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September 25th, I got the scare of my life, when my husband brings in another woman to our home, and not just any randomly selected person but my best friend, someone that was a sister to me, her name is Rina Thoma.

We did everything together, laughed together, cried together, even had similar dreams, neither did I know that she was nothing but a psychotic bitch that dreams to steal the love of my life, like who does that?. (Frown).

“Baby, you finally bring me to our home?” She says as they walk closer to my direction, Fedrick did everything to ignore my presence there and so did she, although I thought it was a project of my imagination, everything turns out not to be, my best friend is the other woman in my husband’s life.

“Honey, please go upstairs to our room and I’ll join you after a while”

Rina walks past after taking heed of Fredricks’s Instructions, she wears a smile on her face and moved me into my bedroom.

I had two options, either I go upstairs and drag her by her hair or run out of the house crying my eyes out.

Wait,  I choose to go up and after a few minutes she doesn’t explain herself to me, I’ll drag her downstairs with her face on the floor.

I ran up to my room and saw her taking off her earrings, she turns and shoots me a sly smile, “hello bestie, what a beautiful day right?”.

It’s either she was trying to get me more upset or maybe wants to instigate me more than she already did.

I moved forward and said, “why did you do this to me? I trusted you, I loved you like a sister, why Rina?” My heart broke only a million pieces, and all she had to say was, “so! That doesn’t mean I shouldn’t get the good things of life”.

“Good things of life, like my husband,” I asked and she returns with a nod.

Rina’s calm posture got me so irritated, I vented out my anger by raising my hand to her, unaware of the fact that Fedrick walked in and held my hands back.

“Don’t you dare?” He warns and flings my hand away, a flabbergasted glare draped over my face, I blab out the first thing my head thought of, “are you mad? How dare you do this me, I am your wife?” I affirmed my rights to him.

Fedrick made a mockery of me by laughing, and when his laughter seized, he lets, “are you? Because you don’t act like one”.

“Huh!! What do you mean?” I asked but  Rina scoped out before Fedrick could by telling the whole truth to me, “aww honey! It’s all thanks to you and your strong desire towards your career, Fedrick and I became so close and we both fell in love”.

Her eyes lit into a million fireworks,  while she kept on talking.

it nudged me to the wall. I felt like removing her eyes from its socket, but Fredrick dragged me back and asked me to leave.

We both stared at each other until a voice asserted out from behind.

“What’s going here! I can hear voices from downstairs?” Ricardo Rick, my father-in-law, walks into the room and took notice of a suitcase packed at the side, he veers and shoots an odd look to his son, who shifts Rina away from his father’s glare.

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