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Chapter 1 A Handsome Man

“It hurts, it hurts!”
Mabel Ponce, who was sleeping soundly, suddenly felt extremely uncomfortable. She rolled over and ended up against a man’s broad chest.
Coming into contact with something (or someone) that obviously didn’t belong on her bed forced her eyes open immediately. She was then greeted by the up-close sight of a handsome man’s face.
Mabel thought she was dreaming. She reached out and touched the man’s face in disbelief.
Then, she was horrified by the man opening his eyes. They looked right into each other’s eyes, causing Mabel to let out a scream before rolling away.
After rolling away, she realized she was naked and hurriedly grabbed a blanket to wrap around herself. “Wh-who are you? What are you doing here?”
The man narrowed his eyes, his gaze landing on her exposed collarbone. His eyes darkened, and he said, “I’m your savior!”
Savior? Mabel gaped at him. Almost as if on cue, the malicious voice of her best friend, Scarlett Hoover, rang out in her mind, repeating the words that she’d spoken before Mabel had passed out.
“Mabel, I’ve laced your drink with the strongest aphrodisiac I could get my hands on. Seeing as we’re friends, I’ll find the top gigolo to make your night, and I’ll make sure he’s young and handsome. Once Anthony sees photos of you enjoying yourself with another man, he’ll definitely break up with you. Then, there won’t be any issue for me to get together with him!”
So this handsome man was the top gigolo that Scarlett had gotten her? Had she slept with him the night before?
All the color drained from Mabel’s face. She grabbed a pillow and angrily pummeled the man with it. “You rapist! Just you wait, I’ll send you straight to jail!”
The man calmly caught the pillow, and he looked absolutely unaffected by Mabel’s rage. “You threw yourself into my arms last night, and you were the one in charge. Do you think the police will believe you?”
“You…” Mabel bit her lips, trembling with anger.
Although she was furious, she didn’t lose her rationality.
The man was right. She couldn’t call the police. She’d fallen for Scarlett’s tricks the night before, and she hadn’t been lucid. There was no way she would’ve put up a fight, and it was possible that she’d taken the first step in asking the man to have his way with her. The police wouldn’t believe her at all.
But if she didn’t make a police report, was she going to just let this man get away with sullying her? He was the top gigolo here! She couldn’t even imagine how fucking dirty he had to be!
Mabel honestly couldn’t accept that a gigolo had taken her virginity.
The man inexplicably felt a little sorry for Mabel when he saw her biting her lip and looking like she was in despair.
His gaze landed on a spot of red on the bed, and he said gently, “Though you were the one to make the first move last night, I can take responsibility for it if you’re willing to accept me!”
Take responsibility? How could she allow a gigolo to take responsibility for her? Wasn’t that just ridiculous?
Mabel’s blood boiled again. She pointed a finger at the man and screamed uncontrollably, “F*ck off! F*ck off right this instant, or I’ll kill you!”
When the man saw how hysterical Mabel was, he got up and picked up his clothes leisurely. Then, he got dressed, looking completely calm.
Once he was dressed, he turned around and pulled a name card out of his pocket. He handed it to Mabel and said, “You can come to me once you’ve thought things through. I’m a man of my word…”
Mabel tore it up without even looking at it. “F*ck off!”
The man gave her one last look before leaving.
After shutting the door, he heard her burst into tears. He paused, then shook his head and walked along the corridor.
Two men who looked like bodyguards suddenly appeared at the end of the corridor and said respectfully, “Mr. Egerton!”
The look on the man’s face had now become cold and serious, like someone who was used to being in power. “Investigate her background and report it to me immediately!”
“Yes, sir!”

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