing him secretly, He doesn’t talk so much and he’s the heartthrob at the school. He always ranks first in the top classes. He doesn’t speak or talked to me before but I guess people change.
I turned around and I ask Faith to just go and wait for me in the classroom.
“Oh hi, Josh, What’s up?” I said shyly.
“Oh I just wanna say Happy birthday and this is for you.” He said and handed a little box.
“Oh that’s so sweet of you, thank you, Josh!” I said.
“My pleasure, Btw I gotta go.” He said and he started to walk away. I watch her walk away but he glances at me and winks. So all the girls near me shouted as if they saw a ghost. Most girls have a crush on Josh and I’m one of them. He’s kind and gentleman. And he’s not a jerk like any other boy who’s handsome as him.
I walked out and headed to our classroom. I sat in my chair while Faith is beside me.
“So Sophia? What’s your mom and dad planned? Aren’t they throwing you a party? Like a grand party.” Faith said and smiled widely at me. I know her smile, she likes food so much but she’s not gaining weight.
“Oh you know my parent’s faith, they’re all busy even it’s my birthday,” I said sadly.
“But uncle and aunt love you!” She said and I smile but with a fake one. I don’t know how to react. Every birthday that I have they gave me luxury gifts but they’re not there for me. I always hung out with the maids and the drivers. I kinda like it but I’m wishing that they have free time for me on my birthday.
“Alright, wake me up when our teacher came,” I said and wear the earphones I have. I’m still sleepy so I knocked off my head to the desk of my chair. I can’t help but think if my parents love me? Or I’m just overthinking. I tried to sleep and close my eyes but the teacher had already come.
“Who’s birthday is it?” She asks. But she replied herself. “Everyone let’s greet Isabella for her 16th birthday.” She said. Some teachers are kind to me, I don’t know why is it because my Dad was one of the stakeholders or the one who has the biggest donations, or just because I’m always been at the top not because of the money of my parents but my grades were high.
Everyone greeted me with a happy birthday and sing me a song. I stand up and thank them when they all finished singing. “You’re the queen.” Faith whispered at me when the teacher started to teach. My life was kinda fun but I wish I had more time with my parents.
Ma’am Jessica Garcia is our adviser, she treats us equally. She’s the best teacher I’ve ever had. Because I’ve experienced before why some teachers help me because they want money. But dad was not that kind of person so after they taught me and they had nothing to receive they can bring my grades down and they will be expelled from the school because of my dad’s power. Some kids praise me but I was not happy about that. They look down over themselves but on me, it’s super high, I can barely see the sky. They’re all kind but some are mean.
I tried to listen to what my teacher was trying to say. The subject was kinda hard but also fun. It’s science, when I was only a child I hate science and math the most. They always gave me headaches. I remembered that I throw my paperwork because I can’t solve it properly. And I almost burn the house because of the experiment. I giggle for remembering my memories when I was a kid. All I know was to play and be stubborn. I chuckled so everyone looked at me.
“I’m so sorry ma’am Garcia,” I said and bring my head down.
“Pay attention Miss Morsel.” She said and continued to talk about science.
Miss Garcia’s topic was the evaluation of the genesis of life. I know about a little this one but I listened carefully. The time is out for science subject and it’s another one before break time. I’m so hungry and couldn’t help to listen.
A few minutes later, it was time. I stood up and grabbed Faith’s hand.
“Ouch,” she said and start to act like she was crying.
I only laughed at her and she grinned at me. “Hey Sophia stop,” she said but I didn’t look back. I just lined up and ordered at the cafeteria because I’m sure she was going to follow me. I got my food and buy some snacks. Some of the canteen staff greet me happy birthday.
They’re such a good friend of mine. They treat me as a human being like them and not like I’m giving away money for them, and also they treat others equally. I got out in the line and wait for Faith. I saw her angrily looking at me. Aish she’s fine, that’s what we called bonding. Instead of loving each other, ours is to tease each other. And that’s what I like about Faith.
