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Belarina was a brilliant student.

She fetched a scholarship from her school for the university.

Belarina used to live with her mother, who was a divorcee.

The next day, belarina had to set off for her new University.

She was very excited.

All her school friends wished her a stroke of good luck for her new university as she won a scholarship in their school.

The next day in the morning belarina took her luggage which she packed the last day and went to her car area and from there her mom dropped too her and dropped her at the railway station.

There she finds her compartment and finding her seat and she settled there.

She bid a bye to her mom and the train started moving.

After about two hours later, belarina reaches to her destination.

She was happy but was tired too.

A cab driver came to her and asked her if she wanted any help.

Belarina asked her to drop her at Greenland University.

She went inside the cab and after an hour of driving, they reached their destination.

She paid the cab driver and went straightway to the dean’s room, as he only knew that she was newly admitted here in the university.

The University was like a big palace. It was well settled.

It had a fountain, a colossal one in the middle of a rose garden.

The garden was all around the palace like university. All around the university you can see rose gardens.

When you go inside from the university main door, you can smell its scent all over there.

Though the scenery was great but belarina was in hurry.

She went inside in the direction of the dean’s office after asking from the gatekeeper.

Belarina reached to dean’s office.

She slightly opened the door and asked him to let her in.

Come….. come….you are belarina” a husky voice said.

The person was in his mid-40’s.

Ah…sir I am belarina…your new admission…… I got a scholarship here to study here” belarina said in nervousness.

He slightly scrolled his hands on his laptop and said that she can go to her class and can attend it regularly, plus her hostel room number is 302, so she can settle up there.

Thank you, sir” belarina said in overwhelming happiness as finally, she’ll be in her room as she was tired.

She straightaway went to her room 302 where another student was already living.

Belarina didn’t take much interest in her and arranged her stuff and after doing that she laid on the bed and fell asleep due to tiredness.Hey!! wake up. Are you any new student here. I mean I am Clare and I am your roommate here.

Well nice to see you it’s already 9’o’clock and classes will be starting any time now. Aren’t you coming?

Ah…well…I didn’t know about it. Yes I am coming till you go, I’ll be coming afterward… belarina said rubbing her eyes.

Belarina quickly prepared herself and rushed in the direction where her classroom was.

Suddenly she bumped into a girl who was coming from the opposite side. Belarina didn’t see her.

Ah…well are you a crazy moron”she yelled at belarina.

Belarina quickly said her sorry.

Oh like really.. get lost…

The girl kicked belarina’s books in different directions as they fell onto the ground while colliding.

The girl went doing that.

Belarina was in tears.

She wiped her tears gathered her books and not to arrive late into her first class she again rushed into the direction where the class was.

She finally reached inside the class. Thankfully there was no teacher there.

Belarina settled on the last table which was in a corner.

She was sitting only when the teacher arrived.

She came and after introducing herself started teaching.

Suddenly a gang of five students reached.

They were late.

Oh, Daniel, you are late. This is your first class and you are late for this too” the teacher said as she knew him.

Sorry, it won’t be repeated” a cocky voice said.

She was the only girl in that gang.

Daniel Cooper the head of the gang.

Richard petison

Erica brown -Richard’s girlfriend

Eric and Jeremy- the two best friends.

Well Daniel I have heard this name but where I didn’t know.

But the teacher cleared up my doubt.

Daniel won the first prize scholarship in the university and belarina was the second.

Daniel is the smartest in the gang plus the richest plus the most handsome.

Girls die to be his.

They literally can do anything for him, for his one glance.

He’s a person to be appreciated.

He recently had a breakup with a girl in whom he was not interested even a bit, kind of timepass she was.

Belarina saw the gang was coming towards her and she went nervous watching Daniel sitting beside her.

Her heartbeat started beating faster. Her hands were shivering.

He was sitting just next to her.

Belarina shifted a little to another side to make the gap between her and Daniel a little wider.

Suddenly the bell rang and the teacher departed.

After her, the creature sitting beside belarina too disappeared with his gang.

Belarina sighed in relief.

Later after her classes, she went to her room. She saw Clare not there.

She was still thinking about Daniel, about his ocean-like blue eyes.

She fell like drowning into it.

She find her sketchbook from her stuff and went to sit on a couch there in the room.

She started drawing Daniel in the sketchbook. She was completely in his control.

It was like hypnotism.


After seeing Daniel what is now the condition if bellarina…is she falling for him…

Will she ever be m talk g to each other…will they be couple someday…

Is bellarina drowning in the hypnotism of Daniel…is she falling for him…

Where this love story will take you to…where this magnetic love story will end up to…

Let’s see..


Hey! It’s morning and you are still sleeping. Don’t you have to go to attend your classes, newbie, wake up” Clare said, the second time?

And listen I won’t be with you in this room anymore as I am going to another university as I am selected to study there” Clare added.

Well really, we didn’t even interact well with each other and now you are leaving” belarina said in a concerned voice.

Well, I have written my number in your sketchbook. You can text me if you needed any help from me” Clare said.

They bided goodbye to each other and Clare taking her luggage went out of the room in a direction to the exit of the university.

On the other hand belarina went in thoughts of Daniel. She wanted to look good today for him.

Last time he didn’t even bother that she was sitting there but this time she wanted to grab all his attention.

She dressed herself in a green crop top and a black skirt.

A pair of high heels and open hair will work, probably she thought.

When she looked at her watch she found that she was late again.

She rushed into the classroom direction grabbing her books.

This time luckily she didn’t collide with anyone.

This time teacher was already inside the room but as she wasn’t that late, she was allowed to come inside.

Her eyes slightly looked upward and she saw the entire class but Daniel wasn’t there.

She went upset and went on the seat on which she was sitting yesterday.

It went about 39 minutes but Daniel didn’t come.

Suddenly the bell rang and class dispersed.

Belarina was disappointed.

She was upset as her all preparation went in vain.

Anyways, she carried her books and went to the canteen.

There when she was about to enter it she saw Daniel with his gang.

She entered inside from the canteens gate.

When she did that she felt everyone’s eyes on her.

Why not it be like that, belarina was a Netherlands fish.

She was beautiful. Her amber-brown eyes and her golden-brown hairs can catch a shark from an ocean.

The boys in the canteen were just human beings.

But Daniel didn’t give her even a glance, maybe he’s gay(kidding).

She sat on a cornered table. She was still looking at Daniel but he wasn’t.

Ballerina ordered her food.

Her eyes didn’t know why but she wasn’t able to ignore him.

Soon the order came and she started unpacking her food. It was a nice burger and the coffee was amazing.

Later about a minute when belarina again looked up for Daniel, she saw he wasn’t in his place, where he should be. Her eyes started searching for him when an object sat in her front.

It was Daniel.

Well …girl, I noticed you searching for me. Am I that handsome? Ah…do you want anything..like…

Saying that Daniel stood up and took his chair close to her, on which he was sitting.

He came that close that his body was almost touching belerina’s body.

They were almost kissing when belarina pushed him back.

In the meantime, Daniels gang came back searching for him and he had to go.

He is a flirty jerk” belarina remarked after he went.

But as we know that she likes him, though she said him a jerk but had blushes on her face.

As the maths teacher was on holiday therefore there were no classes.

So belarina went back to her room.

She was still into her thoughts thinking about Daniel’s sudden behavior.

She thought that he also likes her or he wouldn’t have had come to her like this.

She was into blushes remembering daniel.

His breath, his scent both were amazing. His blue eyes was looking like a living ocean.

