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Aviena’s POV

‘No! I don’t want to go to the Philippines! ” Camillia’s already throwing tantrums while holding my legs. I can’t help but look at her.

“Camillia.” I just called her name and she slowly adjusted to her seat while holding back her tears.

‘We’re not going to stay there for so long. It will be fast. We will go home right away. ”


“Why?” I ask calmly because my daughter doesn’t usually throw tantrums when she doesn’t have any reason to.

She sobbed slowly so I turned to look at her.

‘Shh… Mama’s not mad at you… I just wanted to know why don’t you want to go there. Don’t you want to see how beautiful Mama’s birthplace is? ” I asked her again so she tried to stop crying but she couldn’t.

“I… I was just scared…” she whispered softly. I slowly stopped what I’m doing. I know what she’s scared about.


‘I was just scared that Papa won’t like me. What will happen if he won’t love me, Mama? ” she even asked me so I smiled at her before shaking and messing up her hair.

‘Papa will like you and if he won’t then Mama’s always here. You’re Mama’s baby, remember? ” I asked her with a smile so she nodded slowly.

‘Are you sure Papa will like me, Mama? Will he like my curly hair like yours? ” she asked. Gradually the tears disappeared from her eyes.

‘What about the way I speak, Mama? Will he likes it? ” It didn’t even bother him.

The truth is I don’t really have an idea if he will like everything about her but if he won’t then don’t. I will not force my daughter on him. I know he hates me but I just really hope that he will love his daughter. Whatever happened, this little cute girl came from his balls.

‘Are you finally going home now, Ate? Miss you, Ate! ” Marieta shouted loudly from the other line. I can’t help but smile.

“Where’s the ugly little girl?” she asked so I laughed before showing Camillia who immediately frowned when she saw her Aunt. We’re already in the airport and planning to go to the Philippines now.

“I’m not ugly, you ugly old hag,” she complained so I immediately turned to her.

“Camillia.” She knew I would scold her right away so he immediately apologized.

‘I’m sorry, Tita. You’re so annoying. ”

‘Your daughter will really inherit from you, Elder Sister. She’s just going to apologize but still my fault, huh?” I laugh because I can’t deny it either but I change through times. I know how to apologize now.

“Prepare the long list of excuses when you talk to brother-in-law River, Elder Sister.” The smile disappeared from my lips when she mentioned the name of the man I had been preparing to meet for a long time. I thought I was okay. I thought I could do it but now that Camillia and I are in the Philippines, it seems like I just want to back off. I can still remember his angry face as if I’m back from the past.

“Good morning, Ma’am.” As soon as I got off the plane, some staff led us outside. Camillia looked at me because of this. I also stared at her. I can’t help but be nervous. As if I would lose my breath while walking. For no apparent reason, we are the only ones guided by them.

I stopped when I saw his familiar guards. Almost everyone is scattered at the airport.

‘Mom? What’s happening?” Camillia asked me. I want to run but I know… I know that I won’t be able to run anymore. He himself told me he would imprison me when we met again. But the heck with that brute! We haven’t seen each other!

“Camillia, let’s go,” I said to my daughter who was wondering about me but immediately followed.

“Ma’am!” Shouted by some staff who guided us earlier. I was carrying Camillia while running. I know. That one won’t stop me. He’ll fucking make my life hell. That’s what he told me back then. I didn’t know where I was going.

“I’m sorry,” I said when I hit someone because of being in hurry. Stupid. I even dropped my belongings.

I just lowered my head to look at Camillia for a moment who was stunned by what was happening and seemed like she wanted to ask but because she could see the confusion on my face, she didn’t say anything.

I slowly looked at the person in front of me because he is not leaving there. My mouth was immediately left wide open when I saw his face.

I was immediately annoyed to see his blue eyes just staring at me. His lips were smirking but his eyes were screaming danger.

“What are you doing here?” I shouted loudly at him.

‘You asshole—” I would curse at him annoyingly when I realized that my daughter is here.

“Mama, that’s bad…” Camillia said to me. It was as if I was completely out of breath as Camillia’s eyes slowly landed on his father’s face.

They said that Camillia looks at me but people haven’t seen him. She looks like the little version of him but with soft features.

‘Wait! Is that my Papa? ” Camillia whispered to me. I nodded. Her blue eyes gradually rounded. She looks at her father.

Camillia immediately hid behind me when she realized what was going on. River met my eyes. I sometimes thought that he was just a statue born with a handsome face. You can see often there is no readable expression on his face but now, mixed emotions can be seen here.

‘You—” He couldn’t even speak completely as if he was calming himself down.

“I’ll take custody of my daughter,” he said in a tough tone.

