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Chapter 1 – Not before and no possibilities in the future!
The woman was lying on the bed. The soft moonlight from the window was shining on her pale face. What a sexy scene!
Christopher Loomis looked at the numb woman who was pressed down by him. He said with a mocking smile, “Isn’t this what you want?”
Leslie Ward’s face looked much paler than before. Her chin was suddenly pinched tightly by the man before she could say anything. This pain made her cry out.
“Have you forgotten what day it is today?” Christopher said with mockery. At the same time, the pressure on his hand got stronger again.
Her pupils contracted instantly while something was striking on her mind. Then her whole body kept trembling.
“Even the day of remembrance of your sister can be forgotten, you are really a ruthless woman, ah.”Christopher said while his body was still moving through her body. It would be nice if Evelyn had not been killed by this woman.
Leslie was accustomed to hearing Christopher’s taunts, but her heart still can’t help but throb.
She had been married with Christopher for three years. But she loved him for more than three years. Why Christopher overlooked her, only sneered at her these years? He only loved Evelyn. Even giving her love with both hands initiatively, she would not get any concern from him.
Christopher’s voice rang in her ears again, “You went to great lengths to be married with me, even put your own sister’s life on the line. Now everything is as you wish, what are you not satisfied with?”
She closed her mouth tightly without any word. She was afraid that if she opened her mouth, she would no longer be able to hold back her emotions that were about to erupt.
But her silence at this time seemed to be a provocation to Christopher. His movement became more violent and faster. Leslie finally cannot help but groan painfully.
Half an hour later, Christopher pulled out from her body and went into the bathroom. Leslie endured the pain in her body and wrapped herself up tightly with the quilt.
Christopher came out of the bathroom and saw the way she was. His heart was ignited with anger again. He said, “Leslie, don’t you just want me to fuck you? Now your reaction is for what? The bitch still wants to declare herself a virgin?”
Leslie gritted her teeth. In the past, Christopher made love with her with saying nothing. Just to satisfy physical needs, and the woman can be her or someone else.
He ridiculed her like this. Only on the day of Evelyn’s remembrance every year, he hated her even more.
“I’m sorry.”
Christopher frowned unconsciously when he heard her tiny voice. He walked towards Leslie and lifted her quilt.
Leslie looked flustered and curled herself up into a ball. But Christopher was not ready to let her off the hook, “You make me feel sick now.”
Tears could not be controlled in her eyes. Christopher did not see her abnormality because of her messy hair.
In his memory, Leslie never cried.
“Christopher Loomis, what do you want me to do?” Her voice was a little hoarse, but it did a good job in hiding her trembling voice.
Christopher looked at the wretched her from a high position, “Clean the picture frame.”
That was Evelyn’s photo, which Christopher regarded as a treasure.
She got up slowly and moved her feet step by step towards the photo. She found a stain on the glass of the frame. It may be rubbed on accidentally. Did Christopher’s anger just for this?
She looked upward subconsciously, but hit Christopher’s obscure eyes. “On the first day you lived in this house, I said that you needed to do nothing but wiping the picture every day. It must be stainless.”
Leslie’s hands with the frame shocked and almost dropped the frame. Christopher’s heart was filled with anger suddenly. There was a tinge of shade in his voice, “If the frame in your hands is broken, then you will take your life to pay for it!”
“My life in your mind is not as important as a picture frame?” Leslie asked with a shudder. It seemed like her heart was torn into pieces, painful even unable to breathe.
“Leslie, you are worthless in my mind.” The unforgiving words made Leslie collapse completely. Tears kept flowing down from her face. She turned up her voice suddenly, looking straight at Christopher and said “For these years, you put all your heart in this photo, not willing to share your heart even a little bit with me?”
This was the first time he saw Leslie’s tears. He was astonished just for a second. He took two steps forward to look at Leslie with his brooding eyes. Then he still said mercilessly, “Leslie, I did not love you before, and would not love you in the future.”

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