She sat on her couch and picked out her sketchbook.

She opened the page where she drew him and went on staring at it.

Later after getting tired of it she went for a nap.

She closed the door of her room.

Lay herself down on the bed and fell asleep.


Belarina woke up at the night. She was thirsty.

There on the table, a bottle full of water was kept.

She pick it up and drank to her fullest to quench her thirst.

It was 8 pm.

It was the time for her dinner. She thought to why not eat dinner from the canteen today.

Last day she ordered it from a restaurant.

She went to the canteen to grab some food for herself.

She ordered her dinner and was eating it. Suddenly she noticed daniel there.

He was with his gang. He was too here for dinner with his friends.

From there somehow he noticed her too but pretended that he didn’t.

After having dinner when balerina stood up she saw Daniel coming toward her.

She stood at one place. There he came with a paper in his hands.

And to her shock, he handed her the paper on which there was a phone number.

Hey! That’s my number. You can text me or call me from it. Time………anytime you want” Daniel said in a flirty tone.

He winked after doing so and afterward, he went back to his friends.

Balerina was still standing there, frozen and shocked.

It took a minute for her to come out in her state of mind.

She went nervous.

Daniels’s sudden behavior made her shiver a little in nervousness.

Later she looked at the number and on him.

He too glanced at her. They both exchanged glances.

She was looking at him as if they were exchanging their hearts there.

She touched her heart from her right hand to check if it was in its place.

Suddenly a teacher summoned her. A girl came to inform her.

She headed to the teacher’s room following the girl.

She hid the paper in her small purse.

The teacher called her to write the details of her which were incomplete.

She told her everything which she wanted to know and later she made her go.

She went to her room straight away.

After reaching she sat on her couch and straightaway finding the paper she saved his number in her phone as if it’s precious as a Kohinoor diamond.

Later while being in dilemma to call him or not she fell asleep right on the couch.


Is Daniel too falling for her…does like bellerina Daniel too is falling for her….the number exchange is a sign that Daniel is too falling for Bellarina….

So let’s see where this magnetic love story will end up…

Will Daniel to fall for bellarina or the number exchange was just a joke of Daniel…maybe..


Daniels POV[]

She’s beautiful. Her amber-brown eyes and that golden hair shade made me drown in love with her.

The very first day I saw her, but I pretended that I didn’t.

Her scent, her beauty was like she’s an angel came from heaven on the earth.

I noticed her again, in the university’s canteen.

That day I didn’t attend any class as I was busy with my friends at Richards’s birthday party.

I was amazed to see her.

She was wearing a green crop top and a black skirt, with open hair.

Everyone was staring at her.

Even my friends were staring at her.

I saw, she sat on the last corner table. Ordered a burger and a coffee.

I wanted to talk to her.

I went to her.

She was searching for me by the time as I think she also likes me, maybe, as I saw her staring at me many times.

I asked her if she likes me as her eyes were probably searching for me, I guess.

Saying so I bent a little close to her by shifting my chair on which I was sitting.

She pushed me aside. Possibly she felt uncomfortable.

Well, girls die for my one glance and here she is pushing me from her.

Anyway, when I saw my friends coming I went back to them cause if they had got to know about this, they probably will tease me and I didn’t want it.

Later when I searched her back she wasn’t there.

The next time we met at dinner time.

She was having her dinner.

Later when she was going I went to her and gave her my number.

I gave it on paper as I had forgotten my phone number in my room.

I want to talk to her.

Later I saw her leaving.

I saw her going. Before that, we exchanged our glances at each other.

It was like exchanging our hearts with each other.

The entire night I waited for her call, but she didn’t even text me.

I texted her but got no reply.

The whole night I anticipated her one call.

Later I felt sleepy.

So, I went to sleep thinking that she would be sleeping too.


Daniel Cooper was the university’s richest student. He had everything which a person wants to have in their life.

He was a nice-hearted person.

Furthermore, he never showed any arrogance or ego to anyone. Not only that, but he had a healthy friend circle.

Likewise, he was handsome, plus was a brilliant student. Furthermore, he won a scholarship.

Furthermore, he had a beautiful future.

Not only that, but he was ambitious.


It was Sunday today. Belarina woke up and wearing her slippers went to the bathroom.

She did all her routine work like brushing, yoga, bathing, etc.

Suddenly, she remembered the phone number.

Daniel probably would be waiting for the phone call.

She picked up her phone and dialed his number.

Hey! Daniel, I… am Belarina.

Sorry….to call you this late,” belarina said nervously.

That’s fine. Can we meet” Daniel said calmly?

Can we meet, I want to tell you something? Ah……….. that I like you. You are beautiful” Daniel added in a rushing tone.

Belarina cut the phone call. She went nervous,, but anyway she was getting Daniel as she had always dreamed of, to be his.

She likes him too.

Her cheeks went red. She was blushing.

She opened her phone back again and in the message corner, she said her to meet her in the classroom.

They both met there and in front of his friends, Daniel proposed to her to be his girlfriend.

Belarina was overwhelmed with happiness.

The next minute, she was Daniels’s girlfriend.

From that, they started hanging out with each other.

Their news of being couples spread like fire.

Soon the couple became extremely popular.

For Daniel, belarina was one of his best friend at first, later a companion. He started disclosing everything to her, his life events, a bot his ex-girlfriend etc. etc.

Everything was going great. They were happy together.

Richard and his girlfriend, Eric and Jeremy, we’re belarinas good friends now.

Belarina and Erica were besties now.

Plus they were cheerleaders, I mean popular stuff.

Daniel won the student union’s elections and was now the president of it.

The entire gang was living a beautiful, popular and cool life.

They used to go to parties, used to go to beaches, clubs, everywhere together.

Belarina was enjoying her life. In her life, there were only studies.

She used to love her father,, but he left her on the verge where she needed him the most.

She drooled in her studies then after.

Furthermore, she never lived the kind of life that she was living now.

Daniel was a gift in her life.

He used to do everything that made her happy.

It was a fantastic life that she was living.


Bellarina had never lived a life like she was living with Daniel…its a wonderful life…

Hanging out with friends she never did…her entire childhood was buried around her mother…

In early age her father abandoned her and her mother..then after she started working hard to help her mother to earn a livelihood…her entire life was swayed in studies…

She started working hard for her mother who work hard to earn a livelihood for both of them.


One day, Daniel asked belarina for a date night.

They have gone to pretty a lot of date nights, but he assured belarina that this will be somewhat different.

He said that he had planned a surprise for her, and she’ll get to know it only on the date.

Belarinas POV{}

Ah… Daniel is such a strange boyfriend.

I don’t like surprises because they create curiosity.

I don’t like getting curious about something. Furthermore, I asked him back again about it, but he denied telling me.

He bought me a dress from an online store.

Before I could reach my room, the dress was already there.

I took it and opened it.

It was a beautiful dress.

The date night was in the evening as it was already 4 in the clock.

I rushed to the mirror for my makeup. Later I wore the dress. In the procedure, the time went 6 in the clock.

Daniel was outside the room, banging the door.

I quickly wore my heels and rushed to open the door.

Ah…you look beautiful. Well, the dress suits you. You are looking red-hot,” Daniel complimented me.

He was wearing a formal black suit with blue jeans which was in fashion and a pair of white Nike ✔️ shoes.

His car was in the parking area, he took me there.

Luckily, it wasn’t that far away, as my heels were troubling me.

From there he took me to the beach area.

Later when I came outside from the car I was astonished.

It was disastrous in a good way.

