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Chapter 1 A Man Like Satan
“Tom, I am pregnant. I know that you can’t accept it. I have no choice but to leave this world with the baby.”
When the text message came in, Sarah Russell was sitting beside Tom Reynolds.
When Tom saw the text message, he could no longer hold back. He turned to Sarah and cried in front of her. “I am sorry, Sarah. Matilda is pregnant. I can’t leave her alone.”
Sarah sat there with a pale face.
“Sarah, you are so strong. You can move on by yourself even if I’m not with you, but Matilda is different. She needs me. She won’t be able to survive without me.”
Tom stood up and retreated as he lamented, “Sarah, Matilda really needs me.”
“Tom.” Sarah stood upright, bit her lips, and solemnly announced, “Remember, it’s me who dumps you. We’ll be strangers from now on. Pretend like you don’t know me even if we meet again in the future.”
“Okay, I will!” With that, Tom turned around and ran out.
Sarah couldn’t help but cry. Then, she took out her phone and made a call. When the call was connected, she bit her lower lip and grunted, “Amanda, that matter you mentioned to me? I’m on.”
The night was cold, and the sky was as dark as ink.
Sarah was alone in the big hotel room. She had just come out of the shower and was only wearing thin singlet pajamas. She walked to the bed and sat down, feeling dejected and stressed.
When the Lawsons in Faba heard that Sarah had agreed to the marriage, they immediately appointed their staff to buy a flight ticket for tomorrow morning. She had to rush to the hotel overnight and prepare to get up early tomorrow morning to catch the plane.
A bolt of lightning flashed, and a bolt of thunder struck down from the sky. The room snapped into darkness.
The power was out!
At the same time, the door was pushed open, and a tall shadow flashed in from the outside.
Sarah jumped up from the bed in fright. What happened? Did she forget to lock the door? Or was the lock of this hotel just a decoration?
“Don’t make a sound!”
In the darkness, a black gun was aimed at Sarah’s head.
Sarah was stunned for about three seconds before she reacted. There was a gun pointing at her head. For a moment, she even seemed to be breathing a little quietly.
There were crowded footsteps coming from outside. Sarah heard someone lower his voice and order, “He is injured, so he can’t run far. Search each room. You must find him.”
The sound of footsteps approached. This was the first time Sarah had encountered such a situation. She was so scared that cold sweat slid down her forehead. She heard the man behind her whisper into her ear, “You know what to do when they come to your room later, right?”
Sarah nodded as if she understood.
“Good. Don’t worry. If you dare to betray me, I will definitely drag you down with me. Don’t doubt my strength, okay?”
Sarah nodded repeatedly in fear. Feeling her body trembling violently, the man was taken aback before slowly letting her go. After she was released, Sarah quickly reached out to grab the edge of the table next to her to support herself, gasping nervously.
The man quickly found a place to hide, while Sarah held onto the table to prevent herself from falling down. After standing like this for a long time, someone finally came to knock on the door. Sarah did not move. When she thought of the people outside holding guns and killing without blinking an eye, she was so afraid that she wanted to run away.
“Do you want to die?” A cold voice came from behind her. She was startled, and she broke out in a cold sweat.
“No, I don’t want to!” Sarah shook her head. She bit her lower lip and wiped away the cold sweat on her forehead. Then, she dragged her footsteps to open the door.
Sarah was pretty and cute, but because she was malnourished all year round, her body was particularly scrawny and weak, and her face was abnormally pale. At this moment, due to the extreme fright, her face was even paler than a ghost.
When she opened the door, the two men in black outside were shocked by her appearance. One of them even took a step back and looked at her warily.
Sarah’s hands, which were hidden behind the door, were trembling. She looked at the two people in fear and asked, “Y-Yes? What’s the matter?”
“Listen, have you seen a tall and strong man?” The tall man standing by the door stared at her and asked straightforwardly.
Hearing this, Sarah blinked and shook her head. She stammered in a low voice, “N-No. I have… have been sleeping all the time.”
