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Volume 01: After the Affair: Handbook of Retaliation 01

My husband and I met in college. After graduation, we started a business and went through hardships together. Once, one piece of bread was our entire diet. Neither of our families could provide us with financial support. We were both from the grassroots class, so we suffered from a difficult start.

But we were lucky. A few years later, the company developed into a large-scale enterprise, and we gained a house, a car, and a child.

Since I was pregnant, I had become a housewife. I was unwilling to retreat from the workplace. But I had miscarried twice in the earlier stage of our business. And when I was pregnant the third time, there were signs of threatened abortion. Therefore, I reluctantly gave up my career and obediently stayed at home for my baby.

Many people said men would become evil when they had money, but my husband Chris still treated me very well. When he came home after a busy day, he would cook for me. He would buy any clothes I liked for me no matter how expensive they were. Sometimes, I just glanced at them and then put them on the shelf. He joked, “You’re both my sex partner and soul mate. I will love you forever.” Deceived by his sweet words, I happily lived every day like a stupid woman.

In 2007, my daughter Jessica began to go to kindergarten when she was three years old. Mothers all knew that children would attract all our attention after they were born. For the past three years, I had fixed my attention on her, afraid that an unbearable end would be made if I was not careful enough.

Chris said, “You used to be like my daughter, but now, you have become my daughter’s mother.” Sometimes, he jokingly called me mom.

One day, when I went to the kindergarten to pick up Jessica, I found she was playing inseparably with a little boy, and a young woman was smiling kindly beside them.

After I walked over and called her name, she ran over hand in hand with that boy and said happily, “Mom, this is Jason. I like him very much!”

The boy was very handsome with a pair of smart eyes. Then the young woman came over to smile at me, “Hello, are you Jess’ mother? I am Jason’s mother. Jason often talks about Jess when he comes home. Your daughter is very cute. ”

“Thank you!” I was very happy to hear others compliment Jessica, so I said politely with pleasure, “Since the two kids are getting along well, why not let them often play together?”

“No problem. My name is Gail, and we live in Castle Garden. You can bring Jessica to my home when you have time.”

Gail was very enthusiastic as she asked for my number and name and then recorded them on her phone seriously.

When we returned home, Chris was reading the newspaper leisurely on the sofa, which was rare because he seldom came back so early. Seeing him, Jessica ran over happily, jumped into his arms, and began to pluck his short beard.

Chris scrutinized me, which made me feel a little puzzled. I looked down at myself, only to see that I was wearing a T-shirt and jeans as usual. Why was he staring at me in that way?

So I rolled my eye at him and went to the kitchen to see what the nanny was cooking. There must be a children’s meal. If I was not satisfied with what the nanny was cooking, I would cook it in person.

The atmosphere was happy when we had dinner. Jessica kissed Chris, turned her head to face me, and said while clapping her hands,, “Mom, I brought Dad’s mouth to you! Kiss me!”

Pretending to be angry, Chris pouted like Jessica, and pinched his nose while saying softly, “No, I don’t want to kiss the little pig.” When I gestured to beat him, he picked up Jessica and escaped to the sofa, laughing loudly. After dinner, when I was surfing the Internet, Chris was playing games with Jessica on the bed.

At nine o’clock, my phone rang, and it was from an unknown number. After I picked up the phone, a nice female voice said, “Hi Queenie, this is Gail.”

It was very common for young mothers whose kids went to the same kindergarten to communicate about education problems, and I had given her my number, but no one had ever called me at such a late hour before.

“Hello, Gail,” I replied enthusiastically out of politeness.

“It sounded very lively on your side. Have I disturbed you?” Gail said in a relaxed tone.

“It’s okay. Jessica’s playing with her dad. Why are you calling me?” I had always been straightforward.

“You do have a happy family. Here it is. Would you like to bring Jessica to my home tomorrow? Jason has always wanted to play with her.”

“OK. We have no special plan at home anyway.”

After hanging up the phone, Chris asked curiously, “Who called you so late at night?”

From his tone, I could sense that he was blaming me. Since I had become a housewife, I had lost my private life. I had lost contact with most of my old friends. And only two friends often came to visit me now. My mobile phone was to me as a watch was to others. So, tonight’s call and my enthusiastic tone might make him a little dissatisfied.

I told him that the mother of one of Jessica’s friends invited us to visit her home tomorrow.

Chris frowned slightly, “But I originally planned to climb the mountain with you this weekend!”

“Don’t talk nonsense. Jessica is so young that we will have to carry her all the way up. I won’t go. Besides, I’ve agreed with Gail.”

Chris pondered for a while before he said, “Okay. If so, I’ll go visit a client tomorrow to maintain a good relationship.”

I didn’t ask whether the client was male or female. After all, we had started the company together. I could understand why he had to visit clients on weekends.

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