After we finished eating we throw our trash at the trash bin and left the cafeteria. “Hey look over there there’s a cat.” Faith said and pointed to where the cat was. Oh my venus, The kitty was such a cutie pie. I want the cat. We walk towards the cat and we gave her the food that we have. I think this is a girl. “C’mon cutie pie come to mommy,” I said sweetly and she come over to me and rubbed her head at my head. Argh, such a sweet kitty. “Faith,” I called Faith and saw her staring at someone I don’t know who was it.
“I know you, you want the cat to come over to your house?” She asks and she smiles at me. Yeah, she knows me better than I do. I laughed at her and she laughed too when we heard a ringing bell. “Lunch break is over.” Faith said and grab my hand. “I’m going to be back my little kitty. Wait for mommy alright?” I said at the kitty sadly while Faith’s grabbed me in my shirt. The cat was white but a little dirty because maybe there was no one taking care of her. It also contains a heart-shaped in her eyes so it makes her such a beautiful cat.
The class continues and here’s the teacher I hate the most but she’s so gorgeous. Her name is Park Kim Hyun. She’s half Korean and sometimes we can’t understand what she’s saying when she’s angry. She also let me know that I’m wrong even that’s the correct answer. “Hey Sophia, Can I borrow a pencil?” Faith whispered but Miss Park heard and noticed that Faith was talking at me. “Miss Sandra Faith Saxzon and Miss Isabella Sophia Morsel. Did you see me teaching? Stand at the back, go!” she said while her eyebrows met each other. I stand up and so do Faith. “I can’t believe her, Argh! ” Faith said. And we both laughed. “Hey, you two raised your arms, and don’t ever get it down until I’m your teacher.”She said and continued teaching our classmates. “Hey, you two raised your arms nye nye nye ” Faith imitates and we both chuckle so they can’t hear us.
Minutes and minutes passed and it’s over. Aish my arms are killing me. I felt like I don’t have arms anymore. Faith also complain about her arms and sat down on her chair. “Hey, Didn’t you say that uncle and aunt have no plans?” She ask and I nodded sadly. “Let’s go to the mall, my treat this time.” She said and that’s I smiled at her widely.
“Hurry up!” Faith said when the bell rang to tell us to go home. While we’re on the way I’m looking for Belle. The cat that we saw before, I named the cats with myself.”What are you looking for?” She ask me and I said that the cat is missing. We tried to look for her but we found nothing. “Let’s go Sophia maybe tomorrow you’ll see her.” She convinced me and we walk to the parking lot. Faith has a car but she suggested that I drive for her in my motor. I said yes and she talk to her driver. Maybe she was asking to bring her car home. I have no license but still driving my motor even my mom told me not to. “What time is it?”Faith asks I look at my watch and tell her the time. “It’s almost 4:00”, I said. “Alright let’s go!” She said and jumped in my motor while I followed her. She’s so excited.
“C’monnn let’s eat. I’m hungry. ” She said when we arrived at the mall.”Tss, you’re always hungry. ” I said and she pouted at me. “Alright, your treat huh?” I said and she nodded. She pulled me to the Burger stall and buy for the both of us. She also pulled me at the drinks, she offered to buy the milk tea we saw and I said yes. We roam around the mall while eating and we saw a photo booth near us. “Let’s take a picture!” she said happily. I followed her and get inside. We pose and pose at the booth and we’re happy with what we’re doing. I barely forgot that mom and dad don’t remember my birthday. I’m so thankful for this best friend I had. So I hug her tight and that’s our last picture taken. It’s beautiful.
“Let’s go shopping.” She said when we get out of the booth.”Finish your food first. They can’t let you go there with the food your holding.” I said. And she’s like flash, she finished her food for a minute. “Let’s go!” She said and pulled me again. Argh, this is what I hate about Faith’s hobby she’s always dragging me, pulling me, and grabbing me.
