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Chapter 1-Prologue
MOON VILLAGE, also known as Moonville, is a premier subdivision in the city of Tarlac. It is the most prestigious gated subdivision known not only in the city but in the whole region as well. All of the families and personalities living in it belong to the upper class. Some came from affluent clans and old rich families; some are new rich professionals and business personalities.

The houses in the village range from two-storey mansions to expansive villas. It doesn’t matter how big the lot you want to purchase, or how enormous the house you want to build is. What matters is you can afford it. Rich people of Tarlac also want to live here because it is the safest community there is in the city. The security is top notch not compromising the safety of the residence of Moonville.

One of the rich families living in Moonville are the Martinez. They belong to the new rich professionals. The husband and wife, Benjamin and Alicia, are both Certified Public Accountants. They own the biggest accounting firm in the province – the Martinez, Pascual, Cordova, Feliciano and Associates, of MPCF for short. Almost all of the businesses in Tarlac City are their clients, most of the owners living in Moon Village.

Benjie and Alice has two daughters. The eldest is Angelica Simone Pascual Martinez. Angel is on her third year in college taking up Bachelor of Science in Accountancy. She is deemed to be the successor of the Martinez couple. The younger one, Alexandra Nichole, is on her first year taking up Bachelor of Fine Arts. Unlike the rest of her family, Alex has no interest in business and is more inclined to arts.

Since most of the residents in Moonville are MPCF’s clients, Benjie and Alice are well known in the village. In fact, Alice has been the homeowners’ president for six years. It just ended four years ago, when Raul de Vera and his family moved in to Moonville.

Raul de Vera is the head of the de Vera clan. They belong to the old rich families of Tarlac, and they own the biggest private hospital in the city – Tarlac General Hospital. Together with his wife Helen and their son Bryan, they head the family business as well as the other wealth of the clan.

The thing is, the Martinez and the de Veras has a grudge that originated twenty years ago. Not only the de Veras. The Martinez also has a grudge with the Quintos, which is headed by Ricardo Quinto and his wife Gloria, who is the sister of Raul. The Quintos also moved in to Moonville, and Alice decided to avoid the two families by not being active with the village’s matters.

But destiny has other plans. It has been decided that a member of the Martinez family will fall in love with a member of the Quinto clan.

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