“As well as the mother of my child.”

Chapter 1

Aviena’s POV

‘Where are you, Vena? You’re late! ” Ate Rose shouted at me from the other line, my manager and sister. I can’t stop frowning because of that. I overslept. No. I didn’t. I just slept hours ago. I tried to lie down again but my phone rang again. I just stomp off my feet because of that. Irritated, I stood up.

I just closed my eyes before I irritated went to the bathroom just to take a shower. I soaked there for a long time so when it was over, I was bomber by calls from Ate Rose.

It’s the governor’s birthday today. Most of the powerful people are there even other celebrities are also there. Elder Sister Rose said that we won’t go there for fun but we’ll go there to gain project and money. That’s what Elder Sister’s plan. I just followed her plans because I also really wanted to help my two younger siblings. They’re still studying and we want to give them a good life.

“I’m on my way, Ate,” I said when I answer her call.

‘Hurry up! You are wasting too much time. ” Anger could be seen in her voice.

“If you pick me up then I’m already there. Duh!” I also complained back. She’s the one who’s mad, huh?

I closed my eyes before leaning back in the backseat. I was too tired. We had a shoot all day and had not been able to relax lately. It’s hard to work with Elder Sister, it’s like it’s your fault for breathing.

I arrived at the 5-star hotel where the event will be held. I was just normally walking but I felt eyes looking at me. I greeted some of my acquaintances. My eyes searched for my Elder Sister even though I could already feel her eyeing me. I just smiled at some people sparingly before going to my Elder Sister.

“You’re late!” she whispered and angrily said when I could finally go to her. She even held my wrist just to go to some businessmen and celebrities here, some were talking to the Governor.

“Nice to see you here, Hija,” he said to me. I just greeted him before giving him the gift. Many more people approached our seats while greeting us.

I frowned when I looked at a son of the Governor who was already waving his hand at me. I’m aware of how people look at me but it’s annoying to see them as if my body is food.

‘You’re really pretty in person, Ms. Carinuevo. ” An old businessman smiled at me. He even touched my palm. I just smiled even though I wasn’t comfortable with him holding me. I have not been able to control the irritation I feel as he simply caresses my skin. I say that to Elder Sister Rose but she insists that it’s okay and far from the intestines. At least, I will have projects and contracts after this but it’s fucking annoying.

I am an actress, not a whore.

“The bachelors are here, approach them,” Ate said while trying to push me while I was holding a glass of wine.

My lips immediately got opened when I saw that the wine had been spilled.

“Omg, I’m sorry!” I was still a little confused when I saw that I spill it to someone’s white long sleeve. His lips immediately form a frown as I tried to approach him but he stopped me.

“It’s fine.” His voice was cold when he said that. I couldn’t help but stare at his face. He has no interest in looking back at me. Not the same as how people look at me. It’s not the same as how some boys his age see me. It’s as if I just don’t have the charm in this one while it’s different with me, I’m drowning in his blue eyes.

‘You won’t ask for a payment? It looks… Your clothes look expensive…” It will be really expensive.

How could he not when he belonged to the group of “Bachelors”, made up of ten rich people? Sandoval, Savellano, and Fontalejas. Those big three names in the business industry.

People used to make me pay just to get to know me. Just to ask for my numbers and other things but for him? It seemed normal for him to see such a face.

Well, I know because rumor has it that its standard is high when it comes to women. Sometimes models from other countries are linked with him too.

I think I know why most of the actresses and co-workers that I met actually like him. I now know why they itch so badly when it comes to him.

The industry we belong to is small, especially since he is the owner of the largest entertainment company in the country. I used to see him at some parties but we never really had the chance to interact. I don’t know. It’s easy for me to talk to other people but when it comes to him it seems like it’s really hard.

He just gave me a cold look before passing by. I couldn’t stop staring at him until he was gone.

“Stupid,” Elder Sister whispered to me so I looked at her. I also want to answer her but just so many people. I dress modestly and kindly.

‘The chicken is coming, you haven’t taken the opportunity yet. That’s River Savellano if you’re not a fool,” she whispered. I know. Everyone knows him. She already saw that I tried to talk with that guy but he wasn’t interested in me. What can I do about that?

Eventually, I became quiet even though many people came to talk. I’m also losing my energy because I’ve been really tired all day.

After that tiring talk, I thought Elder Sister and I were going home but there was still another request that she wanted me to do.

“Someone wants to take a photo with you, Vena,” said Elder Sister Rose.

‘Be charming. That’s River Savellano’s nephew. He was there too. You know they will take you as a model in their brand,” she whispered to me. I could do nothing but nod before standing up. I can’t even look back at River’s eyes. His eyes are just too precious.

