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Chapter 1 ( First love, first kiss)
I was just a young girl who fell in love at the age of thirteen. My name is Sharon Jules. Everything happened so soon but isn’t it normal to have a crush on someone? It was the first time I realized that I couldn’t concentrate. I always thought about him. Is this how it really is?  I really liked him. His name is Eric. We were really close. My older sister, Carly, knew I liked him. I have a younger sister. Her name is Tori. My elder brother Matt lives in London.
I knew Eric liked me but he was a little shy to tell me. Everything started crumbling when I left the school. He was far away from me. I got transferred to another school but I made sure I returned back to the school,  Rose ville high school. He was shocked to see me during the school summer fun. I was so happy to see him. So much that I collected his phone number and it stuck to my brain.
When I resumed school, I later found out that he likes another girl, Jane. We had been friends since childhood. She’s dark, tall and beautiful. I can’t deny that. It hurt me to see him liking another girl. He told her right to my face how he felt for her. I hated him right from that moment. Unfortunately, she left the school due to some family issues.
As time moved, I changed. There was this boy in my class that caught my eye. He’s known as the school play boy and also hard to resist I must say.  He was one of my friend’s boyfriend, Patricia but they broke up eventually due to some misunderstanding. Truth be told, I had a slight crush on Stephen. What am I saying? I had a crazy crush on him but I just couldn’t tell him because he was dating my friend but deep down, I knew we felt the same way.
After our final exams, my childhood friend Bella went with me to the school hall. So…we played a truth or dare game and i stupidly dared Stephen to take me to the boy’s bathroom and that was where it all began. I don’t even know why I said that but he took it seriously. He grabbed me by my wrist taking me to where I jokingly demanded. I told  him I was only joking but he didn’t listen to me. He was out of control. He tried to kiss me, touch me, feel me but I didn’t let him. I have never tried this before and I’m not the kind of girl he wants me to be right now. I’m not a slut but my body was itching for him badly. I just couldn’t explain that urge. I let him take control, unable to resist him. He stripped off my clothes, his eyes fixed on my naked body. I was shy as he stared deeply at my body. It was like he was taking away. I looked innocent in his eyes but what came from his eyes was to dangerously touch me. He planted kisses around my neck wanting me to moan his name but a part of me was resisting him. It felt….so wrong but still, l let him steal away my first kiss.
“Stephen please stop. I beg you.” His warm hands took my breasts softly as he kissed me desperately.
He kept on kissing me, not listening to my pleadings. He liked the way the I sounded while pleading. That naive, innocent little girl who couldn’t just deny this lustful moment.
“I’m not done with you, Sharon but some other time.” He smirks, whispering to my ears. I felt a spark in my body as his breathe hits me. I try so hard to resist him again as I put on my clothes. He has this effect he gives me that I’m too scared to accept. We got out of the bathroom only to see people trying to take a peep on what went on between Stephen and I. This is unbelievable.
I walk past the crowd and went to an empty class. I just wanted to be alone. It still felt like a dream. Did I really just have a moment with Stephen? I touched my lips, trying to recall everything that just happened. I wished it could happen again. All my happy thoughts swept away as I realize I had just betrayed a friend. I kissed my friend’s boyfriend. Ex boyfriend I mean but it’s still the same. I betrayed her.
I went to meet my friends where we hang out often. Bella pulled me to a corner excitedly the moment she sighted me.
“What happened in there?!” Bella asks. My other new friend, Helen joined into the conversation.
“Yeah, what happened?” They just couldn’t wait to hear the exciting news.
“Nothing happened.” I lied. I didn’t want to share that intimate moment with any one.
“Oh, really? I guess we would have to ask Stephen ourselves. He will be glad to fill us in.” Bella threatened with gritted teeth
“No! don’t.” I stopped them as they made a turn. It will be so embarrassing if they did that. I won’t even be able to face him forever.
“Then tell us.” They pressured.
“I will.” I bite my fingers.
“I’m waiting.” Bella says.
“Fine! We kissed.” I finally spoke.
“And?” Bella asked. It felt so frustrating that they wanted to know every tiny little detail of that short steamy memory of mine.
“What else happened?” Helen asked too.
“That was all. It took long before I let him.”
“Wow! You and Stephen.” Bella teases.
“What about it? That’s why I didn’t want to tell you guys.” I frowned.
“Lips sealed.” She smiled.
“It would be all over the school. I’m scared.” I sigh. I just don’t want Patricia to find out. I can’t imagine her reaction.
“I hope it won’t. Patricia can be a monster at times.” Helen teases me, using her hands as claws all over my face. It only made me feel worse.

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