The place looked like a fairy tale.

My favorite roses, plus lightning plus the table, everything looked like a fairyland.

Daniel took me there.

I asked him why he brought me here and to my surprise, he just then bent down in front of me.

From the next side, I heard some cheering. They were our friends. Richard, Erica, Eric, and Jeremy.

Ah……ballerina…will you be my Valentine….

Daniel said in a confident plus a loving tone.

My eyes grew wider at his such statement. So, today is Valentine’s Day. This day is special for both of us as this day we met each other first time.

I recognize the day we met, it was a Valentine’s Day.

How can I skip this day?

I remember I was about to faint, but somehow managed not to fall.

My eyes went teary.

I remember the way I said to him, “yes”.

It was a remarkable yes.

He gifted me a diamond bracelet and slid it into my hands and we both kissed each other.

Our friends were cheering us.

Afterward, we danced together. Richard and Erica too joined us.

Eric and Jeremy were busy eating and drinking.

It was full moon night. The wind was blowing cold.

I could breathe the scent of nature into it.

It was a peaceful night.

We were dancing in that.

We were kissing in that.

Not only that, but we were enjoying that.

I was living the entire moment.

I was breathing in that.

To have someone, you love, is the greatest luck you can ever have.

Belarina was feeling lucky.

It was a remarkable night.


Belarina POV

It was a really incredible night.

The wind, the beach, and the decoration made me think as if I was in fairyland.

It was full moon night. The light of the moon was showering all over the beach.

The lights which were used for decoration made the beach more visible.

I and Daniel in that were enjoying the dance. We were very close, we were kissing.

The whole night was like a writer’s romance fiction book.

Furthermore, we enjoyed our drinks and the food.

In the morning we all waited for the sunrise. It was breathtaking scenery.

The sun slowly came out from the sea and started shining into the sky.

We all played on the beach by hurling water on each other.

The entire night and the sunrise were like a fantasy.

We later went to a mall to buy us dresses as we were wet.

Erica and I went to the ladies’ corner. There we bought about hundreds of dresses.

After buying the dresses, we wore one from it to change our wet clothes.

The three creatures that came with us bought strange costumes for them.

Daniel was wearing a Spider-Man’s dress, Eric and Jeremy were wearing Tinker Bell and Richard wore an old man’s costume.

We were all laughing when the security threw us outside the mall.

Later everyone planned for a long drive.

I am not coming with you, not in the dress which you are wearing.

That’ll be embarrassing” Erica remarked.

I, too, nodded yes with her opinion.

Please, Erica, it’ll be fun” Richard added.

I don’t know what, but something came to Erica’s mind, and she pulled me again into the changing room, and there we both too wore the costumes.

Woooh you both look

wonderful” Daniel complimented both of us.

Furthermore, we were in a car and whosoever was driving fast. It was an insane drive.

The boys were hooting.

Thankfully the police weren’t after us as it was a highway.

Later we reached an area that was Daniels’s favorite place.

It was a pond area surrounded by trees.

We there spent a very memorable moment.

We went swimming, we were having snacks there which we bought from the mall so we were eating that as our lunch.

Furthermore, we changed our clothes there only.

Not only that, but we explored the place.

When it went twilight, we decided to go back to the hostel.

So, we headed off from the place.

We really enjoyed it all.

Furthermore, we were tired so we went to our rooms.

There we went to bed for sleeping.

I went to my room.

I was really tired so without changing the dress that I was wearing, I jumped on the bed and in no minute I fell asleep.


The night was wonderful…bellarina spent a beautiful night there with daniel…she loves him….plus she could never forget the night that she spent with Daniel….from this day Daniel became his everything…

It was a remarkable night for her….

She can never forget the wind, the moon and Daniels hands on her and his hands on Daniels shoulder….

She could never forget the scent of the wind…the beach…and the night she spent with her friends and Daniel…


The next day, they all met in math class.

Hey sweetheart, you look wonderful today, and you don’t have puffed eyes…how that’s possible, did you and Daniel didn’t chat. I and Richard, we’re talking the entire night. Can you see my puffed eyes it’s all because of that” Erica said grinning?

She went to Richard and they both kissed.

Hey, do you want that too” Daniel grinned at her saying that?

What?” Belarina said in a puzzled way.

I mean the kiss” Daniel smirked again, and they kissed each other.

Later after the teacher came.

They all sat on their seats.

In between the class, Daniel held belarina’s hand and took her out of the class.

There he took her to an empty class.

Hey! Where we are going. Ugh….. Daniel, the class hadn’t got yet finished, and you took me here. What’s the matter?” belarina said irritatingly?

Daniel took her inside the class.

There, he held her hand tightly and pulled belarina towards him.

He touched her lips.

He held her waist, she was tightly in his grip.

Furthermore, he pulled her close, very close.

There were sound of breathing only between them.

By one hand, ballerina was in his clutch and the other hand was touching her lips.

In no minute, they were thirsty in lust. The passion grew wider.

They started kissing in excitement.

They were touching each other everywhere.

Furthermore, they were about to undress themselves when belarina pushed him aside.

Like really, don’t you love me” Daniel said huffing.

No….. I just thought this is not a right place to have sex, Plus I prefer not to lose my virginity like this way. I want it to be special, “belarina confessed.

Well, really…. I am….ah….sorry. Well, I too want that to be special. I’ll make that a special one” Daniel said in a way to calm down belarina.

Thanks, Daniel… I knew you’ll understand… I want it to happen especially, “belarina shyly stated.

They both kissed back again and went to their friends.

There Erica was finding belarina.

Hey, where do you both go in between the class?

I was finding you belarina….well…what happened on your lips….they are red” Erica said in a caring tone.


As Daniel kissed ballerina…it gave a mark on her lips. Therefore, it went red.

Well…ok…ok…got it…looks like someone gave you that…no need to describe” Erica said with a flirty tone.

Belarina gave her a sheepish smile.

Later, belarina and Erica went to the canteen.

The boys went for playing basketball.

Later after grabbing coffee from the canteen, they both went to the boys where they were playing their game.

They enjoyed the game. The boys really play well.

After there they all went to their rooms.

Belarina POV

He suddenly held my hand in the mid of the class.

From there he took me to an empty room.

He pulled me close to him, holding my waist and in no minute we were kissing.

I don’t know, but I have strands of attraction from Daniel.

He is smart, beautiful, girls die for his one glance.

We were touching each other everywhere, and later it was going in the direction of intimation, so I pushed him aside.

I didn’t want to lose my virginity in this way.

I told him and he made me calm.

He is really a nice man not like other guys. I mean he didn’t forced me.

He loves me.

Furthermore, he’s really a gentleman.

I love him.

Later, Erica and I went to canteens and after grabbing coffee we went to the ground area where the boys were playing.

They really play well.

After there, we all went to our rooms to sleep.

It was a really exhausting day.


Belarina POV{}

The next day there was a holiday.

It was Halloween.

The University mailed us a task that whoever will design the best costume from girls and boys both sides will get a trip to France for one week.

Belarina was very excited.

She told all this to Daniel and her friends.

They formed a group.

I and Daniel,

Richard and Erica and Jeremy and Eric.

Later in the showcase area, everyone was present.

Everyone prepared well. Erica and Richard prepared a “hela” suit.

Eric and Jeremy prepared the suit of “doctor doom”.

And many people prepared many things like…vampire…werewolf. etc…etc…

Later, the winners were announced and to my utmost surprise, we won.

We had prepared the costume of “Thanos”.