“Is that so?” The man obviously did not believe her. He took a step forward, grabbed her thin shoulder, and said in a fearsome voice, “You’ve never seen him before? Why are you stuttering? Your face is as pale as a ghost. Is the man in your room right now?”
Sarah was already very afraid. Now that he threatened her, tears rolled down the corners of her eyes without warning. She grabbed the man’s arm and choked. “I-I-I’m afraid of thunder.”
Well, she was telling the truth.
“Afraid of thunder?” The man looked askance and wanted to grab her. the man who had taken a step back earlier held him down. “Hey, relax. Don’t scare her.”
Sarah’s lower lip turned white from her bite, and tears flowed down her face. She began to sob, making a moderate cry.
She was wearing a thin and long nightgown. She stood there, crying until her shoulders trembled, looking like an innocent high school student.
“Forget it. She looks like a coward. She would definitely tell us if she saw him. Don’t waste our time here. Boss will kiss our asses if we don’t find him!”
“Humph! Shut up and stop crying, or you’ll attract others’ attention! I’ll kick your ass then!”
Sarah immediately stopped making any sound, but she still sobbed and wiped her tears pitifully. She looked so pitiful and fragile.
“Let’s go!”
After the two men left, Sarah still stood there sobbing. Only after a while did she come back to her senses. She walked back into the room and closed the door.
As soon as the door closed, Sarah heard a cold snort coming from the darkness. “What a coward. It’s just a small matter, but look at you! Crying like a wuss!”
Hearing this, Sarah stopped in her tracks abruptly. She had cried too much just now and had forgotten that there was such a dangerous person in her room.
At the thought of him pointing a gun at her head just now, Sarah shivered again, and her legs began to soften.
“I-I…” Sarah stammered, but she couldn’t finish her sentence. She spotted the man’s face under the dim light. The moonlight was very dim, so she couldn’t see his face clearly. She was so frightened that she closed her eyes again and stood rooted on the spot.
“Come here!” the man urged.
What? Sarah was shocked. Did he just tell her to go over? What was he going to do? However, due to his dignified aura, Sarah reluctantly moved her feet and walked forward. The room was dark, and she couldn’t see anything clearly. As she was treading forward, she was tripped by something, and she fell forward.
After falling down, she did not know what she was pressed against. Sarah was in great pain. Before her tears could flow out, she heard the man under her groan and hiss, “Damn it! What the hell?!”
Sarah scowled miserably. “I close my eyes, so I can’t see anything.”
The man gasped. “Why do you close your eyes?!”
“I…” Sarah was on the verge of tears. “I’m afraid you won’t let me go if I see your face…”
“Pfft.” The man couldn’t help but laugh in amusement. Then, Sarah felt her chin being pinched, followed by the man’s demanding voice. “The room is so dark. Can you see me clearly? Open your eyes!”
“No!” Sarah didn’t dare to open her eyes. She still closed them tightly.
In the dark room, Sarah was lying motionlessly on his body.
“Ha!” The man suddenly sneered, “By the way… Do you want to know what I will do to you if you continue to lie on top of me?”
The man was drugged, and the drug seemed to be slowly taking effect in his body. This fearless girl was pressing on his body with her tender and slender body. The faint fragrance of shower gel on her body was refreshing and enticing. The lust was about to burst out from his body, and it was slowly out of his control.
“What will you do?” Sarah was surprised and puzzled.
“What do you think?” The man’s voice was hoarse, and his hot palm suddenly touched her slender waist. Sarah screamed in fear and opened her eyes at the same time.
Unfortunately, the room was so dark that she could not see the man’s face at all. She only felt that his body was very hot.
Sarah also felt the hot palm moving on her waist. She was so scared that she tried to push him away. “I am going to get up. L-L-Let me go!”
“It’s too late!”
A bolt of lightning flashed past.
The man turned over and pressed her down. He directly tore her nightgown with his large hands.

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