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Chapter 1

At the civil affairs bureau, Monica Jones got married.

She signed her name and when she filled in the name of her partner, she raised her head and looked at the man next to her.

The man was very handsome. Even workers at the bureau would occasionally take sneak peeks of him. To them, the woman who married such a man was very lucky.

“What’s your name? Sorry, I forgot,” Monica asked inconveniently.

Robert Well’s handsome face darkened. He didn’t know if the woman had really forgotten or was she trying to play dumb.

Was there really a woman in Cruston that didn’t know Robert? He was a man with a handsome face and a perfect figure. He was the prince charming of all of the women in Cruston. He was a treasured single man. He was also the owner of RS Group and was involved in the financial, e-commerce, real estate and entertainment industries.

Robert reached out and took the form from Monica and wrote his name down. His handwriting alone showed how domineering he was.

With that, the forms were stamped and the two of them were given their marriage certificate.

Monica quickly packed away her things.

Robert was just about to say something when Monica suddenly interrupted. “When are we going to get the divorce?”

“The doctors said that Grandma wouldn’t live past this month,” he replied coldly.

Her words made Robert feel frustrated. Shouldn’t he be the one who cared the most about when they were going to get the divorce? Why was Monica so desperate?

Monica frowned. Three months ago, she coincidentally saved an old woman. At that time, the old woman had pneumothorax and her airway was blocked. She was in critical condition. Monica decisively punctured the old woman’s pneumothorax in the second intercostal space of the middle clavicle.

Then, the ambulance arrived in time to save the old woman’s life.

What Monica didn’t expect was that the old woman was a patient diagnosed with stage four lung cancer. She insisted on her grandson marrying Monica while she was still alive.

“Why can’t we just get a fake certificate?” Monica felt confused. There were many ways to pretend to be married.

Robert rolled his eyes at her. “Grandma will sent people to find proof that we’re married. We won’t be able to fool her like that.”

“I have one condition,” said Monica.

“Oh?” Robert cocked his brows and wanted to see what Monica was going to say.

“I do hope that Grandma lives on for a lot longer. However, this fake marriage will come to an end sooner or later. By then, I hope you can try your best and wipe out any proof of us ever being married,” Monica said seriously.

Robert was rendered speechless. As the heir of the consortium and a treasured single, wouldn’t he be the one who wanted to wipe out everything about them ever being married?

The woman in front of him really wanted nothing to do with him. This made Robert feel very annoyed.

“Not a problem,” he said through gritted teeth.

“Alright then.” Monica shrugged her shoulders. “Goodbye. Oh, don’t forget the 100 thousand dollars that you’ve promised me. This is my bank account.”

She handed a piece of paper to Robert with her bank account details written clearly on it and her name.

Robert sneered inwardly. “She’s finally getting to the point?”

Robert was raised by his grandmother. They had a very special relationship. His grandmother was suffering from illnesses caused by old age. All he hoped for was that his grandmother would have no regrets.

However, Robert felt that Monica was somehow able to trick his grandmother. In order to comfort his grandmother, he suggested that the two of them get married. That was when Monica said that she wanted 100 thousand dollars in return.

“So, did you save my grandmother on purpose?” Robert looked at Monica’s receding figure. His voice was cold.

Monica turned back around and her lips curved into a smile. “You can think whatever you like.”

Her smile was very beautiful and attractive.

With that said, Monica turned on her heels and left without any hesitation.

Robert’s words sounded like a joke to her. She didn’t even know who Robert was, not to mention his grandmother.

She was sure that the man was being too arrogant.

If Monica was really doing this on purpose, she would at least be asking for 1 million dollars. 100 thousand dollars wouldn’t even probably be enough to pay for the high-class suit that Robert was wearing.

Robert was a daze for a while before coming back to her senses.

“Damn it, I can’t believe that I was attracted by her smile just now,” he thought.

He looked at the marriage certificate in his hand playfully.

Monica was standing quite far away from him in the photo. The two of them looked extremely unfamiliar with each other.

Robert had to admit that in the photo, Monica had a tall figure, perfect facial feature, dark eyes, neat brows and sexy lips. One could say that she seemed like a strong woman, but there was a soft temperament to her as well. This caused people to not be able to have a clear idea of what kind of person she was.

