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Chapter 001

The night of the wedding. Isabella Dinah sat on the edge of her bed. She felt bitterness coming to her heart. Sylvia Dinah didn’t want to marry the young master of the Smith family who was disfigured. So, her father forced her to marry him instead. After that, she was carried into the house of the Smith family without a formal wedding and guests. For the Dinah family, she was heartbroken by their behaviors.

The sound of pushing the door interrupted her thoughts and she looked up. She saw the eyes of a man, long, thin, and dark. Karl Smith came in. Her current husband.

He had a long, tall, but not rugged shape, well-defined contours, and tightly pursed thin lips. He was like a hawk in the night, cold and lonely, but full of power. The original handsome appearance, destroyed by a scar from the forehead to the chin, made him look a bit fierce. In his sharp eyes, she subconsciously averted her eyes. Suddenly, he spoke in a firm voice, “You are not Sylvia.” The woman in front of him was clearly more beautiful than Sylvia. Isabella instinctively reached out her hands and gives him a few gestures. Karl frowned, “What are you doing?”

Isabella flinched for a moment and realized as an afterthought that he couldn’t understand her sign language. She smiled awkwardly, taking out the pen and paper she carried and writing down something for him to read. The next second, she saw the man’s expression in his eyes got cold. He sneered out, “What does Aurther mean? He knew I wanted Sylvia, how dare he deliberately send a dummy bastard daughter here?”

The words ‘dummy bastard daughter’ made Isabella sad. Then, her chin was lifted by the man, whose voice was as cold as winter water, “Does Dinahs think I’m very easy to fool?” Isabella’s hands clenched. He was so angry. Would he just kick her out? What about the grandmother’s treatment fee? Isabella wanted to explain, but wasn’t able to say anything. She was out of breath under his cold eyesight. In the midst of her gradually dimming gaze, the man, however, suddenly spoke, “Come here.” What was he doing? He still wanted to live with her?

Isabella was first pleased, then she thought of what she was about to face and slowly became nervous. Her palms oozed with sweat. Karl saw her hesitation and thought that she might quit and said, “Although I am very dissatisfied with Your Dina’s idea of substitution for marriage, you have married me, you have to fulfill the obligations of a wife.”

Isabella bit her lips and lies down, tilting her face to the left. A soft mockery came to her ears, “I am asking you to serve me in the bathroom.” Isabella’s face burst into red. She sat up abruptly and saw the man appreciating her embarrassment. She was angry. Was it funny to mock her?

Karl said with dissatisfaction, “What are you waiting for?” She held back her anger and slowly walked up to him. Her fingers accidentally scraped against his skin. Karl suddenly grabbed her wrist and forced her to come closer, “Did you do that on purpose?” Isabella flinched for a moment and shook her head. Those clean, clear eyes were as bewildered as they could be. Karl stared at her. Another pair of clean and bright eyes unconsciously appeared in his mind.

He thought of the Dinah family, the culprit who destroyed those eyes. He smiled coldly, “I didn’t want to do anything tonight previously. But now I decide to help you out since you After one night, Isabella woke up, sore and weak. Karl was nowhere to be seen. The only thing left in the air was the slightly cool tobacco breath of his body. Isabella dragged her tired body to the bathroom and took a shower. When she went downstairs, the first person she saw was a middle-aged woman sitting on the sofa with her arms around her chest, who stared at her coldly. She was Karl’s aunt, Frances Wade, whom she saw in the photo her father had given her.

It was heard that Karl lost his parents when he was young and was brought up by Frances. Later, the Smith family took them back together, and Karl built his business empire with his own ability. He always treated Frances very well as if she was his real mother.

At this moment, Frances glanced up and down at her, “Arthur Dinah didn’t keep his word. He knew we wanted Sylvia, but he let you, who are mute, marry Karl instead. Does he regard our house as a place to keep those useless people like you? I don’t know why Karl kept you. But since things happened, you’d better be honest. Don’t assume that you can lead a good life here. We Smiths are not fools. Well, now go and cook the dinner first. Since you are married here, you should do something useful for us!”

It was obvious that the Smith family was not short of maids, but Frances asked the newly-married woman to cook. Facing Frances’ harsh eyes, Isabella lowered her eyes. Even though Frances deliberately made things difficult for her, she could not resist for the time being. A woman without power could not argue with these people, so it was better to save trouble.

Isabella turned around and went to the kitchen. It was just a meal, no big deal. However, her concession didn’t win her respect. Frances thought it was easy to bully her. so she coldly snorted, “You are such an idiot!” Isabella pause, and then left as if nothing had happened. Soon, Karl came back from the company. Frances greeted him with a smile. He turned his head and saw that Isabella was busy in the kitchen with an apron. He frowned. Frances saw this and laughed, “She wants to cook herself. Maybe she wants us to taste dishes she cooks” Karl nodded and didn’t say anything.

Isabella grew up with her grandmother and knew all the cooking stuff and housework, so she quickly prepared four dishes and one soup. The servants saw how virtuous she was, but they didn’t have much respect for her, the wife of Mr. Smith. In their eyes, only the lower-class people serve their master, and the upper-class people would be served. During the meal, everyone, including the maids, focused on Karl while treating her like air. Isabella was uncomfortable. In order to avoid this situation, she ate a few, nodded to them, and went upstairs. After Isabella left, Frances mocked, “How rude she is! Does she think that she can be so impolite for being mute?”

Karl didn’t even look up. He just picked up the file and flipped through it. Seeing that he didn’t answer, Frances said, “Karl, the Dinahs is so ingrate. How can they replace beauty with a dumb girl! It is so humiliating! Do they even want you to finance their business? I think it’s a dream!” Frances knew her nephew well and was not worried about the Dinahs would take advantage of them. But she was a bit uncomfortable that such a dumb person joined their family. She would inevitably be laughed at by other ladies.

However, Karl still didn’t say anything. He didn’t not even have an expression. Frances found that he did not want to talk about this topic at all, so she smiled in a flattering manner and said, “Thunder has studies medicine in France. He will finally come back after so many years. He can’t have such a dummy sister-in-law, right? It’ll be a joke. You can divorce that girl in a while. Auntie will help you find another one, okay?”

Karl finally responded and glanced at her without an expression on his face, “I know this matter myself. Don’t worry about it, Aunt.” His cold and detached tone made Frances embarrassed.

After Karl left, Evelyn behind her went forward and whispered to console her, “Madam, sir is afraid that you would be tired, so don’t think too much.” With a sad face, Frances sighed “How do I not overthink? Ever since Karl was found by the traffickers, his personality has changed a lot. He is no longer as easy to approach as he was when he was a child. Although he accepted me in this home, I know he blames me in his heart. If I wasn’t careless, he wouldn’t have been taken away by the traffickers and suffered so much.” Evelyn didn’t know what to say. Karl had been a success in business for more than ten years, but he became more and more cold and indifferent. No wonder the lady thought so much.

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