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A mansion that appeared to be over three centuries old was built in a secluded valley. This was the mansion of a family that had lived in seclusion for centuries, not interfering with any outside affairs.
There was a room in this mansion that was exquisitely decorated. This room belonged to the family’s only daughter, the daughter who came after four generations, so she was spoiled and loved.
She was everyone’s apple, but the apple was currently comatose, as she had been for the past eighteen years. She was discovered in a deadly state eighteen years ago, her body covered in blood as if she had been attacked.
Even after her life was no longer in danger, the girl never awoke, but no one gave up hope because they believed she would. Her life crystal was still shining brightly, indicating that she still had life in her.
She was probably fighting a psychological battle, and when she was done, she would wake up.
Every day, the woman will be wiped clean as if she were sleeping.
Her mother was currently reading a book to her, something she does on a daily basis, when the woman screamed as she opened her eyes.
For a split second, the mother forgot her daughter had been in a coma for so long, and when she regained consciousness, her husband and sons were already in the room.
Everyone turned to look at the woman, who was frantically looking around for something.
“Baby, what are you looking for?” her mother inquired.
“What happened to you after you were in a coma for eighteen years?”
The questions came one after the other, and the idea of calling a doctor was quickly forgotten, but when they received the answer, they all froze.

Chapter 1
The not so yet eighteen-year-old girl sat opposite a refined, mature, hot and sexy man she had ever seen in her life. He was just a perfect man that seemed to have got out of a magazine cover.
That was very true as she was used to seeing this man in magazines, newspapers and on the T.V. he was even someone whom the teachers will speak non-stop about in class that she was now fed up with hearing about him.
Now the thing was this man not only was he sitting with her, feeding her so many expensive foods but he actually kidnapped her from school. Enchantia was on her way home when this man’s car stopped right in front of her and kindly escorted her away.
His men were powerful and she didn’t want to cause a scene and she was also curious about the person she had inconvenienced before she acted. Who knew she will be with a male God she fantasized about?
“There must be a reason why I am here right? Can we just get this over with? I am very hungry,” Enchantia threw the questions at the man. She was truly hungry but before she heard why she was here; she couldn’t eat the food. There was no way she will refuse free food. Her family couldn’t afford food like this after all.
The man seated opposite her showed her a lazy smile before he slid a box on the table. Enchantia can be considered an adult so she aware of what type this little box was.
She took it with her heart beating like a skin drum, she was curious whether her assumption was correct or not. When she opened the box, she froze for a second and looked astonishingly at the man.
“W-What’s the meaning of this?” she raised her voice as she was afraid that he would hear how nervous and excited she was at the moment.
“Your eyes tell me that you know. What is your answer?” the man replied lazily once more which made her so angry that she looked like a pufferfish.
Enchantia looked at the ring in the box a man whom she had never physically met had given her.
“You can’t just come and ask me to marry you when I don’t even know you. Is this what you do to every teenager you meet?” Enchantia was now very angry.
How can he toy with her like this? Ever since this god sat opposite her, she knew that she was in trouble. It wasn’t about his money or fame but something about him was very attractive. It especially attracted her bad side that she felt like if she lost this chance, she will regret it for the rest of her life.
She already has another regret and she didn’t want to add one more to it.
The man looked at the young girl who was showing mixed emotions on her face. She looked so cute that he wanted to pinch those cheeks but only he knew just how devious that girl was.
“I only met one devious and dangerous kid in my life and that is you dear Enchantia. If you don’t accept my proposal then I will go and kindly tell your parents about all those fires you caused,” the man slowly threatened her which made Enchantia to freeze.
Didn’t she do that alone? Just how did he find out? She disguised herself well so that no one will know and yet this man knew. Should she set him on fire too and just regret not becoming his woman?
The man chuckled as he watched the girl’s head spinning with crazy ideas which is one of the reasons why he is so obsessed with her. He wanted to kidnap her and just lock her up in his villa but he didn’t want to see her sad, which is why he tried the proposal but who knew her response will be her spinning ideas in her head?
“Don’t even think of any crazy ideas. With me you can burn as many things as you want and I have a present for you, something that you can only get when you agree to be my woman,” the words came out making Enchantia to pay attention to the man.
“What more benefits are there in becoming your woman?”
She realized that she won’t be able to come out alive, so she may as well just benefit from it. She was lucky to attract the attention of this male god; he had already agreed to let her burn whatever she wanted which meant that he had no problem with her condition and he knows a lot about her.
To be with a person who knows you may be better than for her to be found out in the future and suffer.
“Whatever you want, I can give it you,” that was the reply. It sounded vague but this was the perfect answer for her. She could demand whatever she wanted from him since he is the one who said it first.
He smiled as he watched the flicker in her eyes. The young girl was easily satisfied but he knew that looks were very deceiving. Once she gets angry, she was hard to coax, he had seen it so many times. It was also the reason why many things got burnt.
She had the fire that was suited to become his family’s matriarch. He knew that she is able to protect and defend herself and nothing could faze her. He knew that she wasn’t afraid of anything which is why he used her foster parents, the only people whom she cares for.
“Then this girl wants……………” Enchantia took her time listing the things that she wanted and the man noted them in his head. He had already bought most of the things to give to her as a present but now that she asked for it, then he may as well as give it to her and make her happy.
“I will also a bank card so that you may buy whatever you want.”
“You are making me look like someone who is fascinated by money,” she said grumpily after finding out that he easily agreed.
She thought that he will make a fuss but she forgot that this man was the head of a multi-trillion business empire. Money was not a problem for him.
“I know you well dear which is why I won’t grade you that way. I know what you want the most and I will give it to you.”
“And in return you want me to be your woman. Just in what capacity?” she was now curious; she was still young after all.
The man smiled when he heard that question. He had been waiting for it for a very long time.

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