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Chapter 001

Asura Hall, the largest dark organization overseas.
A young man stands alone on the throne, with corpses lying on the ground under his feet, blood flowing like a river.
The young man’s name is Worth, the number one assassin in the world, codenamed the King of God.
In order to take revenge for the two innocent girls whose organs had been removed, he chased all the way here, beheading the Asura Hall Master, the Four Kings, and the Twelve Gods.
Then the phone rang.
“Yama, I am the head of the Song family in Cloud City. I asked you to rescue a patient before. I didn’t know whether you…”
“I promised, I’ll be there in three days.”
Worth got up and stepped into the vast darkness.
When killing people, he is the first assassin with a dignified reputation; when saving people, he is the black hell king who was regarded as a myth in the medical world.
Three days later, a young man appeared on the streets of Cloud City.
The appointment with the patient was in the evening. It was still early, and Worth unknowingly came to the gate of Spring-Belle Community.
Looking at the familiar scenery in front of him, his original calm heart also had a layer of ripples.
“Terry, how were things going?” Worth made a phone call.
It has been six years, and some old scores should be settled.
Six years ago, there was a very sensational event in Cloud City.
The son-in-law of the Tang family, when his wife was pregnant for three months, he couldn’t bear the loneliness, then he tied a woman to the bed and raped her which was caught on the spot.
This live-in son-in-law was Worth it.
At that time, he was beyond dispute and was thrown into prison with his legs broken.
He was waiting in prison for his grievance, but he didn’t expect that in the end, it was a cold divorce agreement and the bad news that the child was aborted!
Just when Worth was in despair, he met his current master who not only brought him out of prison, but also taught him various skills and medical techniques.
“Little thing, what’s the use of watering this damn thing?”
A rude voice interrupted Worth’s thought, and he saw a five- or six-year-old girl struggling to hold a large water bottle to water the flower beds by the roadside.
A bare green plastic stick was stuck in the flower bed.
“I’m fucking talking to you, are you wild child a dumb thing?”
Several gangster-looking men scolded hilariously.
“I’m not a wild child! My mom said, as long as I grow flowers, my dad will come back to me.”
The little girl was thin, angrily staring at the hooligan with big eyes.
“Yuck! This is just a piece of broken plastic, how does it bloom? Your mother just lied to you, how fucking stupid you believe it!! ”
The hooligan spat and cursed.
“Boss, this child is hiding with her mother. I heard that her brain is a little abnormal.” Another hooligan laughed.
“That’s absolutely abnormal. You look pitifully stupid, I’m fucking giving my kindness and telling you that your father is a bad guy. He was thrown to feed the dog long ago, and he has been already dead!”
“You are that bad guy, my dad didn’t die, he will come back to me!”
The hooligan couldn’t bear the refutation, and after scolding, he stepped forward and pulled out the plastic flower branch and threw it on the ground, stomping on it with his feet back and forth.
The little girl froze in place, her eyes suddenly turned red, she rushed over and stomped hard on the hooligan’s feet, trying to grab it back.
“You fucking little wild child!” The hooligan was furious and grabbed her to hit. In the end, Worth, who was fast-eyed and fast-handed, grabbed his wrist while that thug was almost hitting her.
“It’s not good to bully children like that?”
“Who are you, you dare to take care of the Tang family’s business?” The hooligan felt a sharp pain in the grasped wrist, and cursed in shock and anger.
“Which Tang family?” Worth frowned.
“Which other Tang family could be there, of course, the Tang family of the Tang Group!” The bastard thought he was afraid, and suddenly became arrogant again.
It really is.
Worth snorted coldly, “What did the Tang family ask you to do?”
“The second daughter of the Tang family who has been running for six years is back. This is her wild child. The old Mrs. Tang asked us to take her there. You’d better get out of the way!” The bastard cursed and scolded.
“Who are you talking about?” There was a ripple in Worth’s heart. The second daughter of the Tang family, isn’t she Constance?
His once-good wife!
But after thinking about it, he shook his head and smiled with bitterness.
How is this possible?
On the day he was imprisoned, Constance ruthlessly aborted his three-month-old child and parted with him. Now she should be enjoying herself, how could it be her?
The little girl stared at him blankly for a long time, then suddenly ran over and hugged his arm tightly.
“Hey little thing, you made a mistake I am not your father.”
“You’re! Look! this is our picture!” The little girl carefully took out a wrinkled photo from her pocket.
Worth reluctantly thought that his child would be gone before it was born, so how could there be a photo?
But looking at the little girl’s desired eyes, he couldn’t bear to refuse it, and took a look.
This one glance made him feel like he was struck by lightning!
There is a man and a woman standing in the photo, and a little girl snuggles in front of them obediently, which is totally a family portrait.
But obviously, the man in this photo was actually cut from another photo and pieced together!
“My father’s name is Worth, my mother’s name is Constance, and my name is Alice. My father gave me that name!”
Worth’s heartbeat almost stopped.
The woman in this photo is absolutely Constance, and who else is the man if not him pieced together in the photo?
At the beginning, he said that if it was a daughter, it would be named Alice.
Is this child really my daughter? My daughter is still alive?
“Dad, is it because I didn’t grow flowers that you didn’t recognize me?”
Alice tugged at the corner of his clothes tightly with a voice sobbing.
“No… Dad, how could Dad not recognize you…”
Worth looked at the little girl’s tears, and his heart trembled, he crouched down at a loss and wanted to hug her, but he didn’t know where he should put his hands.
“You’re really my father, and I finally have my own father too!”
Alice cheered and jumped into his arms.
With tears in his eyes, Worth carefully hugged his daughter, as if he was the most precious treasure in the world.
“Ugh! Are you the son-in-law of the Tang family? Aren’t you dead, why did you come back? ” A wicked voice interrupted the brief warmth.
Worth’s eyes froze, and he stood up with his daughter in his arms.
“Bring him back with this wild thing, maybe we can get two rewards!” A gangster grabbed them with a grin.
The bastard was slapped by Worth, and his bloody teeth flew out.
“Who are you calling wild thing!”
In the blink of an eye, a group of thugs were in chaos and fell to the ground.
“If you don’t want to die, make it clear!” Worth stepped on the gangster’s face.
The bastard was so frightened that he quickly said everything.
“Six years ago, the son-in-law of the Tang family… After you went to jail, Constance’s grandfather forced her to abort the child and remarry Alexi of the Yang clan.”
“Constance was forced to pretend to write a divorce letter, but she secretly ran away on the way to abort the child.”
“In order to avoid the Tang family’s tracing, she has been hiding in the backcountry all these years, relying on farming to raise chickens and raise children…”
Worth felt that the world was spinning, and something exploded in his mind.
He always thought that Constance aborted the child in order to remarry someone else, but he didn’t expect that she was alone and chose the most difficult path!
But he has misunderstood her for six years!
He wanted to slap himself hard. “Constance came back in a hurry because she got that her mother was ill to death.”
“She should be forced to marry by The Tang family now. The Tang family wants to bring their children there to force her to agree to remarry…”

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