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Sneak Peak at Character Sketch

Hridhaan Mehra (Age:26):-This name itself sends a chill current down your spine. Hot like a greak god and can make any girl bend down on her knees but he never gave a damn to any girl.C.E.O. of MEHRA Industries and LEAD SINGER of “Fascinating 5” music band. Cannot bare a single mistake in his business, and that is why Rude and arrogant are the other names for him in the business world. But only his closed ones’ knows that what pure soul he is. Love his close ones to moon and back and can not bare a single scratch on them, which includes his mother and His friends “Fascinating 5″.Very short tempered yet calm from inside.”LOVE IS NOT AT ALL MY TYPE” are his exact words as he not at all beleive in love, though don’t have any specific reason.Loves his parents a lot.Lost his father at the age of 16 and took over Mehra Industries at the age of 21.Total “Foodie” he is.

Mihika Mehra(Age:54):-Chirpy and modern women with traditional touch.Mother of Hridhaan Mehra.Trusty of “Sapphire Music Academy”.Love her son and his friends to moon and back.A perfect mother to her perfect son.Finding a match for her son yet can’t find the one who can win her and her son’s heart.

LT. Raj Mehra:-Was a world famous bussinessmen but still down to earth person.An ideal husband and a perfect father.Always loved his family to no extent.Died in one of the accident while coming back home from his work.

Nishant Ahuja(Age:26):-Prankster and drummer of “Fascinating 5”.C.F.O of Mehra Industries.loves his Wife Aditi a lot and care for his friends like anything.His parents were divorced and soo he is not in touch with any of them.Mirror for Hridhaan and understands him without words.Raj and Mihika are like parents to him.

Kritika Khanna(Age:25):-Total tomboy and partner in crime of Nishant.Short tempered but always appologize after realising her mistake.Electrical guitarist in “Fascinating 5”.Wife of Mishkat Khanna and had love marriage with him.Loves her husband, her son and her friends to her dear life.Hates her parents as they never cared for her and soo her only parents are Raj and Mihika.Also is a joint partner of fashion house PASSIONIS with her best friend Ananya.

Ananya Khurana (Age:25):-Barbie girl of her group.A calm girl.Makeup lover and loves to be dolled up 24/7.wife of Ishaan Khurana and had love marriage with him.Loves her husband, her son and friends a lot.Had lost her parents and brother at age of 18 in a plane crash.Treat and love Raj nd Mihika as her own parents.She the joint partner of fashion house PASSIONIS with Kritika.

Ishaan Khurana(Age:26):Calm,sweet and caring boy of “Fascinating 5”.M.D of Mehra Industries and also owns a dance academy “DANCE AND RISE”.Husband of Ananya and Loves his wife, his son and his friends a lot and care for them very much.Lost his father at age of 5 in accident and mother before 6 months due to heart attack.Guitarist in “Fascinating 5”.

Aditi Ahuja(Age:24):Carefree extrovert girl and mingles with anyone easily.Dramaqueen wife of Nishant and had a love marriage.She loves to annoy him a lot.loves her husband and his friend very much and treat Mihika as her mother figure.Her father is no more and her mother is in Hyderabad.Owns a cafe “HEARTIES”.Right now she is 3 months pregnant.

Mishkat Khanna(age:-26):-Caring person and a doctor by profession.He is a cardiologist in “Lifeandcare” hospital.Loving husband of Kritika and a gud friend of “Fascinating 5”.Loves Kritika, his son and his parent soo much.Treats Raj and Mihika as his own parents.

Aavya Reddy (Age:19):Once a chirpy, bubbly and carefree girl but now is just a silent, lost and broken soul.Was a student in Delhi fashion designing college but quit her studies in second year.She was only child of her parents and lost them in an accident at age of five and then only had her grandmother as her family, but was disowned by her a year back due to some reasons and since then living in the AASTHA ORPHANAGE and taking care of girls there with the Owner of orphanage.Has a dreadful past which broke her to this extent.

Rudra Khurana(Age:3):-Only child of Ananya and Ishaan Khurana.Loves his parents and everyone else in the group but Hridhaan is his favourite uncle.He is also interested in dance just like his father.

Mishit Khanna(Age:4):-Only son of Kritika and Mishkat Khanna who…prankster like his mother and soo has a good bonding with Nishant.

Muskan:- A seven and a half year old girl living in Aastha orphanage.Girl with combination of sweet and spice.She can win anyone’s heart with just one beautiful smile of hers’.Shares a beautiful bond with Hridhaan and calls him “bhaiyu”.She was left at the gate of orphanage by her parents with just a note saying that they can’t afford to raise her up and they are abandoning her, when she was just 3 days old.She knows that her parents had left her and soo she don’t remember or mourn over them.She is Hridhaan’s personal informer as she gives him all the information of Aavya’s everyday activity in his absence.Hridhaan also loves her a lot.

*Other characters will be revealed as the story will proceed.*

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