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Chapter 1 Rosalie, I’m Your Mommy
In the early mists of dawn, a convoy of luxury cars drove down a narrow concrete road, shattering the tranquility of a little village tucked among the hills.
A tanned farmer, who was tilling the field with a hoe, straightened up and craned his neck forward to have a better look at the luxury cars that he had only seen on TV before.
“My goodness, how much does one of those cars cost?”
The richest man in the village had garnered the envy of all the other villagers when he bought his car, which had cost 45,000 dollars. They had thought him to be really wealthy. But the cars that had just passed before them looked much more luxurious and impressive than the car he owned.
According to the young people in the village, one of those cars was worth at least 150,000 dollars! That was an astronomical figure for them, who farmed for a living. Furthermore, several of those cars were passing by!
“Come on, let’s go take a look!”
Nothing much went on in the small village, so pretty much any little thing out of the ordinary would stir up a commotion. The convoy of luxury cars was considered a grand spectacle to behold in the big cities, let alone in this small village hidden away in the hills.
The cars stopped in front of a shabby little wooden hut. All the villagers who gathered around to watch exclaimed in astonishment as they began to gossip among themselves.
“Have you heard? Rosalie’s family is here for her.”
“Oh my goodness, how rich is Rosalie’s biological family? Now she’s going to be a young lady from a wealthy family. I heard Phil mention that these cars are called Rose-Rays or something like that. Anyway, they cost a bomb.”
Among the peaceful chatter of good wishes, a shrill voice sounded.
An old woman said unkindly, “Who’s to say if they really are her family? Pah… Besides, Rosalie grew up in this grubby old village and looked like a commoner, just like us. Even if she went to a wealthy family, who’s going to like her?”
The bodyguards waiting outside the hut heard her words and glared at her fiercely.
She froze. She was, after all, just an old lady from the countryside. While her grandson stared longingly at the cars, she hurriedly pulled him away. She was afraid that the bodyguards would beat him up.
The chubby child cried loudly, wailing to see the cars. The old lady coaxed him, saying that she would buy him a big car in the future. Their voices gradually drifted away until they could no longer be heard.
Although the villagers who stayed back were also afraid, the bodyguards clad in black spared them no more attention after the old lady left. After a while, they grew bolder and started discussing and expressing their kind wishes for Rosalie’s future. Some of them also laughed at the old lady from earlier on.
The interior of the wooden hut was kept clean and tidy, but the few people dressed in well-made and beautiful clothes stuck out like a sore thumb in the tiny and cramped place.
The only person who belonged in the hut was a tiny, frail little girl who was timidly staring at them. Her eyes were big and shiny and looked very beautiful.
A graceful and elegant woman slowly walked over to the little girl. Her eyes were red-rimmed as she advanced carefully. With trembling hands, she reached out for the little girl’s hands.
“Is your name Rosalie now? I am your mother.” Her voice choked up, and her eyes were red. Her heart ached at the sight of the thin little girl. But still, she smiled, for she had found the treasure she had lost.
Rosalie looked timidly at the incredibly beautiful woman before her. The only thing was that her beautiful and clear eyes looked at Rosalie helplessly. She was overly gentle. Rosalie felt a deep sense of inferiority when she saw her own thin and unsightly hand in hers. Rosalie tried to pull her hand back, but she could not.
The woman held Rosalie’s hand in her palm gently but firmly.
“Rosalie, will you come home with me?”
The thin girl, who was only five years old, kept herself clean, and her clothes were slightly faded from repeated washes. Though the skin on her face wasn’t in a great state, her features were very delicate and beautiful. However, they were covered by her slightly messy hair.
Her eyes were particularly alluring. She looked at the woman in front of her. Tears sparkled in the woman’s eyes. It looked as though they would start flowing down her cheeks if she disagreed.
For some reason, Rosalie felt an ache tugging at her heart.
She clumsily wiped at the woman’s eyes with her hands. “Don’t cry.”
Her voice was soft and pleasing to the ear. Just those two words alone were enough to touch the woman. She could no longer hold in her tears. She pulled her precious child, whom she had lost for three years, into her embrace and wept. All her worries, fears, and the joy she felt for regaining what she thought was lost poured out along with her tears.
A handsome middle-aged man came over and hugged them as if he had built a solid safe haven for them with his arms.
The moment they held Rosalie in their arms, she felt a warmth that she had never felt before. She yearned for it and was reluctant to give it up, but she did not know what to do.
Tears welled up as her eyes misted over, and she started crying.
Meanwhile, an eight-year-old boy in the room seemed a little out of place. He paced around the room, his eyes occasionally straying to glance at the little girl.
“Why are you crying when you’ve already found her?”
The Dupont family were all very good-looking people. Why did his sister seem like an exception?
He didn’t dare tell his classmates that he now had a sister! She looked a little ugly. If he brought her out with him and people said that about her, he might even need to fight them to defend her.
“You rascal! Get out of here and go into the car!”
Alfonse looked at his naughty rascal of a son and felt that he was nothing but an eyesore. Now that he had finally found his darling little daughter, he did not want his son’s attitude to make her feel unwelcome.
“Fine! I didn’t want to be here anyway!”
Neil raised his chin and scoffed. He put his hands in his pockets and flipped his hair. Feeling suave, he turned and left.
Alfonse clenched his fists.
“Don’t be afraid, Rosalie. This is your youngest brother. He’s just used to behaving like a snob. Tell us if he ever bullies you in the future. Or tell your other brothers. Everyone will beat him up for you.”
Rosalie looked on as her older brother strutted out like a little rooster. When she heard her mother’s gentle voice, she answered shyly.
Although she only uttered a single word, her childish and soft voice made the two adults present melt. Marie patted her fluffy hair and smiled.
Before leaving the little village in the hills, Rosalie’s parents sent the gifts they prepared from house to house.
They had found out beforehand that ever since the older person who adopted Rosalie died more than a year ago, she had survived off food given to her by the villagers. The people in this village were simple and sweet and had all helped their daughter in one way or another. Of course, there was also an exception.
The couple generously gifted those who had helped their daughter. As for those who bullied her, they were not benevolent enough to choose to forgive them.
They could not even baby their precious daughter enough. So even though they would not take revenge on those who bullied her, they would not be nice to them either.
After all, it was their fault that they lost Rosalie. Since most of the people in the village accepted Rosalie out of goodwill, they were in no place to blame anyone else.
As they were about to leave, Rosalie mustered up the courage to tug at Marie’s clothes.
“What’s wrong, Rosalie?”
Marie immediately crouched down and looked Rosalie in the eye, speaking to her in the gentlest voice.
Rosalie’s face went red, and her voice was as soft as a kitten’s.
“Can, can we bring Sunshine and Charcoal along?”
After saying that, she lowered her head. She twisted her fingers together nervously. She was afraid that they would not like her if she had too many requests.
“Of course, we can.”
A low and genuine voice sounded from above. The man gently ruffled the girl’s head.

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