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Chapter 1 I Dug A Hole
Recently, for the convenience of management, the company rented an apartment as the staff dormitory, which is cheaper than the rental house outside, so most of the employees of the company moved in。
My beautiful boss Sophie and her boyfriend moved to the next door of mine。
Because the dormitory is a partition room in the community, my dormitory and hers are separated by a layer of polymer plastic board。 I can hear it clearly every time she has sex it with her boyfriend。
Whenever she makes a gasping voice, which is in great contrast with her chilly appearance in the company, my mind is full of pictures of her being fucked by a man。
The first time I heard the sound of her having sex with her boyfriend, my pants were like a tent, and I became more and more excited, and wanted to see the bossy girl being fucked。
So, I bought a small electric drill from Amazon, and when Sophie was not at home, I made a hole in the partition wall of the polymer plastic board, which was right next to my bed, so I could lie in bed and watch the situation next door。
I was afraid that she and her boyfriend would find this, but I really couldn“t help peeping, so I threw myself at it。
After I dug the hole and got off work at night, I lied prone on the bed, with my eyes on the hole and staring at every movement next door。
I saw Sophie washing herself and getting dressed, lying in bed and said to her boyfriend, “Oh baby, I want it。“
I knew right away that they were going to crash on each other with their bodies, so I quickly pulled myself together, my eyes stuck to the hole, and my heart was beating wildly。
Sophie, wearing a black silk robe, knelt in front of his boyfriend, twisted her plump and tight beautiful buttocks, and a pair of legs were long and white, as if they were dripping with water。
I swallowed my saliva and wanted to touch her beautiful legs and put my kinky fuckery on her ass 。。。
His boyfriend gave her a look and couldn“t resist the temptation。 He said, “Naughty girl。” He immediately covered her ass with hands, Sophie started moaning immediately。
“FUCK ME BABY!!!!!!“
Her voice drove her boyfriend completely crazy。 He hugged her waist and pressed her body hard against the bed。
Sophie likes this tough behavior very much, her face became red, and her mouth was panting。 She was obviously turned-on。
She immediately untied the belt of the black robe and pulled all the clothes down。
I saw a body that could make any man crazy, and this was the first time I saw a woman naked。
Moreover, this woman is still my beautiful boss Sophie, the woman that all men in the company dream of。
My heart is going to jump out, my pupils are dilated, and my dick is as HARD as IRON。
Next, his boyfriend rode on her and did that kind of thing 。。。
My blood spurted out, and it was the first time I saw someone fucking。 I felt the tip of my nose warm, and when I touched it with my hand, I actually had a nosebleed。
Sophie kept changing her posture and set up a small camera beside the bed, just like the kind of camera I saw in the Japanese porn。
This bitch is too coquettish, and she even likes to take selfies 。。。
I haven“t even touched a woman“s body, so I can“t stand such a scene at all。
In less than ten minutes, Sophie“s boyfriend was lying in bed with his dick softening, and he was dying。

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