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The handsome billionaire Sebastian Fox married under pressure from his family. After the wedding, his best friend pried. “Your wife must be beautiful, huh?”
“Get lost, keep her if you want.”
After some time, his attitude changed and his friend gossiped again, “What exactly does she look like? Why so mysterious?”
“Get lost, my wife is beautiful and sweet. It’s blasphemy to let you see her.”
His friend was dumbfounded, wondering what spell the woman had cast on a face-judger like him.

Chapter 001

In the luxurious bridal chamber of the Fox residence, which belonged to one of Medborough’s top gentry, a tall and elegant man suddenly strangled his bride, a woman in a magnificent wedding gown.

“You are not Dianne Perkins! How dare the Perkins family mess with the marriage?! You are looking for death!”

Forced to tilt her head, the bride had to straighten her slender, beautiful neck, but it failed to elicit an ounce of pity from the man.

“Ahem, let… let go…”

The bride wore a white mask that covered most of her face. However, the brightness of her eyes could be compared to that of the stars.

Choking with sobs, Anna was then thrown to the ground as the man raised his arm. As the groom glanced at her from the corner of his eye, Anna noticed that one side of her mask had fallen off, and she immediately tensed to put it back on.

With a bang, the man opened the door and walked out. Stunned, a maid, who had witnessed everything, went to help her new mistress up.

“Madam, are you all right? Let me help you up.”

“Thank you.”

After Anna got to her feet, she rubbed her neck, which now had a red mark. As she looked at the empty doorway, her eyes flashed with disbelief.

“That man was Sebastian Fox?”

The maid smoothed Anna’s wedding dress. “Yes, madam, he is our young master, your husband.”

In the tale, Sebastian Fox was a cripple, and that was why Dianne Perkins had cried and yelled that she would definitely not marry a limb man and asked her sister to marry him instead.

It turned out Sebastian was tall and healthy, with a blazing pace and no leg problems at all. If Dianne knew that Sebastian was not what the rumours said, but on the contrary had a figure comparable to that of a supermodel, she must have regretted it.

Dragging her wedding dress to the brightly coloured bridal bed, Anna sat down. “Ahem, time for dinner, right?”

She hadn’t eaten since this morning and now she was so hungry.

The maid wondered why the young mistress, who had almost been choked to death by the young master, was now acting as if nothing had happened.

Noticing that Anna was looking at her, the servant quickly gathered her thoughts and stammered, “Madam, dinner has been served. Only… only you… haven’t eaten.”

Anna froze at the realisation. Apparently she was not well received by the Foxes. It seemed that Gina Wood was as mean and strict as people said, and now she was giving her daughter-in-law a taste of humiliation.

“Go and bring me my food.”

The maid hesitated.

“If they give you a hard time, just say that I haven’t eaten for three days, and if I don’t eat now, I’ll starve in the house. And remember, I’ve already fainted once.”

“Will that work?”

Anna winked at the timid servant. “Go ahead, trust me.”

Downstairs, Sebastian sat on a square leather sofa, squeezing and releasing the cup in his hand as his assistant brought over a dozen pieces of paper.

“Mr. Fox, I’ve got the information. The one who married over is indeed not the beautiful Dianne, but her infamous and disfigured sister, Anna. The Perkins family juggled the marriage.”

Frowning, Sebastian let go of the cup and it fell to the floor.

The assistant placed the photos of Dianne and Anna in front of him. The two photos were in stark contrast – Dianne had delicate features and fair skin, while Anna had a hideous scar like an ugly centipede on the right side of her face.

Sebastian laughed coldly, “Good, very good. They have the guts to lie to me. They must have a death wish”

Next to him, the gorgeously dressed Gina Wood picked up the photos. The more she looked at them, the more the lump in her heart grew.

“So the Perkinses really think my son is a cripple. How dare they marry a hideous girl into our family?”

Sebastian had indeed been in a car accident five years ago, and since then, the rumor had it he had been disabled. Gina tried to dispel the rumour but was stopped by Sebastian.

Julie Ryder, who was sitting next to Mrs. Wood, was relieved to hear the news. It seemed to her that sooner or later the position of young mistress would fall to her – how could an ugly woman attract Sebastian’s attention?

“Auntie, don’t get angry. Let me give you a massage.”

This marriage between the two families did not take place with much fanfare, but in private. What the Foxes wanted was simply a woman of noble status to match them, and Dianne Perkins was chosen after many rounds of selection.

The wedding was extremely simple, and the Fox family had only sent one car to pick her up. The Fox family was definitely out of the bride’s league, so no one had expected the Perkinses to play bait and switch.

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