It was a remarkable moment.

I was happy as hell.

Daniel and I were jumping in excitement.

Later we took our tickets and came off from the stage.

Our friends plus the entire crowd congratulated us.

Daniel threw a party at night.

We were celebrating.

We were drunk, were eating, were doing fun.

People were dancing, singing, and enjoying Halloween night.

Everyone was wearing their Halloween costumes.

There were vampires, wear wolf’s, hills, monsters, etc….etc…

It was a remarkable night.

People were drunk, diving in pools. etc…etc.

There, outside the hostel, children were playing trick or treat.

They were playing tricks. They were grabbing treats.

Different kids with different costumes.

The night was a night full of costumes around.

Plus, Daniel and I were happy that they were going to France for about a week.

We were damn excited.

We were planning.

He asked others if they want to come as he can arrange tickets, but they denied and excused that they didn’t want to ruin our trip.

They were delighted about us.

After the the the party, we all went to our rooms.

I was preparing for tomorrow’s trip, plus Daniel too was packing his bag.

We were talking on a phone call.

It was a very exciting night.


The next day they both were prepared. Daniel came to belarinas room.

He picked her stuff, up to help her and they both went to the cab.

There Daniel was setting the luggage when something unusual occurred.

Daniels vomited blood from his mouth. It was tragic.

Bellarine asked him about this.

She without wasting even a minute took Daniel to the nearest hospital.

From there she informed his parents about this.

Belarinas POV {}

I was so tense that I called his parents from his phone. It was a really bad symptom.

In no minute his parents were here.

We all were tense. Uncle asked me about the blood vomiting and I narrated to him everything that happened till now.

The later doctor came outside from the room.

He was looking frightening and whatever he was going to tell us was more creepy and heartbreaking.

Ah…miss…but Daniel has brain cancer. There is a large tumor inside his head.

He further added that he has only a few months or a year left “the doctor said in a serious tone.

I saw Daniels’s parents crying aloud.

Though they never had time for him it felt like they love him even more than me.

I was destroyed from inside. In a minute everything went black inside me and I fainted.

When I woke up, I was laying beside Daniel.

There were all our friends.

They all were crying.

Erica saw me getting conscious and came to my side. We both started crying out loud.

Daniel wasn’t crying maybe he wanted to show the crowd that he’s strong.

Later Daniel’s parents came. They had lots of prescriptions but we all knew that there’s no cure for cancer.

Daniels’s mom was teary-eyed. She hugged Daniel into her arms.

It was a heartbreaking moment.

For me when I looked at Daniel and when he looked back at me, I went teary like my eyes are an ocean filled with lots of tears.

I stood up from my bed and in no minute I was hugging Daniel.

He hugged me back and I started crying.

Everyone knew that there is no cure for cancer but we didn’t lose our hope.

We all wanted to strengthen Daniel, so he could live his life till he is here with us.

That day was disastrous, disastrous in our lives.

I was still hugging. We kissed each other for about a minute.

You are not going anywhere. You are my heart. I’ll do everything for you so that you’ll be with us forever” ballerina said with teary eyes.

I am not going anywhere” Daniel winked with a smile on his face.

Maybe he wanted to show all of us that he’s tough from the inside.

Later his parents took Daniel with them.

They took him to the doctor from where he was admitted to a wardroom. We all went with them.

There all the time I was with Daniel.

I wanted to strengthen him.

I wanted to show him that I am always with him.

Our friends went to buy medicines for him as prescribed by the doctor.

We were clutching our hands together.

I just wanted to show him that I’ll never leave him, even in worse things.


Ballerina POV{}

Days went by, months passed, Daniel wasn’t getting well. His condition was getting more critical day by day.

I visited the hospital many times, I saw him getting weak day by day. Blood vomits, rashes, hair fall were usual.

I was tensed for him a lot.

I love him and this sudden thing made our happiness dwell into darkness.

It was like happiness vanishes, got robbed from our lives.

Things were getting painful and there was sadness all around.

His parents too we’re worried but we all including Daniel didn’t lose hope.

We were praying for him to make him well soon.

Doctors were, too, doing their best to make him fine.

We were missing the days when we used to enjoy together. Eric and Jeremy used to cry for Daniel.

No one was getting sleeps at night due to our closed one’s such condition.

His parents were talking to different doctors who had been successful to treat this kind of people. Though they didn’t save their patients’ life but gave them some more time to live in the world.

They were talking and appointing them.

There were six to seven doctors appointed for Daniel in the same hospital.

The hospital was successful and had many patients who were treated before, and they lived for more years than expected.

Doctors were too nice, but Daniels’s parents appointed 7 more doctors to treat him after taking permission from the hospital owner.

The owner permitted him to appoint doctors. The payment of the doctors will be done by Daniel’s father only.

All the time, Daniel was under observation by all the seven doctors.

I used to go to him every day. His condition is dwelling in deep darkness day by day.

I can’t see his condition.

He had been going through excessive hair fall.

There are medications but of no use as the doctors said. They said that medications will not work as medical hasn’t reached to treat cancer yet.

Things were going out of our hands…

Doctors too said that they can arrange some more years for him to live, but it is difficult to save him.

Those days, there was no treatment for cancer.

We all were losing our hopes.

I couldn’t see Daniel dying day by day. Seeing him into such condition used to make me cry.

I used to go into tears.

Things weren’t in our favour now.

Daniels’ condition was growing worse day by day.

Things were worsening day by day.

The coughs and his disease made me used to sob.

When I used to see him crying in alone, my heart used to break, break into pieces.

In alone, the way he used to weep used to make me cry in pain.

I had told him several times that I love him and to not lose hope, God will save him from all sufferings, but seeing him crying like what he used to cry in alone made me used to shatter into pieces.

One day, me and Daniel’s parents were talking about him when suddenly he fainted in front of us. We called the doctors.

The doctor rushed to him and took him straight to the operation room.

There they gave him injections and took his some X-rays.

They knew it all will be in vain as his tumour is growing big day by day.

One day, they told us that he can die any day now as Daniel’s tumour is growing big each day.

It was heartbreaking.

It was painful.

I used to cry seeing him. I used to cry in nights remembering his condition.

After my mother, he was the only one who was close to my heart.

We were about to marry and here seeing him in such condition made me forget all our future dreams.

The way we met…

The way we asked to hang out together, the way we used to enjoy the beach parties and that day when he asked me to be his Valentine…the night…the winds…his hands on me and my hands on him, everything now looks like a myth.

Will we ever be enjoying like that ever now?

Will we all friend be enjoying like the way we used to, ever?

Suddenly, one day, Daniel parents phoned me and told me that Daniel is dead. At first, I was shocked and thought they would be speaking something else,, but they repeated and said the same thing again.

I was shocked to my utmost level. My eyes widened as if they will come out from their sockets.

Then the tears flooded out from my eyes.

My cheeks were wet from the tears that was coming out from my eyes.

I was terrorized in shock.

I was sobbing in pain.

It was heartbreaking. Quickly wiping my tears off I wear a dress…I don’t remember of which colour and what, but I did that and rushed to the hospital.

When I reached to the hospital until then his body was taken in the mortuary.

I asked the hospital staff to take me there.

When I reached I saw numerous dead bodies.

There were numerous dead people there, between which there was a familiar dead body.

It was Daniel.

I rushed to it.

I touched his dead body. It was cold as hell. There was no sign of life on his body.

His body was of blue colour now.

His lips were dry now.

His eyes were closed, and he was laying on the trench lifeless.