Robert sneered inwardly. “This gold digger will show her true self sooner or later.”

After leaving the civil affairs bureau, he mumbled to himself, “Shit, I forgot to ask for a number.”

He was surprised that Monica didn’t take the initiative to ask for his number.

The night was dark and the wind was cold. Robert was surrounded by a cold killing intent.

He knew that he had ran into a trap. It looked like he had been too careless. He had been living too comfortably and had forgotten about the dangers present.

There were three men on Robert’s tail. All of them had a gun.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

A few shots had been fired.

After a fight, although Robert had good combat skills, he was still outnumbered. There was a gunshot would on his leg as well. He was slowly losing his strength.

Robert did everything he could to lose his pursuers. He then had no choice but to jump into the river. This was the only choice he had if he wanted to survive.

Monica was on her way somewhere. Mandy had asked her to return to the orphanage for some matter.

The sudden loud sound made her instantly become alarmed.

From experience, she could tell that the loud bangs were sound of gunshots. They were the sound of AK-47s. A weapon that normally only internationally terrorists would have.

It was peaceful times right now. The sound of gunshots were very unusual.

Monica followed the direction of the sound and saw a group of people was in a fight in the distance. One of the men seemed to be injured and was forced to jump into the river.

The other three men quickly followed. They were planning on continuing to shoot into the water. However, there were a few swishing sounds. Monica had thrown a few darts out and the darts accuractely injured the three pursuers’ necks.

There were a few more swishing sounds and the darts curved in the air before returning to Monica’s hand.

She had a habit of keeping a few darts on her at all times.

“Ouch!” There were a few screams and the pursuers quickly covered their bleeding necks and ran off.

What Monica did was something spectacular. The pursuers were bleeding, but none of their fatal arteries were damaged. However, if they didn’t get medical attention in time, they would most definitely die.

Monica, a fourth year senior student at the University of Nado in Cruston. Her major was in Designs. She was an excellent student, had good grades and was a beauty.

However, almost no one knew anything about her exceptional past. She had acquired the champion in the Teenagers 10m Air Rifle World Competition. She could have acquired the world championships, and had been in the lead since the groups stage. For some reason, Monica decided to suddenly quit the competition and disappeared from view.

Monica was a sharp shooter who could keep an accuracy of 0.01mm. Hitting a bullseye was a piece of cake. Darts would be even easier for her.

After defeating the pursuers, Monica quickly came to the side of the river. The person who had jumped in was definitely injured. He might even die if no one went to help him.

She didn’t think too much before jumping over the railings and into the river.

As expected, the man in the river was heavy. It took her quite a lot of effort to drag the man back onto shore.

The sky was dark and the thick clouds blocked the sunlight. There were no road lamps, so she couldn’t see the man’s face clearly.

The man in the water had choked and was unconscious. He was lying on the ground and wasn’t moving at all.

Monica had received emergency rescue training voluntarily in the past and was quite familiar with first aid procedures.

She pressed down hard on the man’s chest and pushed down, but he still didn’t spit out the water in his lungs.

From the looks of it, could it be that she would need to perform CPR?

It was a matter of life and death.

Therefore, she couldn’t hesitate too much. She frowned, closed her eyes, placed her lips onto the man’s and breathed into his mouth.

That was when Monica felt a little strange. The man’s lips weren’t cold like a person who had fallen into the water should be. Instead, it was very hot. It was so hot that his lips were trembling slightly.

Monica performed CPR a few times and the man was finally able to spit out the water and coughed a few times.

“I… I… I feel hot…” Robert was becoming more and more unconscious. He was somehow very thirsty and couldn’t control himself.

When he felt the soft lips touch his, the blood in his whole body began to boil. He knew that he had been set up. His strong self-control collapsed in an instant. The sweet kiss acted like a catalyst.

When the soft lips touched his, he suddenly reached out and wrapped his arms around the woman in front of him. Then, he kissed the woman passionately.

“No! Mmmm!” When Monica realized the danger, it was too late.

The man’s arms slowly tightened around Monica and he was unusually warm. It felt like he wanted to melt Monica with him as well.

She knew that there was something wrong with the man.

Her resistance was to no avail.

She knew what did this mean…

“I will be responsible,” the man said using the last of his consciousness.

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