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Chapter 001 The evildoer

“Here’s $50,000. This is the last bit I can do for you!”

Annette cast a look at the credit card her uncle Rene had thrown on the table, and raised up her eyes full of aloofness and arrogance, “Thanks but no.”She sank into the sofa and said casually.

Her uncle bit his lips unsympathetically. “You may not need it, but doesn’t Wancy need it?”

Annette was playing with a replica gun. “Don’t worry. Sure I will look after my brother very well. You only need to take Joanne with you.”

Rene’s sneer was full of despise. “You will look after him? With what? Have you got money? He is still so young. What, let him work like a pauper and live with you who per se hasn’t finished high school yet?”

It would be a shame of the family!

Annette’s mouth twitched a little, her seemingly smiling eyes with chilliness and voice with insolence. “Yeah, I do have some money. As for your kindness, just leave it to Joanne.”

Looking over at his niece who was stunning but also maliciously unscrupulous, Rene couldn’t help frowning with dislike. Everyone knew Annette was doomed to grow into a beauty from the moment she was born. Rene had also given his love to this pretty niece.

Her temper, however, had grown odder as she grew up. In spite of being the eldest kid, she never liked to share things with younger kids in the family. She would lock them with her spooky eyes if they attempted to touch any of her toys.

Even if any adult tried to touch them jokingly! She was simply an ungrateful soul. But because Annette’s mom was so nice, all the uncles and aunts maintained apparent harmony with her, even if they didn’t like her.

And such harmony was broken when the five-year-old Annette battered an adult man, making him partly paralyzed and all the family elude her as far as possible. She was simply a curse! Being so cruel only at the age of five! An evildoer!

Having stayed in the juvenile detention center for one month, she was picked back home by here mum. She was then sent to the elementary school after her mum’s stern lecturing, but she was driven out of school only a couple of days later as she broke her classmate’s leg.

She has never put her minds to study! Only countless misdemeanor. What a bad luck for a family to have such a kid! And all of a sudden, both of her parents passed away in an accident, leaving three kids with no guardians.

Rene’s political career was on the thin ice at this critical moment. Annette’s younger brother Wancy was no better than her, making troubles everywhere, skipping classes all the time and misbehaving all day long. It would be equaled to asking for trouble if he was to become their guardian and bring those two kids back home. And Shiveport was such a place with so many bigwigs. His prospect would be ruined should those two kid do anything awful.

Joanne, the only good kid among the three, was well mannered, accommodating and doing well academically. Even in regard to the appearance, she has inherited the nice gene from her mother and looked so pretty and attractive.

And that must be why Rene’s sister had chosen to leave all her real estates to Joanne. Taking Joanne back home with him might also be seen as a way for Rene to repay his sister’s efforts of bringing him up.

“Clean up your act!” This was Rene’s last remark before he strode out of the Gonzalez family.

Joanne walked down the stairs, with Rene’s secretary aside carrying her luggage. “Oh Annette, although parents left the house to me, I really don’t mind you and Wancy living here.” Joanne said with a grin.

Annette raised her eyebrows, cramming the replica gun into her backpack. “No, thanks.”

She glanced over the watch on her wrist. It was five o’clock. Time to pick Wancy up from school.

Having grabbed the black helmet aside, she walked outside straightly.

Outside the gate of the little villa was a seemingly shabby motorcycle, around which the most outstanding part was the skulls pasted onto the rearview mirrors. They looked so sepulchral.

Having put on the helmet, Annette swung her long leg over the motorcycle and clicked down the goggles.

The motorcycle then roared away.

Joanne walked to the side of the BMW when the secretary opened the door for her.

She looked sideway at the direction of Annette and gazed for some time.

“Joanne, get in.” Rene said.

“Yes, uncle.” Her answer sounded so lovable.

Rene snorted coldly, “You will never need to be with these lower people any more! They only deserve to look up at you!”

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