The whole mortuary was smelled with the dead bodies, and I was standing in front of my loved one’s body between them.

It was heartbreaking.

It hurt deep inside my heart.

At once, I felt to die with him.

My eyes were full of tears. My cheeks were full of tears.

My life was laying lifeless there on the hospital’s trench, and I was standing there dead in front of it.

It was heartbreaking.

I was lifeless, I was in utmost pain.

I was mourning.

I was in deep trauma. I was traumatized.


Bellarinas POV{}

The next day was his funeral. Eric, Jeremy, Richard, Erica, we all were crying.

It was the most awful situation.

Everyone in their black dresses.

Daniel’s all relatives were present there.

His aunt, his uncle, his cousins’ everyone.

The place was in a cemetery nearby the hospital where Daniel was treated.

All the place was decorated with flowers, and there in the coffin was laying Daniel’s dead body.

There the priest was enchanting prayers, and we all were repeating it.

Everyone was repeating the prayers after the priest.

Daniels’ parents were crying, his father and his mother were weeping, weeping in grief.

It was really an awful moment for all of us.

We all were crying.

People were mourning.

Daniel was a really nice person and everyone used to love him.

Though he died,, but he is in our hearts until infinity. He is within us until the dawn.

I love you, Daniel. I said it from inside my heart.

He will never die but will be inside our hearts forever. He’ll be with us in the deep place within our mind.

We will never forget him.

A tear escaped from my eyes.

I was totally broken from inside.

I was grieving. Furthermore, I was feeling dead inside. For me, Daniels death was like someone stabbed inside my heart.

My heart was dead.

I was dead.

Later, the priest ordered to put the coffin inside the pit. That time I started crying a lot. I will miss you, Daniel…I said.

I will miss him. He was close to my heart and will always be the same.

I will never forget him.

I love him a lot and will do, always.

The coffin was putted inside the pit and on their chances people were going for the burial ritual.

Later, after he was buried, they putted the flowers on his grave.

Daniel’s parent’s only son was now dead.

We all loosed our best friend.

People loosed their only favourite person. Everyone will miss him.

I will miss him.

My eyes weren’t stopping from crying.

My whole face was buried into tears.

My eyes were flooding out with tears.

It was a heartbreaking situation for all of us.

Erica was supporting me everywhere, she was beside me everywhere. She was supporting me every moment.

Thanks to her, or I would have had died yet.

Later after the burying the priest departed.

Present people there too started departing,, so we too went back, went back with heavy hearts.

As Daniel’s parents didn’t want to suffer with Daniel’s memories; therefore they decided to leave the city and this day only they packed their bags and after the burial they left the city.

Erica dropped me to the university’s hostel. She had some work, so she went.

I reached to my room and closed the door at my back.

The entire hostel and room was looking empty without Daniel.

I was still crying. In the way Erica made me understand to not cry, but I can’t help myself from crying. After my mother, only Daniel was the one who was that close to me. Losing your closed one’s is never easy.

I wanted to refresh myself,, so I went to take a shower.

I took out a pair of clothes and taking the towel went to the bathroom.

It took me 5 hours to take the shower. Later I came out and wearing those pair of clothes sat on the bed.

I wanted to distract myself from crying,, so I took out a book and helped myself to read it.

I was reading the very second chapter when my phone rang.

It was an unknown number.

I usually don’t pick unknown numbers so making the phone silent I putted the phone back on its place.

But it started vibrating back again, so I accept the phone call.

There was police on the other side and what they said made my heart knocked off.

I instantly ordered a ticket for Netherlands.

In an hour, the ticket confirmed.

The plane was in an hour.

I took my essentials and locking my rooms four rushed to the cab.

From there I reached to the airport and then boarded to the Netherlands.

After 5 hours in plane I reached to the Netherlands.

There I reached to the place.

The police informed me that the couple was fighting while driving and then only they banged into a high truck. The couples died on the spot.

When I saw the dead bodies, my heart got buried into grief.

It was heartbreaking.

They were my parents and they are dead now.

I was in utmost pain. I went on my knees while crying. Furthermore, I touched my mother, and she was laying on the ambulance trench lifeless.

On the other side was the man I hate. He was my biological father.

The police informed me that they were fighting onto something. The CCTV camera caught them fighting.

Then only a truck from opposite direction banged into their car and the couples died on the spot.

The collision was so massive that the car in which they were been destroyed fully.

When I heard that they were fighting, I blame my father.

He is the reason for everything.

Occasionally I think why he came into my mother’s and my life.

Because of him, my only support died. My only closed person died.

On one hand, Daniel died and on the other hand my mother died.

I had no one in my life now.

I was crying in grief. Furthermore, I was awful.

What shall I do now? I was shivering in trauma.

I remember my aunt. My father’s sister, she is the only one left in our family, others either died or I wasn’t aware of them.

I quickly called her.

Her name was Rebecca.

On the other hand, the ambulance took the dead bodies to the hospital’s mortuary.

I phoned my aunt.

She picked the phone call.

After hearing everything, she came to the hospital where the dead bodies were kept.

She supported me in this bad time. She consolidated me.

Later, she ordered to conduct the funeral tomorrow.

She was crying too as her only brother was no more.

She called a funeral service organization and told to prepare everything by tomorrow.

Furthermore, she really wanted to finish the funeral soon as according to her keeping bodies for long time are a bad ritual.

The souls don’t get peace.

So, tomorrow was the funeral.

I ordered a black dress from an online website as I didn’t bring any of my dresses.

I bought for aunt too from my money.

Every time she was supporting me, she was consolidating me.

I was thankful for her everything.

The next day was the funeral.

Though we invited everyone we knew but only some people came, don’t know why.

Maybe they don’t like my dad.

With the rest people only we started the ritual.

After the priest finished the ritual, everyone departed.

Then the aunt asked to pay to the funeral service organization.

I thought she’ll pay,, but she asked me to do that.

I had plenty of my mother’s savings that too I paid for her funeral.

Later I had a house only as my possession.

I don’t know much,, but the aunt was quite money minded.

The very next day, she came with her stuff to my house.

Meanwhile, my universities fees submission date too came.

When I asked my aunt, she replied that she don’t have enough money to pay my universities fees.

She added that it’ll be fine if I’ll drop my university as we both don’t had enough money.

I did the same. I dropped my university the same day.

Furthermore, I posted a letter to the universities’ dean that I want to drop the year.

My universities scholarship too ended, so they expelled me.

Later they sent me my hostel rooms stuff.

It was heartbreaking for me. Eventually, I became poor. My dreams betrayed me. I wanted to study…I wanted to live, but everything shattered.

My boyfriend died, my parents died, and now I ended up being with my poor aunt.

In a day my all dreams, my future betrayed me.

I had to leave my university.

I had to work in a cafeteria to earn my living.

My everything shattered in a minute.

It was all heartbreaking, but I didn’t complain.

I was shattered from beneath of my heart.

My dreams were knocked off by my poverty.

I used to cry at nights.

One day my aunt came to me.

She said that as I my age is for marriage; therefore she wants me to marry someone and had founded a suitable person for it.

I completely denied, but crying in front of me and making me emotional fool made me to accept her all conditions.

I don’t know, but she is the only person left in my family and I didn’t want to trouble her because of me; therefore I agreed for her


I asked her that I wanted to meet the person, but she denied, saying that the person is busy and can’t meet me. He’ll meet me there on the wedding place only.

I was agreed as I didn’t want to disobey my only family member.

I agreed to her everything.