“Go pick up what you want I’ll pay.” She said. “You’re such an angel,” I said and pinch her cheeks. I saw her hurting because she was rubbing her cheeks. “Oh, my bad,” I said and started to ran away from him. “Be thankful because it’s your birthday,” she said and start to pick clothes for her.
I’m getting what I found beautiful but simple and also cheap even this girl named Faith is rich. I’m thinking of what I’m gonna get but Faith grabbed me again.
“Look at this. We’re partners!” She said and hand me the crop-top t-shirt. It has the same drawing. The design was best friends hugging each other.
“Let’s buy it?” She said and before I speak she goes to the cashier and but it. While I was waiting for Faith, my cellphone beeped in my pocket. I opened the screen and sees a text from dad.
“Happy birthday sweetie, we didn’t forget your birthday. Come home and let’s have dinner tonight.” Dad message.
“Faith let’s go?” I said. “Where?” she asks. “Let’s go home. Dad told me that we have dinner. If it’s fine for you. I take you home.” I said and she nodded.
I took my cellphone and replied to my dad. “I’m coming home.” I texted back.
I took Faith home. “Thank you for this day!” I said and hug her. “You made me happy. Iloveyou!” I said. “Drama queen belongs to you!” she said and left me. Aish that girl.
I jumped in my motor and start driving. It took only minutes because there’s no traffic and besides Faith’s house and mine are just near. “Mom, Dad, I’m home,” I shouted. “Happy birthday my dear,” Mommy said and hug me. “Happy birthday my princess. You’ve already grown up.” Daddy said and mom laughed because daddy was acting like he was going to cry.
“You made it!” I said and hug them both.”Huh?” They said while looking at me confused. “Every birthday that I had you didn’t have the time. You’re always working even you’re tired. ” I said and my eyes slowly dripped. “I’m the happiest in the world right now. ” I said.”Btw, where’s our maid and drivers?”I ask and they stared at each other and smiled.”We decided to have their day off and we also take rest and be with you our dear.” Mom explained. I was shocked by what I heard.
“Thank you both, I love you!” I said and I’m feeling that my tears will burst out soon not because I’m sad.
“Go change your clothes, we will go to our restaurant for the dinner,” Dad said. Dad also owns a restaurant and name after me.
(Isabella’s dining.)
I only wear a simple red dress. Mom and dad approach me with praise.”She’s so gorgeous.” Dad said to mom. “Yeah, she is .” Mom answered. “Let’s go my princess?” Dad ask me and gave his arms to me. I grabbed it and dad went to mom.”Let’s go my Queen?”He said and do what he did on me.
I wish, It is always like this. Mom and dad stay by my side.
Dad gets the car and helps us to get in. Mom sat on the passenger seat while I’m in the back. “Thank you,” I said and they only smile at me.
I opened my cellphone and sees a lot of greets on my Instagram account. I dm Faith to say thank you again. And she replied, “Be safe”. She’s such eet but sometimes she’s moody but I can handle her.
“Here we are,” Dad said and opened the door for mom and me. As we get in the crew and staff start to greet me and dad. We order what food we want. While rewriting on our meal dad and mom whispered to each other.
“Isabella, ” Dad said.
“Yes, dad?” I said and look at him confused.
“It’s time for you to know the truth.” Mom said and they started again at each other. What the juice, I’m super confused.
“What is it, mom?” I said.
“Someone left you on our door when you’re only a child. You have a necklace that necklace you’re wearing right now was from them, its shape was a wolf and had your name on it, Isabella Sophia. We kept you and wait until the one who left you come back. But no one came. We love you as our child. We gave you everything. I guess God bless us because we’ve been praying to him that we want a child.” Mom said.
“Mom gets to the point, please. I can’t understand what you’re saying.” I slowly said because my heart was pumping fast and I have trouble breathing.
“You’re adopted,” Dad said. “We’re not your real parents. ” He said and I saw his eyes have tears. But I can’t believe what I just found out.
I can’t breathe, I ran away and I saw dad chasing me. “No please don’t,” I said and ran away from him.

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