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Chapter 1




I was walking home from the market when suddenly a car running on full speed splashed me mud all over my dress.

mother just got me this dress yesterday and now it’s ruined thanks to the idiot who just couldn’t drive properly. I gently dropped the bag containing the foodstuffs on the ground as I stared at my dress wondering what next to do. I bit my lips in anger trying to process what just happened and how I’m supposed to continue the rest of the journey home looking like someone who just danced in the mud.

The car came to a halt few metres from where I stood and the door flew open only to reveal a man probably in his Mid-forties. staring at him, I could tell that he looks somehow sorry and terrified at the same time.

“I’m so sorry miss. I didn’t mean to ruin your dress. Master told me to drive really fast and I was only following the instructions given to me” he explained with both hands clasped together. I felt my anger subside as I took pity on him.

“It’s okay sir. I will be fine. don’t worry about me” I said trying to sound as calm as I can possibly be.

“Maybe I should pay for the dress” he said pulling out some money from his shirt.

“No you don’t have to do that” I gently pushed his hand away “you are an older person and you’ve already apologized so there’s no need for that”

“thank you–”

“What are you still doing there?” a voice startled us making the man yelp in fear. “I’m supposed to be home and you’re there exchanging pleasantries. what if I fire you this instant” he yelled

The man quickly got on his knees pleading for mercy “please don’t fire me sir”

“How rude” I found myself saying. he darted his eyes at me

“Excuse me?”

“How can you be so mean? he already apologized and you don’t want to hear any of it. is this how you were raised?” I raised my voice a bit louder so he can hear me.

“maybe you didn’t grow up in India but every Indian child knows that it’s a duty of a child to respect an elder” I yelled

“just keep quiet. I wasn’t talking to you so you don’t have to interfere”

“oh really, we weren’t talking to you either. you were the one who put him in this mess in the first place. if you hadn’t told him to drive faster then maybe he won’t be here apologising for your mistakes.” I rant on.

“Listen to me miss. you don’t know who I am”

“and I don’t care to know either. it’s not like you can change the law with your money. and it’s not like you can keep my mouth shut with it either.” I say picking up my groceries from the ground.

“Is this how Indian women are raised?” he muttered to himself but loud enough for me to hear

“If speaking the truth and putting a rascal in his place is called disrespect in your books then yes, that’s how we are raised and I am very disrespectful and if you try to fire this man, I will file a complaint in the station and get you arrested” I threatened

he shot me a deadly stare

“Are you threatening me?”

“yes” I replied “and don’t you think I don’t have proof. I will simply show this dress to the police and tell them that you ran me over with your car. then we’ll see who gets the last laugh” I smirked. feeling defeated, he rushed inside his car and closed the door.

“thank you my child. may the Almighty bless you.” he said gently patting my head.

“You should go. he won’t try anything stupid” I assured him and he left with a smile. I walked away catching a glimpse of his face again as the car drove away.





“Mr K, we’re home” the driver said startling me from my thoughts. I glanced at my watch and it’s past sixteen hours.

I couldn’t stop thinking about all she said, she dared to threaten me. I will show her who I am. she should pray to God that I never see her again or she will regret it.

I step down and my eyes wandered round the house. for twenty years that I’ve been away, everything looks exactly the same. Our house in Narela, the garden, everything. I never wanted to leave but dad said it’ll be best if I studied in Singapore before coming home to take over the family business. But right now, that’s the least of my worries, I can’t wait to find her again.

“mother shaurya is home” my little sister Avni yells immediately she sees me. she rushes into my arms giving me a big hug.

“Avni, you’re looking good” I say with a smile

“and you’re looking very handsome. I can’t wait to brag about you to all my friends. they’ll be so jealous” she says and I laugh.

“Let him be Avni. my son is back after twenty long years. Manish, please bring the offering tray so we can welcome him inside” she orders and after some minutes, it was brought to her. she did the ritual and gave me some sweets. I bent down to touch her feet but she stopped me halfway. “bless you my child” she said before giving me a big hug.

“How was Singapore? can you tell me all about it?” Avni inquires but was shushed by mother.

“First let him have his bath and eat his meal, then you can ask him as many questions as you want okay?”

“Alright mom” Avni replied feeling sad so I ruffled her hair with my hands.

“Brother. it took me two hours to make it look like this” she whined

I rolled my eyes at her and she giggled

“Go upstairs and have your bath, Manish will take care of the luggage. then you can have dinner with the rest of the family. I already called your father and he will be back soon” she said

“Alright mom” I kissed her cheeks and headed upstairs.

I quickly had my bath and changed my clothes then went downstairs to have my dinner.

“Shaurya my son”

“Granny” I kissed her cheeks “How are you?”

“As you can see I’m looking beautiful unlike your mother Simran.” she said and we all laughed

“Welcome back my son” dad greeted

“it’s good to be back dad”

“Finally you can take over from me and the company will be very successful”

“Raj, do well to talk to Simran so that we can find a bride for my grandson, I’m not getting any younger”

“Oh granny, not now please. I just got back” I protest

“you children of these generation, always delay in everything. in my days a bride will be married for you before you even get back”

“Don’t worry mother. shaurya will get married. let’s give him some time okay” mother said and I smiled

“whatever you say but he’s not getting younger as well.”

“I know mother but we can’t force these things. my son will get married when he is ready”

“Thanks mom”

she kissed my cheeks

“Eat up before your food gets cold” she said before taking her seat.

I will definitely get married, once I find her…





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