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Chapter 1 Turning Into the Fake Daughter of A Rich Family
“Jessica, why are you so vicious? You know that Adalynn is hemophilic, and she won’t be able to stop bleeding even with the smallest wound. How could you push her down the stairs on purpose?
“The Schwartz family’s real daughter is Adalynn, and they only adopted you so that you could have a good life. You should be grateful.
“If anything happens to Adalynn today, you’re going back to your rural orphanage!”
Adalynn woke up amidst the shrill cries of a woman. When she opened her eyes, she saw an exquisite living room. At that moment, she was lying in the arms of a woman, who was pointing at a girl at the top of the stairs. Her expression was sullen.
Adalynn was dizzy, and the back of her head throbbed. She wasn’t sure what was happening.
Suddenly, she felt something cold on the back of her head, which had a slight sting to it.
She subconsciously reached out to touch it.
Someone grabbed her hand, and a gentle voice came from behind her, saying, “Don’t touch it.”
The voice was gentle, but it was somewhat cold. In fact, it felt like a spring breeze.
The lady holding her looked at Adalynn worriedly, and her voice softened as well. “Adalynn, Dr. Caldwell is disinfecting your wound.”
After stopping the bleeding, Dr. Caldwell looked through the first aid kit and said gently, “Mrs. Schwartz, your daughter has lost a lot of blood. She needs a transfusion, but I heard that she has a rare blood type. I’m sure you also know that the hospital doesn’t have her type of blood in the blood bank.”
A superficial head wound did not typically require a blood transfusion, but Adalynn was hemophilic. Her blood could not clot easily, and she’d lose a lot of blood from a small wound.
Mrs. Schwartz turned around and ordered the nanny to bring Waylon over.
Soon, the nanny brought in a thin, young man dressed in a white shirt.
In the twilight, he looked as if he had just walked out of a painting, clean and untainted.
He lowered his head and stood in front of Adalynn, his hair slightly covering his eyes. His face was pale, but his features were delicate.
He looked up at Adalynn. His eyes were clean and clear, but there was a faint layer of mist.
Adalynn was once a psychologist, but at this moment, she didn’t need a consultation to read the loneliness and desperation behind those eyes. He was like an older man, destined to despair for the rest of his life.
How could a young man in the prime of his youth give her such a feeling? Was she mistaken?
Adalynn was just about to probe deeper, but the boy looked away. He stood there silently as crimson blood flowed from his body and into hers.
Adalynn noticed that the back of the young man’s fair hand was densely covered with needles, and it was a shocking sight.
At that moment, she could almost see this beautiful boy being stabbed with needles over and over again in her mind. Memories that did not belong to her flooded her brain.
Jessica, Waylon, a living blood bank, the real and fake daughter, hemophilia…
It took Adalynn several moments to realize that she had become a character in a book.
Right now, she was the younger daughter of a rich family in a book she had just read.
She was the side character who looked elegant and noble, but in reality, she was a shameless girl who assumed the main character’s identity and did not have a good ending.
She also had the same name as her.
And now, the girl who was playing with her phone dismissively at the top of the stairs was her half-sister, Jessica—the protagonist of this novel.

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