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Chapter 1 Eight Months Pregnant
The slap landed heavily on a girl’s face. Vanessa Webb was slapped so hard that her head was buzzing, and her face instantly burned with pain.
She staggered back two steps, subconsciously protected her bulging belly with one hand, and covered her red and swollen cheek with the other hand.
“Vanessa, you are so cruel. How can you do this to Fiona?! From the moment I married your father and stayed in this house with Fiona, you’ve been going against us! Now, you even lay your hands on Fiona! If anything happens to her, I will get even with you!”
In the living room, after barking at Vanessa, Erica Richards, Vanessa’s stepmother, went to hug Fiona Webb, her daughter, who was covered in blood.
“No! I didn’t do it! It wasn’t me!” Vanessa grabbed Brain Cooper’s sleeve tightly as if she was clutching at straws. She shook her head frantically and quavered, “Brain, I didn’t do it! You have to believe me!”
“You didn’t do it?” Brian stared at her with his bloodshot eyes and shook off her hand. “There were only the two of you here just now. Who else would do something like this if it wasn’t you? Are you going to tell me that Fiona took the knife and stabbed herself?”
“Yes! She stabbed herself! I’m telling the truth! She stabbed herself!”
“Slut! Go to hell!”
Brian’s eyes were red, and he couldn’t hold back his rage anymore!
He raised his leg and kicked Vanessa’s bulging belly. Vanessa was sent flying, and she hit the corner of the table heavily with her belly. There was a sharp pain coming from her belly.
With a shrill scream, Vanessa clutched her belly and rolled on the ground, grimacing in pain. She felt warm liquid flowing down her legs.
She was terrified and desperate, “Brian…”
“Vanessa, I didn’t know you were so cruel and cold-blooded. I must have been blind to reject the kind-hearted Fiona and be with you, witch!”
Vanessa’s heart became cold and frigid. An hour ago, she had an appointment for a maternity checkup at the hospital, and she asked Brian to go with her. Just as she was about to depart, Fiona stopped her and showed the latter nude photos of her and Brian in bed!
“Vanessa, Brian and I have been together for a long time. He doesn’t love you anymore!
Do you know why he didn’t break up with you? Do you really think that it’s because you’re pregnant with his baby? In your dreams! The baby is not Brian’s! Do you think I will let you get pregnant with Brian’s baby?
The one who loves him the most is me and only me! I’m willing to pay any price just to be with him!”
Soon, Vanessa understood what Fiona meant by “any price”. When she heard the doorbell ring, Fiona grabbed the fruit knife in the kitchen and stabbed it into her own abdomen. It was followed by her scream. Erica rushed out of her room, and Brian, who was outside, kicked the door and rushed in.
Hence, the scene at the beginning ensued.
At this moment, Vanessa looked at Fiona. Fiona, who was leaning in Erica’s arms with blood all over her body, revealed a weak yet proud smile to her! Vanessa couldn’t believe her eyes! In order to achieve her goal, Fiona could be so cruel to herself!
She felt more and more intense pain coming from her belly! More and more blood was flowing out of her body! Because of the excessive blood loss, Vanessa’s face was deathly pale. She reached out to Brian in despair. “Brain, the baby… Our baby…”
“It’s not our baby! It’s yours!”
“W-W-W-What did you say?”
“At this point, I’d better tell you the truth.” Without batting an eye at Vanessa, Brian walked straight to Fiona and carried her up in his arms. He looked at her with heartache, but his tone was cold and emotionless as he talked to Vanessa, “Eight months ago, the guy who slept with you on the night of your cousin’s wedding… it wasn’t me!”
Vanessa widened her eyes in horror.
“That night, I was with Fiona. That day, you were the bridesmaid. Fiona was young and mischievous. She spiked your drink. After the wedding, all of you rested in the villa at the mountain. Fiona hired a hustler for you… It was already the next day when Fiona told me about it. I was worried that you would call the police if the truth was exposed, and Fiona would have a criminal record. That was why I lied to you, saying that it was me!”
“Young?! Mischievous?!” Vanessa trembled and roared, “What about me? What about my virginity? What about the baby?! Do I deserve to be tricked by you and get pregnant?!”
Brian hugged Fiona and looked at Vanessa with disgust. He continued, “After that night, I wanted to break up with you! We have been in love for three years. I always thought that you were a pure and kind girl. I couldn’t bear to break your heart, so I dragged on and on until now! I didn’t expect that you were just faking your kind and innocent demeanor! You actually wanted to kill Fiona!
Vanessa, I was really blind! I should have seen your true colors earlier on! From today on, we will break up, and don’t try to contact me!”
After that, he turned and strode away with Fiona, who was bleeding, without looking at Vanessa.
The sharp pain in Vanessa’s abdomen started to sting. She felt more and more warm liquid flowing out! Vanessa, who had lost too much blood, felt dizzy. She lay on the cold floor, stroking her round belly, tears falling down her face.
Damn it! She hated them so much!
From the moment she knew she was pregnant, she had been so happy! It was because she was pregnant with the child of the man she loved! She looked forward to the birth of the baby, so much that she even imagined the appearance of the child after it was born. Would the baby look like him or her…
But now, he told her that everything was fake! These people… how could they trick her like this!
Bang! The door was slammed shut!
Vanessa closed her eyes in despair, but there was a shadow in front of her.
She opened her eyes and saw Erica’s vicious cold face.
“Is it painful? This is just the beginning!”
“What are you going to do?!”
“What am I going to do? To get rid of you, the thorn in my daughter’s side, of course!”
Stupefied, Vanessa subconsciously shifted back. “You’ll go to jail if you kill me!”
“I’ll go to jail? Haha! You fell and hit the corner of the table yourself, causing a miscarriage and bleeding to die. What does it have to do with me!”
As she spoke, Erica stepped on Vanessa’s abdomen with one foot. With a sneer, she exerted force with her heel.
The sharp pain caused Vanessa to scream and cover her belly involuntarily. “Stop! Stop it!”
“Vanessa, don’t blame me! It’s all because you are Jenna’s daughter! You and your mother are so bitchy that you always go against me and Fiona! I killed Jenna because she was such an eyesore! Now, I will kill you too if you dare to hinder Fiona!”
Vanessa was shocked.
“D-D-Did you kill my mother?!”
“Yes!” Erica stepped down harder. Hearing Vanessa’s painful scream, she grinned with satisfaction. “I threw your pathetic mother into the sea to feed the sharks myself! You love your mother so much, don’t you? Alright, I’ll kill you too so that she will have company in hell!”
With that, Erica kicked Vanessa in the stomach a few more times.
Vanessa’s whole body was cold, and her consciousness gradually blurred. She could no longer feel the pain!
The thick and rustic smell of blood fumed in the air. The blood that kept flowing out from her lower body seemed to have no end. Her white dress was dyed red and soaked with blood.
Her scattered gaze was filled with deep-rooted hatred. Bit by bit, her eyes were shrouded and devoured in darkness!

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