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Chapter 001


A divorce settlement was thrown in front of Nova Bush.

“Your cousin has awakened. I promised her that the title of Mrs. King will not belong to anyone else, as long as I live.”

“Nova, sign it, we’re divorced.”

Nova’s cousin had woken up a month ago and she seemed to have foreseen all these.

She raised her head and said in a hoarse voice, “You still don’t believe in me?”

Henry King sneered, “You’ve been a vain woman since the day I knew you. For what do you make me trust you?”

“Nova, don’t make me repeat it again. Sign the agreement and this mansion belongs to you. This is the last piece of dignity I leave you with!”

Nova showed disdain in her eyes… He didn’t strip off all her properties. And he counted this showing mercy and saving her face?

Nova picked up the divorce settlement and saw that Henry had already signed. She said calmly, “Has Grandma agree?”

“You think you can have grandma back you up forever?” Henry looked at her indifferently, “I think you know better than I do about the purpose of our marriage. Nova, don’t make a hog of yourself. You will only disgust me more in that way.”

Nova sneered, “What’s the difference between your more and less?”

Henry looked extremely fierce at her words. He roared, “Nova!”

Nova picked up the pen and said, “Okay, I’ll sign it.”

Nova’s cousin had sent countless indecent photos of her and Henry. What was the point of maitaining such a marriage?

Nova crossed out the mansion he gave her and quickly wrote her name down without any hesitation.

Their three-year marriage ended.

And she was also emancipated.

Nova stood up and said indifferently, “Give me an hour. I’ll pack up and leave.”

Henry pressed his lips tightly and stared at her. Then he said, “I’ve gifted you this mansion. You don’t have to leave.”

“No need. I think places you stayed are…” Nova chuckled cruelly and said syllable by syllable, “D-I-R-T-Y. ”


Ignoring the anger of the man behind her, Nova walked upstairs.

An hour later.

When Nova finished packing and came out the room, Henry had already gone. The divorce settlement was still on the coffee table and was so unpleasant to look at.

She took a deep breath. It had been three years. She had to say goodbye to this place and also to the spoony Nova.

From now on, she would live only for herself!

After getting out of the villa, she stopped a taxi and went straight to her own place.

Stella Lake was stunned when she saw Nova arrive with a suitcase!

“No shit! Nova, I’m not seeing things, am I?”

“You are not. I am Nova. I listened to your advice this time and decided to focus on my career.” Seeing that Stella stood still and looked at her blankly, Nova smiled slightly, “Don’t you welcome me home?”

Stella’s face was full of surprise. “In the past three years, you’ve been devoted to your husband and even gave up your career to be a housewife. Which one of the pigs learned to fly? You suddenly have a whim to work? Or are you joking with me?”

Stella was Nova’s assistant. No one except her knew Nova’s concealed identity, ace lawyer Polly!

A popular saying on the Internet was that when Polly ranked herself the second, no one dared to boast himself the first.

Countless lawyers become terrified at her name.

Nova put the suitcase away, and then turned to Stella and asked, “Is there anyone looking for me again recently? Any interesting cases?”

A flash of light passed through Stella’s eyes. Then, she said sadly, “There is indeed one, and the reward is sky-high, but no one dares to undertake it, and you… can’t take it.”

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