It was just so tiring. I don’t even have a break from my schedule. I’m not complaining because I’m happy that I have a lot of income, it’s just that my body can’t really handle so much work, and Elder Sister Rose is nagging.

“Vena!” The little boy’s loud shout greeted me. I couldn’t stop the smile from my lips before it approached. Well, it was genuine. I love meeting my fans. I was always happily talking with them.

‘You’re so pretty, Vena! Look, Old Man! Isn’t she gorgeous? ” the boy asked while smiling at River. Looks like he is talking on the phone. His eyes passed me for a moment. I was holding my breath when I saw his blue eyes meeting mine.

It was as if he were drowning. I suppressed my own self from staring at him. It’s normal for me to see a handsome man but he’s different. He’s not my type either but there’s something in his face that will drown you into him. Is that because of his freckles? Red lips? His perfect nose?

I don’t know…

I just averted my eyes from him and turned back to the boy.

“Can I take pictures with you?” he asked me. I nodded slowly and forced myself to talk to him even though I could still feel the look of the man with blue eyes on me.

“Old man, can you take a picture of us?” Sert asked, the little boy who’s talking with me right now.

“Smile.” I don’t know how to smile while looking at him holding the camera. I used to be good at posing in front of everyone but I feel like I’m already jerking while smiling because of his presence.

When it was over, I just breathed a sigh of relief.

“Thank you, Vena!” Sert even smiled at me. I also smiled at him back before messing his hair.

“I’ll marry you when I get older, Vena!” He let out a wide smile at me. I just laughed. The smile on my face slowly disappeared when I met someone’s blue eyes again.

‘Are you done? Your dad is already asking for you. Let’s go,” he said to Sert. I just looked at him, he had no interest in me so I couldn’t help but be pouty. I’m pretty but feel like he thinks I’m just normal in his eyes.

‘Do you want me to take your long sleeve? I’ll just do the laundry,” I told him. He stopped before looking at me. I was holding my breath when we stare at each other but a frown slowly showed on his face. My lips were still trying to maintain their normal form when he approached me, I recoiled when I inhaled the fragrant scent coming from him. I was almost out of balance so he held my hip for support.

‘I don’t play games, Ms. Carinuevo. I won’t become part of your collection of boys,” he whispered. I feel like all the hairs on my body have finally stood up. He also released me after that before continuing to leave in front of me with Sert.

Every word that came from him gradually registered in my brain.

What? What the fuck did he just say? Did he think that I’m a whore? Collection of boys? I don’t even have a boyfriend!

‘What happened? Did you already wrap him around your fingers?” Elder Sister Rose even smiled at me as she watched River walk away.

“Can I expect a project in his company now?” she asked but I just remained cold. I can’t help but frown because that’s what it says right away.

‘That’s enough, Elder Sister. I’m so tired today.” I don’t even care if she wants to say anything but I really want to go out after the party. The day is just so tiring.

I can’t even go out easily because of some friends of the Governor. They wanted to talk to me so I decided to give them time but when I got a chance to go out. I took it.

I was exhausted when I went to my condo. After cleaning my body, I fell asleep immediately. I already set my alarm because I have important work tomorrow.

The next day, I was able to settle everything and was ready to leave but Elder Sister Rose is not here yet. I tried to call her but she’s not answering her phone.

“Marieta,” I greeted my youngest sister.

‘Where’s Elder Sister Rose? Did it come home to us? ” I ask here.

“No, Elder Sister Vena.” I would have said goodbye here after I greeted them when she suddenly tried to get my attention.

‘You, Elder Sister? How are you? Are you fine? Have you read the ones in the news?”

“Huh?” I can’t help but get confused there.

“They said that you’re the Governor’s mistress,” she said so I stopped completely. I can’t stop laughing at what she said. That’s bullshit. Governor? He’s already 60. One more thing, he’s a family man, I can’t bear to be someone’s mistress.

I suppose to say something when Elder Sister Rose entered the condo unit where I was staying. My lips parted as she hurled the thick newspaper in my face without saying a word.

‘Come on, Aviena! You know that your career will be ruined in an instant! Why aren’t you careful?” she angrily asked me to almost slap the newspaper again.

My lips quivered when I saw the news about me. I know once your name is tainted, it will never be the same again but I just feel so bad while seeing it. Issues about me that are not true. There were so many shots from the party as different men held me. I just frowned as I look at it.

“Mistress of various businessmen, mistress of actors. Doesn’t even know how to treat people around her correctly.”

I read a lot more, especially on social media. Those fans who said that they will be there forever finally turned their backs away from me.

Everything’s fuck up now.

“Your career is now ruined.” Elder Sister Rose stated the obvious.

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