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Chapter 1

The Ice Wolf

Before dawn would break, one of the Wolf guards rang the huge bell, the noise it made alerted the whole of the supernatural. All Queen’s and King’s of supernatural, Vampire, Wolves, Fairies, Hellhounds, Witches etc, all left their various kingdoms and headed towards the Wolf kingdom.

The bell is only used for urgent matters or when the Millennium Wolf King wants to discuss something important with the king’s and Queen’s about the welfare of their people.

Before long, the secret chamber the Millennium Wolf King had built for meetings with his fellow king’s and Queen’s was filled up.

A long table and arm chairs were at the middle of the room.

All the King’s sat on the long half while the Queen’s sat on the opposite half. They started murmuring against themselves, thinking what must be the reason they were being summoned by the King who rules over them.

The door to the secret chamber opened and the Millennium Wolf King advisor, Jeffrey, walked in with a solemn face. The murmuring ceased and every eye was on him.

He stopped once he neared the table and started to stare at each face of the King’s and Queen’s to know their facial reactions before he broke the news to them.

“Why are you staring at us Jeff?” King of Vampires, Leon, asked the questions that were in the minds of the rest.

“Yes, since you walked in, you’ve been quiet.” Queen of the Fairies, Floral, chip in.

“Why did you summon us early this morning?” King of Hellhounds, Pan, demanded immediately. “And by the way, where is the Millennium Wolf King himself? He ought to be here with you beside him.” He added staring at Jeffrey.

“My great king’s and Queen’s, I am sorry for-”

Interrupting him with a wave of his hand. “Save the praises and sorry for next time just go straight to the point and tell us why we are all here.” King draken, the king of the most strongest Demon clan said.

“The Millennium Wolf King is dead.” Jeffrey finally breaks the news to them.

“That is impossible, I don’t believe that, how can you tell me, us, that my friend is dead. It is impossible.” Lucas, the king of the most strongest Wolves kingdom, Wolfe Crimson, said. He was representing the other lower kingdoms of wolves.

“It’s true your Highness, King Reed is dead. He died early this morning.”

“So the poison finally killed him.” Queen Latifah, the Queen of all Witches said sadly. “And I was almost getting the cure for him.”

“Are you sure of what you are saying?” King Leon asked, his eyes not leaving the face of Jeffrey.

“Yes your Highness.” Jeffrey answered, staring back at him. “He lost the battle of life early this morning and that was why I had Instructed one of the palace guards to sound the bell.” He added.

“If he is dead as you said, then we can give him a benefit burial.” Queen Floral said.

“I think we should be instead of giving the King a benefitting burial as you have said, we should rather look for how he had the poison in him. Who had given him the poison.” King Pan said, looking back at those who stared at him.

“What King Pan said is true.” Queen Latifah said. “The King has helped many of us, our kingdoms and people, over the years and this is the time to show him our love and support and find out who really poisoned the King.” She added.

“That was your job Witch, but you didn’t find out who could have had the audacity to poisoned the King when he was still breathing. The throne is now empty and soon a new King will emerge and sit on it and the one who had poisoned King Reed will still be walking around freely and probably planning to kill the recently king.” King Darken said.

“The Millennium Wolf King has not been buried yet and you are speaking of another King being seated on the throne chair.” King Leon said.

Standing up angrily and pointing a finger at King Darken. “I am saying the truth, it is the Witch duties to find out who had poisoned our supreme King and not us.”

“I didn’t argue with you when you said that, did I?” Queen Latifah chip in before King Leon would respond back.

“All I am saying the next Millennium King won’t be a wolf, that I am sure of.” King Darken said further.

“And what if it is a wolf who ascends the throne, what will you do?” King Lucas asked, staring into the eyes of Darken, daring him to say a word. The murmuring started again.

“Enough!” Jeffrey said and the whole room went quiet. “Please sit down my King.” He told King Darken who huffed out in anger and sat down. “If you are talking about who will ascend the throne after the burial rites of the Millennium Wolf King, then I can assure you all there will be no need of fighting amongst yourselves for the throne.” Be added.

“Why is that if I may ask, not that I am interested in the throne?” Queen Floral asked with knee interest.

“In case you all have forgotten, let me refresh your memories, the late King Reed has a child.” Jeffrey responded drawing a loud gasp from them , especially King Darken, they had forgotten about the child King Reed had and had sent away for safety after the death of his wife, Queen Elena.

“What gender did the late Queen give to our King?” Queen Floral asked and then continued. “We all know his child name is River, river can be a boy name or a girl name, right? So what gender is River?”

“Good question Queen Floral, I myself wanted to ask the same question but you beat me to it.” King Leon said.

“I myself do not know the gender of his child.” Jeffrey answered.

“The only person who could know is Mari.” Queen Latifah spoke. “She was the one who had helped the Queen deliver her child.”

“And you know everyone is afraid of Mari.” King Pan jokingly said.

“Not everyone.” King Darken chips in darkly.

“But where would the child be at the moment?” King Lucas directed his question to Jeffrey, suddenly interested in knowing the whereabouts of the child.

“I don’t know my King, but the child will be here once the news about the death of Millennium Wolf King has gone round the whole supernatural.” Jeffrey answered.

‘Or perhaps River might have already known”. Jeffrey thought to himself. He had once been told by King Reed that River has a special bond with him. Whatever pains he felt, River feels it too. If his heart stop pumping, River will know.

But Jeffrey couldn’t tell them, yet.

“Then we must not announce his death.” A new voice joined them, scaring almost all of them half to death. “How can you start this meeting without me?”

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