Later at night she came to me and said that as the person is leaving the country soon; therefore he wanted to marry me as early as it can. He wanted to marry me tomorrow.

I told my aunt that I am not prepared yet, but she started making me emotional fool back again, so I agreed.

I asked her for the wedding dress and other essential for a wedding.

She replied that it’ll be coming by tomorrow.

I asked about the wedding place, and she replied that it’s in court.

Wow… So, the person wants to do court marriage.

Everything was in so hurry.

The next day the aunt called me to her room and gave me a dress and some essentials like makeup things, jewellery etc.

She tells me to prepare soon as the wedding was after half an hour and the cab will be arriving anytime.

I quickly went inside my room.

I firstly rushed for a shower.

Later I did my makeup and wear the dress.

Meanwhile, the cab arrived.

Aunt was already dressed.

After locking the house, we rushed to the cab and the cab driver started the driving to the court.

In the way, aunt gave me a platinum ring for the wedding.

Aunt was looking pleased, don’t know why.

Anyway after some time we reached to the court.

Aunt took me to the place where court marriages are registered.

There I saw some people in black suit standing there.

They had guns, plus they were wearing black sunglasses. They looked like body guards and in them there was a person with blue suit.

He was looking fundamentally different between all of them.

My aunt was looking at him only.

She was grinning at him.

The man was in his twenties.

He was young. His blue eyes can catch a shark from the ocean.

His tanned body could catch any woman heart.

His glance was fascinating, and his personality was breathtaking.

He was really looking god of beauty.

He was handsome as hell.

Furthermore, he came to us and behind him there were his bodyguards.


He said to my aunt, and later we proceeded to the registration room.

I showed that he had not evened a plenty of interest in me.

It seemed as if he is marrying me just for, as if he is forced to marry me.

He didn’t give me even a glance.

He is rude.

I wanted to run out from there, but because of my aunt I stood still there.

Furthermore, the person signed on the marriage papers, and later I did.

Later he slipped a ring into my finger and I did the same and here now I am legally married.

Married to a man who I met just a minute ago.

Later my aunt told me to stand at a place as she had to do some important talks to the person.

They went to another corner.

They weren’t visible to me.

It went about a minute, and I was getting bored standing there,, so I decided to go to my aunt.

I headed there and saw that she’s talking to the guy, and the person whom I married just now was handing over a bag full of money to my aunt.

I was shocked.

Did my aunt just now sold me to the person.

A tear escaped from my eyes.

I was watching them when I saw them coming back.

I quickly rushed to the place where I was standing.

The person and my aunt came with the body guards behind them.

My aunt quickly putted the bag inside her purse.

She came case to me and kissed my forehead.

Later she went.

Well, aren’t you coming with me or going to live here only” the husband said in a rude voice.

Ah…what’s your name.

I asked him.

You can call me” SIR”.

He replied with an arrogant tone.

He headed to his car and I rushed after him.

Furthermore, he sat on the driver seat and I sat beside him.

After that, we rarely talked.

After some time, we reached to the place where he lives.

It was a big mansion.

A very massive building.

We reached there. He parked his car and the body guards too parked their cars.

The mansion was huge.

It had four water fountains around it plus had a rose garden circling the mansion.

There were very many servants who were taking care of the garden and the fountain.

The person is wealthy…

I reached inside and saw…


So let’s see what she saw…

Plus, let’s see what will happen next….

Stay tuned….


Bellarina’s POV{}

After heading inside, I saw a lady rushing to my husband.

I mean” sir”.

She was calling him James.

So, his name is James.

That lady jumped into James arms and hugged her tightly.

James too hugged her.

He was calling her name Emily.

I thought they’ll be cousins or sibling,, but later I knew from the servants that she is Jame’s girlfriend.

I was shocked.

Furthermore, I heard them inside the room talking, talking about me that finally the purpose is complete.


Furthermore, I questioned to myself.

Furthermore, I knew my aunt had sold me to James,, but what is this purpose?

Furthermore, I was standing there astonished when James came out from the room with his girlfriend Emily.

Furthermore, I rushed to the place where I was standing.

They both came to me…

Well, your name is belarina right.

I must tell you Bellarena though you are Jame’s legal wife now, but I am still his girlfriend.

Emily said.

Still his girlfriend. What!!

See, I am married to James, and he is now my husband, and you have no rights to claim him as your boyfriend. What’s going on here, can anyone explain?

I asked.

Well, bellarina I must tell you that your aunt sold you to me.

And you must abide the rules that I make.

James yelled.

Rules!! What kind of rules?

I asked.

Well, I married you just because I wanted to save my property. My grandfather named my property to me on a condition that I had to marry a girl except Emily.

If I won’t be doing, so then the entire property will be donated to charity.

I had no choice, except finding a girl. Therefore, I married you.

Please don’t accept anything from me.

James explained.

Why you didn’t marry your girlfriend then” I asked.

Just because my grandfather don’t use to like Emily. He wanted to make me marry any girl but not Emily. After several months, he died, stating that I have married someone else to save my property.

James said in a confident but arrogant tone.

So stay away from my boyfriend. And yes, you have that other room to live here so go to your room now.

Emily said in a cocky but arrogant tone.

A minute ago, I was very pleased that I am married to such a wealthy plus somebody who may will fall for me. I didn’t even know him but married to him just because I thought maybe our relationship will go good later but here the person had a girlfriend.

I wanted to start a new family.

After Daniel’s death I had no one else than my mother,, but she died too.

I wanted to start a family with James. A new life with him, but here he is having an affair with another lady.

Why all misery is in my life only.

My aunt was money minded.

My closed one died…I dropped my university. Why all the sorrows are in my life only.

A tear escaped from my eyes.

Furthermore, James and Emily went out from the mansion to the car and after sitting inside the car they went somewhere.

I took my luggage which aunt had sent here and went inside the room.

After taking a shower and changing my clothes, I went to grab some snacks as I didn’t eat anything from the morning.

Taking the snacks, I went back to my room.

Eating the snacks, I began reconciling my days with Daniel and our old friends.

The days were wonderful.

The days were brilliant.

Though I am married to James,, but I couldn’t forget Daniel yet.

I used to love him.

I remembered my mother. The way she used to show love on me, the way we used to fight, they way we used to make cookies together, everything was wonderful. I was missing everything.

Beside that, I wanted to explore the mansion but the trauma I was in made me too tired to do that.

I was remembering my days with my mother, Daniel, Erica my friends.

The University days were really wonderful.

It was heartbreaking as I loosed everything and ended up with somebody who had an affair with some other women, though he had a wife.

Remembering the days and watching the ceilings made me tired, and I feel like sleeping.

After a minute of starting the ceiling, I fell asleep.

Later at night when I woke up, I came out from my room for a glass of water.

I went to kitchen and take a glass of water. I was coming back carrying the glass when I saw James and Emily there on the sofa. They were close to each other and were kissing.

I was furious at Emily.

How could she do that to me?

It was heartbreaking. I was newly married to James, and he is now my husband. Having a friend is OK but this, this is more than anything.

I headed to them in furry and interrupting their kisses, I threw the water of my glass onto her.

Hey! Are you crazy? Are you out of your mind.

Emily yelled at me?

She came in posture of slapping me when I blocked her hand by my hand.

Furthermore, Emily in furry ran out from the mansion.

James came to me and slapped me.

He called Emily,, but she wasn’t picking up her phone.

He rushed after her.

Furthermore, he checked the parking area and find no one there. Emily’s car was not there.

James took his car to Emily’s place.


