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Chapter 1 Drunken Mistakes
When she woke up in the morning and noticed that someone was behind her, Emmeline Stafford was really shocked.
Just as she shifted slightly, a low, familiar voice sounded from above her.
“You’re awake. Do you want some water?”
Although the man’s voice was not loud, it sounded like a clap of thunder in Emmeline’s ears.
It was Chance Grady.
Her ex-husband.
She closed her eyes and kept telling herself that it was all a dream.
If it wasn’t, what could possibly be the reason that she was lying naked on the same bed as her ex-husband?
She felt a familiar soreness all over her body. Based on how incredibly sore she felt, she figured Chance must’ve gone wild the night before.
Memories from the night before came back to her like a tidal wave, fierce and unrelenting.
They had a small get-together with the colleagues in her department. She got off work and hurriedly sent Misha to Jasmine. She was already late when she arrived at the restaurant. As such, she was punished by the department head to chug three glasses of alcohol. After that, he got her alone to discuss something with her. It turned out that the department head wanted to promote her by granting her the position of deputy director of the hospital next year. He reminded Emmeline to get a grip on her personal issues by then.
Everyone in Primevale Hospital knew that Emmeline had been divorced for three years and had a daughter.
Primevale Hospital was the most famous private hospital in the province, and Emmeline was the attending physician who worked in the Major Surgery Department.
Dr. Stafford was very famous in the medical field. Although she did not have the title of director, she was in charge of the Oncology Unit in the Major Surgery Department.
Her skills with the surgical knife were superb. Though she did not have much clinical experience beforehand, her medical skills were still superb. She was involved in thousands of surgeries, and so far, no mistakes had been made. Many patients came to see her because of her reputation and most had to be put on the waiting list for a few days.
Besides that, it was common knowledge that Dr. Stafford was tall and beautiful. She was also known as Icy Beauty in the medical field.
Although Primevale Hospital was prestigious and had a great reputation in the country, the hospital was constantly worried that Emmeline would be enticed away to work for other hospitals. Therefore, the heads of the hospitals would always concern themselves with Emmeline’s personal affairs, and especially her marriage. They were dedicated to making sure that she would not end up leaving the hospital and therefore did all they could to keep Emmeline with them.
During the small get-together meal, a colleague from the General Surgery Department made an appearance.
Anyone with eyes could tell that this was a disguised blind date arranged by the department director for Emmeline.
Emmeline had to endure it so as to not disrespect the department head. The man was her mentor, after all. As such, even though she was displeased, she could not just put down her cutlery and leave.
Toward the end of the meal, Emmeline was already tipsy and was unable to recognize anyone properly. In a daze, she felt someone holding her.
Subconsciously, she tried to push the other party away by placing her hands on the person’s chest, preventing whoever it was from getting closer.
She paused when she heard a familiar low voice.
“It’s just me.”
Feeling relieved, she went to sleep.
How did she end up in Chance’s home after that, and how did they end up having sex?
Emmeline could not remember.
The last thing she remembered was muttering about wanting to take a shower while Chance was moving to take off her coat.
The man in her memory seemed to have let out a helpless sigh.
In the bathroom, she remembered pawing at the man. She had always been fond of his abs.
The man’s silent breathing lingered in her memory.
She remembered him saying, “I’ll wipe you dry. Bear with me, alright?”
Without regard, she kissed him.
The man said something else after.
He said, “You can’t even bear it for a moment? Oh Emmeline, I’ve waited for three whole years.”
If there were a hole in the ground, Emmeline would want to plunge into it and sew the hole back up slowly with surgical sutures.
This was too embarrassing.
It’s true that Emmeline did not get to experience the joys of a married life anymore after the divorce.
Even so, she couldn’t have been that filled with lust, could she?
If she was, she had thoroughly embarrassed herself in front of her ex-husband.

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