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A young lady was found unconscious by two siblings; Fleur and Miguel in Fraser Island,the countryside of Australia.

They nursed her back to health and Fleur being a Nurse discovered that the young lady has Amnesia(Loss of memory). She couldn’t remember a thing from the past not even her own name.

They accommodated her and call her Elva,a name given by fleur. Living together,they all formed a very tight bond which made them the envy of others.

Anyway.. Miguel has a disease called ‘Rare syndrome” it’s a very rare disease that unfortunately has no cure. It deprived him of pursuing his hidden talent and dream.

And..In searching for a false cure, Miguel nearly risked his life.

Things actually get complicated when Miguel and Elva fell into the pit of love.

You will get to know more as the story unfolds.

Now the questions are;

Will things ever remain the same after Elva regains her memory?

What’s gonna happen after Elva finds out she has a fiance?

The fiance who will do anything to get her back.

And lastly will Miguel survive this terrible disease?

Well.. tighten your seatbelt let’s enjoy the ride to this intriguing,romance,love, adventurous and suspense filled novel titled MEANT TO BE.



I slowly opened my eyes and faintly saw a pair of silver eyes peering into mine..

My vision is blur,I couldn’t see clearly.

I forced myself to lie still and tried to piece together exactly what the hell was going on…

My whole body was cramping with pain. I closed my eyes hoping to be relieved of the pain but NO it increased drastically.

‘Hey how are you doing?” A cool voice asked and all I can do is just give a small nod which had my neck aching.

‘What’s your name?” The same voice asked again..

‘my name?’ I thought. My lips quivered, feeling way too heavy to mutter a word but ‘my name? what’s my name?’ I thought..

‘Where am i?’

‘How did I get in here?’

My vision is being blur plus the terrible pain I’m feeling now mostly from my head..

‘Hey are you hearing me? You okay?” I heard the same voice again..

I nodded not able to talk..I tightened my eyes and re-opened it, hoping it will clear my blurry vision.

It worked.

The first thing I saw clearly was the most handsome guy I’ve ever seen..

I’ve ever seen ?…I can’t even remember seeing any other guy apart from this one in front of me so I don’t know if he’s the most handsome but damn ! this guy is more than handsome.

His eyes are pure silver,so clear that I’d swear they would reflect my image perfectly if I got closer enough, his black hair is in a slight wave long enough to his shoulder, his high cheekbones and jaw seems perfect and his lips…Oh..my..

Gosh !!

I swallowed hard…

He shifted beside me on the bed and I jolted from my infatuations.

‘Wh..o a..re y..ou?” I managed to stutter but regretted it immediately as I felt a sharp pain ripping my head apart

I let out a cry.

‘Hey are you okay?” The guy asked and I gave a little nod without keeping my eyes off him..

‘It seems you are having difficulty in talking but there is nothing to worry about ,I’m gonna tell you everything ok?” He said in a reassuring manner.

I nodded and made to sit up but then noticed I wasn’t putting on a thing under the blanket.

I stared at him,my eyes widely opened.

Did he…

‘Did you got me unclad?!” I asked.

‘My sis did” He said and I signed in relief but..

‘His sis?..he has a sister,well..i’m glad he wasn’t the one who got me unclad’

‘She went to get you some clothes,she will be back soon. I think I should get you some coffee,it might help in clearing your throat. I will be back” He said before walking towards the door, I stared at his back till he left…

He doesn’t only look handsome,he also has a great and masculine body.

I kept staring into space till I heard footsteps back in the room..I saw him walk to the bed with a cup of steaming coffee in hand.

‘Here” He said stretching the cup of coffee to me,I stretched my hand to collect it but my hands felt weak,it trembled ,he quickly dropped the coffee on the bedside table and helped me sit up while I pulled the blanket with me.

‘Thanks” I said.

My back is now resting on the bed’s headboard,I collected the coffee and gulped it down enjoying the feel of the warm liquid against my sore throat.

I dropped the empty cup on the bedside table and muttered a ‘thank you”..

I felt a little better,the coffee seems like medication,it relieved me of some pain.. but I want to pee badly.

I cleared my throat and stared at him.

‘Hmm..I’m feeling pressed can I use the restroom please” I said..

‘Of course that way” He said pointing to a small door at the back of the fire place..


I was about standing up when I realised I can’t walk naked into the restroom,not in his presence..

Gosh !!

‘Can you please turn around?” I asked a bit embarrassed..

‘Ohh..No problem” He said and turned..

I clutched the blanket to my breast and let it trail behind me. I staggered towards the direction of the restroom,my legs started feeling numb,same goes to the hand I was using to clutch the blanket..

‘Are you okay ?” The guy asked still facing the other side.

‘Arr..I’m okay” I said but I’m definitely not ! I took few more steps before tripping,the blanket slipped away from my body and my eyes widened as I saw the guy’s neck turning.

‘Don’t turn” I shouted but it was too late. He had turned.

Dammit !!

Miguel’s POV

Fleur will be glad the lady is awake,she has been unconscious since yesterday when Fleur and I found her outside.

We thought she was dead but fleur checked her pulse and realised she’s still breathing.

‘We have to save her” Fleur had said and we both carried her inside the house,fleur’s room to be precise.

We took logs of wood from the store and lit the fireplace to keep her warm.

Fleur slept beside her till daybreak until she had to go out and get some clothes for her. It’s obvious they aren’t wearing the same size,the lady has more flesh in the right places.

Silly me..i know right.

I sat beside her after Fleur left and was almost lost staring at her.. She’s beautiful even in her unconscious state.

It took some hours before she finally opened her eyes and I saw the most beautiful black eyes shining brightly.

It seems she’s in pain.

‘Hey are you okay” I asked and she nodded.. She managed to talk but her words weren’t coming out fine..So I just had to explain things to her.

I had almost laughed when she asked if I was the one who got her unclad..I mean her voice was stern when she said that.

I’m glad the coffee I brewed for her cleared her throat, her english accent is very fluent and her voice sounds perfect, like a musician’s.

All thanks to my coffee though.

I pointed to the bathroom when she asked of it,she told me to turn and I did..She needs her damn privacy.

I heard a loud bang and worried she might have hurt herself,I turned.

‘Don’t turn” I heard her say but it was too late cause I had.

And I saw… everything..I mean everything underneath the blanket

Argh !!


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