I am done with my grandfather. He was such a moron. When he knew that I love Emily, than why he forced me to marry another girl. I really hate him.

I rushed after Emily. Furthermore, I checked the parking area,, but her car wasn’t there.

Furthermore, I thought she’ll be gone to her house, so I put my car keys out and taking my car went after her.

Furthermore, I checked her inside pubs, inside clubs,, but she wasn’t anywhere.

At last, I went to her house.

She was there on the gate, drinking alcohol and crying.

I went to her and taking her into my arms made her silent.

I tell her that I’ll take divorce from Bellarena and I don’t want any property, but she snubbed me saying that without property we will be on roads, and she doesn’t want to live a poor life.

That night she was drunk a lot, so I took her inside in her house in my arms and laying her on her bed I came back to Bellarena to the mansion.

I was drunk.

She was sitting on the sofa.

The servants were gone to their homes. I went inside straight away to her.

I slapped onto her face and she fell on the ground.

Furthermore, I took her inside the room.

Furthermore, I was drunk plus furious.

Furthermore, I was angry just because she hurt Emily.

Furthermore, I know her from our childhood.

Before my girlfriend, she was my best friend.

I took out my belt and whipped her for about 5 times.

She was shivering right onto the floor.

I held her hairs into my hands and pulling her up I pushed her onto the bed.


James pulled her up and pushed her on the bed. He was drunk.

In drunkenness, he knew nothing.

He pulled out his pants button and his shirt.

That night he raped Bellarena.

After raping her he went out of the room, leaving her into the misery.

Left her bleeding in pain.

Left her dying on the cold bed, naked and into tears.

After some time, it was morning.

James wasn’t in the house but had gone to Emily’s house.

Here Bellarena was into tears.

There were marks of James whips on her body, deep and dark.

She was in pain. Her entire body was in pain. She was weeping.

Her heart was shattered.

She called her aunt,, but her phone was switched off.

She decided to go to police.

Furthermore, she ordered a cab and headed for the police station.

After sometimes she reached to the police station.

She asked for the senior police officer there in the police station.

She informed the police officer that her husband whipped her last night.

Furthermore, she showed the marks on her outer body.

When she took the name, the police officer refused to file the complaint against James.

They said that he is a big personality. He had connections with different mafia’s and the mayor.

Anyone who files complaint against him was never seen back and if he’ll file complaint against him, then he too will be killed by the mafia’s.

Bellarena requested him a lot,, but she got nothing but refusals only.

After many requests, the police officer told her to go, so she went.

She was in tears.

What is happening here?..her husband whips her and no police officer is filling a complain against him.

Bellarena’s heart developed a certain hatred in her heart for James.

But anyway, she had no other option else than accepting him.Her aunt had run with the money and therefore is not picking up her phone call.

She had no parents, no friends, plus had no degree to earn a living for herself.

Even if she’ll run, then too, James will find her anyway.

The path was looking empty, with no choice else then living with James.

In the same cab, she went back to the mansion.

There she finds James and Emily back there in the mansion together.

James was not even looking at her.

She straight away went inside her room and closed it.

Bellarena was into tears.

She was crying.

Suddenly, her boyfriend died, then her parents died, then her aunt ran with the money and now her only support her husband had affair with some other girl.

She was crying in pain.

She had no option else than to live with James in the same roof with his girlfriend.

But one day something happened that changed everything.

James, granny came to the mansion to live there.

James used to respect her very much.

Whatever she used to say, James used to do the same.

He used to abide whatever she used to say.

She was friend to him, and he was very close to her.

After his parents died, for James, her grandmother was his everything.

So as she was coming, James told Emily to take her stuff and move back to her house as granny will never like to see him with any other girl instead of his wife.

So, Emily with half heart went back to her house.

James asked me to not tell anything happened here to the granny.

And told her to tell servants that granny is coming, so clean the house and cook her favourite food.

At noon, granny reached.

Bellarena helped her to take her stuff inside and the servants were busy cleaning the house and the guards were on holiday.

James too helped granny taking her stuff inside the mansion.

She had brought a lot of luggage.

Later after getting inside, James welcomed her.

Well!! How’s my little baby?

How are you?

Granny said, pulling James cheeks.

Well, you are now slimmer than before” she asked James.

Ah….I am doing gym.

James replied.

He was looking uncomfortable.

Please take your seat granny” Bellarena said greeting her welcome.

She pulled her cheeks too and said…

Oh my God, you are his, the bride of James. You look so beautiful. Wow, dear you are so cute.

She complimented Bellarena.

Later James took her to the dinning area where the lunch was kept.

She was starving,, so she quickly sat on the dining table and began eating.

She was really nice to Bellarena.

At least after so long time there came someone who likes her.

She was happy.

Later, they all went to the dinning table and began eating the lunch.

Later as granny was tired she went to her room.

There she laid on the bed and fell asleep.


Bellarina had no hope. She was beaten to death by James and was raped later.

She wasn’t able to file any complain against James as he is a big personality and had connections with more wealthy personality.

She had no hope, no light in her darkness.

Her only support ran her aunt ran with the money.

She had no degrees, nothing to earn a living. She had no choice else than to live with James.

She was feeling miserable. Her heart was empty.

There were no dawn in her dusky life.

One day when granny came and Emily had to go that day bellarina got a hope.

She was happy. Granny was a pleasant lady.

She was very nice to her.

The first time someone treated her that we’ll after so long.

She was happy to see someone else in that scary mansion.

She was happy to see James treating her well as the granny came.

At least there will be someone in her misery.


The next day as granny came into the house therefore James announced a welcome party.

The party was in the evening.

The people came to decorate the mansion.

Though granny denied that she is too tired for a party but due to forcing of James she agreed.

James had only one favourite person in his life, and that was granny.

He always used to abide her.

He loves her a lot.

The people came to decorate the house. The whole house was in commotion.

James himself was guiding them the way to prepare the mansion.

Plus, he was listing people who were invited to the party.

James didn’t invite Emily, as his granny and grandpa both used to hate her.

They never liked Emily and therefore never excepted her.

To granny, Emily was like a stone in rice.

She never liked her.

Her pervert nature and ego always made granny offended.

She never liked Emily’s behaviour, her anything.

There were many people invited. Some names’ granny herself suggested.

Bellarena was busy guiding and cooking food for the party.

She was busy guiding the cooks what to make.

After sometimes the decoration was done and after cleaning the mansion the people who were decorating the place left.

On the other side, the food was prepared too.

So, everyone went to dress themselves, so they could look good in there.

Bellarena went to her room.

She took a shower and dressed herself into a beautiful gown.

She did her makeup after it.

Putting some Kamal, eyeliner and mascara.

Later she applied the foundation of her skin tone and after applying some blush she went downstairs.

In the process of coming downstairs, she glared at the people…they’re starting her.

Everyone in the party was starting her only.

She felt a little uncomfortable.

She looked at James.

He was too, staring at her.


She was looking magnificent. I kept looking at her. I don’t know,, but she had a spark that could attract anyone.

Furthermore, I was amazed to see her this beautiful. She was looking gorgeous.

I could see everyone watching at her.

She was looking breathtaking.

She was looking hypnotizing.

For one moment, I forget Emily.

I wish she had met me first instead of Emily.

Her figure, her face, everything was breathtaking.

She was looking hot as hell. I wanted to kiss her.

‘She is looking sexy. Wow, I wish I would have a wife like her”.

My friends said from behind, patting my shoulder.

You are really lucky to have such a hot wife.

Another friend said to me.

Ignoring them, I went to the bar area. My eyes weren’t getting off from her.

I don’t know why.

I can’t cheat Emily.

She is my childhood friend. How can I be cheating her?

She was always there when I needed help.

Well, I can’t do anything for this, but I can’t help getting my eyes off from Bellarena.

She came downstairs and people were still starting her.

This made me a bit jealous, I don’t know why, but in life I first time felt jealousy for a woman.

I was still looking at her.

She was with granny.

I think granny likes her.

I have seen they both feel comfortable with each other.

She takes care of granny a lot.

I noticed that Eric went to her. He was now flirting with her.

In some minute granny went to meet other relatives excusing Bellarena and Eric.

Eric was still flirting with her.

I thought it’s a normal flirting, but I noticed he was touching her shoulder, later he started forcefully kissing her. Bellarena was feeling uncomfortable.

My hands break the glass that I was holding. The blood came out from my hands due to crushing of the broken glass pieces.

I became furious.

I rushed to Eric.

Not only that, but I held his collar and took him out in a corner.

Bellarena came after us.

I took Eric in a corner where we weren’t visible to anyone, and I smashed his face with a punch.

His nose started bleeding, and he sat down on the ground.

Until then Bellarena came.

She held my hand tightly as if she was frightened.

I asked Eric to tell her sorry,, and he did the same.

That day only, I expelled him from his job.

Next time I want to avoid seeing you in front of my eyes or the situation will be disastrous, Eric.

I yelled at him.

Later I took Bellarena inside the party back again.

I tell her to be with granny as things are not safe here being alone.

She went to the granny.

I went back to my friends.

After an hour, something ridiculous happened.

I saw granny fainted on the ground and everyone was looking at her astonished.

I ran to the granny and someone informed me that she had got a heart attack.

Before I could do anything, Bellarena came from behind.

She understands the situation and quickly told me to call an ambulance plus she started giving granny CPR.

She was pressing her chest, plus giving her artificial ventilation.

Until then ambulance reached.

Some people came out from it with a trench.

They took granny on it and quickly driving the ambulance took her to the hospital.

I and Bellarena was too after the ambulance in our car.

It took about 5 minutes to reach the hospital for the ambulance and us.

They took quickly granny to the operation room.

The doctors rushed to the operation room.

The operation room closed when we reached.

The red light of the operation room turned on.

We both were praying.

We were praying for granny.

After sometimes the doctors came out.

They said that the patient is fine, and we can meet her after some time.

Later, the people in the party too came to the hospital to see what happened.

They encircled both of us and started questioned about granny.

We made them silent and told them that granny is now fine, and they can go presently.

The people sighed in relief and went back to their cars to their homes as they didn’t want to make chaos in the hospital.

Before going, they all asked to do a phone call when grandmother comes into consciousness.

After sometime granny came into consciousness and doctors allowed us to meet her but one by one.

I was going inside when Bellarena went before me.

It seemed as if she was more tensed for granny than me.

How she’ll not be, she and granny was becoming friends from the time they met.

For granny, Bellarena was becoming her kind of best friend.

I waited outside until then.

Then only a doctor came from behind.

He asked about who gave granny CPR.

I told them the girl who was inside.

Then they informed me that if Bellarena wouldn’t have given her the CPR, then the granny wouldn’t have been alive till.

They complemented Bellarena.

From this moment, a soft corner developed inside my heart for her….


Authors POV{}

The next day, granny was discharged from the hospital.

She was taken back to the mansion.

The doctors prescribed her numerous medicines, which they gave to Bellarena and James.

After taking to the mansion granny was still under observation of some nurses that James appointed.

Bellarena too was taking a lot of care of granny.

From making food to giving her medicines on time, she was very much worried for the granny.

After some days, granny felt fine.

When taken back for checkup, the doctors said that she’s out from danger but should be taken care?

Bellarena helped granny a lot from coming out from her situation.

Granny was very much happy from Bellarena as because of her, she was now out from danger.

She always noticed that how Bellarena used to look after her even at late nights.

How much she cared for her in her situation.

She was very much impressed from her.

It can be concluded that Bellarena win granny’s heart.

Bellarena and granny were now good friends, maybe best friends.

They started cooking together, started spending time together, started doing everything together like best friends.

James was too happy about them.

Somewhere, Bellarena won his heart too.

Plus, he started linking her. Though he doesn’t want to cheat Emily but what can we do when our heart is taking our control?

Day by day, James was falling for Bellarena.

He started loving her.

The way she treats his granny, him, was making him fall for her.

Her beauty, her charm, was making him love her even more.

Things were going out from his hands, he was now losing his control on his heart.

Though he liked Emily, but liking and loving is a different thing.

James stared loving Bellarena.

Everything was going on its way when one day Emily called James.

She said that she wanted to talk to him as she wanted to tell him something, and it’s urgent.

When James reached to her house, Emily was sitting on a chair waiting for him only.

Oh, James! I was waiting for you only…please sit…I want to tell you something…

Emily said while grinning at James.


James asked.

Well, sit first….

Emily, I am a bit busy,, please tell me…

James asked again.

Well, I wanted to say….

Emily paused.

What you want to say…

James asked again.

Ah…I am pregnant…

Emily replied.

James eyes widened.

He didn’t know to be happy or sad.

On one hand, Emily got pregnant and on the other he had already started loving Bellarena.

On the top, the thing was that what he’ll tell to his granny.

He was standing there in front of Emily in dilemma.

Emily hugged him tightly, and he did hug her back.

Aren’t you happy…

Emily asked.

No.no…I am happy…

James replied.

So let’s go to your house and tell granny about all this…

Emily suggested.

OK…pack your bags…we are going to the mansion….

James said.

Emily jumped in excitement.

She was happy as hell.

She quickly packed her bags and with James headed for the mansion.

On the other hand, James was worried about what granny will say.

He was tensed about Bellarena.

What she’ll feel because of this.

What granny will say to me…

James already knew that his grandpa and granny hates Emily…

His grandfathers last wish was to stay away from Emily and to marry someone else but here Emily is now pregnant…

He was concerned about Bellarena first.

Suddenly, they reached to the mansion.

Emily rushed out from the car.

Took her bag and was ready to face everything but James, he was concerned.

Anyway, he went inside the mansion with Emily.

He called everyone to the hallway.

Granny and Bellarena were busy making cookies for James when they heard James calling them.

They both rushed to the hallway.

There they saw Emily with James.

Get out from the house, Emily…

James, what this filthy lady is doing here…

Granny asked.

Granny, I want to tell you something…

James replied.


Granny asked.

Ah…Emily is pregnant….

And the baby inside her womb is my baby…

James said.

Granny came to him and slapped him tightly.

Ok, but what about Bellarena…she is your legal wife right…

Granny asked.

I am sorry, granny….

But I want the baby, and it is my baby….I can’t do anything…

Well, if you don’t want the baby then we can do abortion…

Emily interrupted.

No…I want this baby…..

James ordered.

See granny I want this baby…anyway, but it’s my baby…and I can’t lose it…

James said in a confident tone.

And from today Emily is going to live here in this mansion…

James said.

Bella Rina was standing there beside granny.

Her eyes were teary. She was crying.

Her heart shattered.

She thought that James had started liking her and one day they will live happily with no one in between.

Bellarena ran back to her room with tears all over her face.

Granny went rushed back after her to her room to consolidate her.

Here Emily was pleased.

Finally, the place that she wanted in Jame’s heart is now hers.

She finally landed up winning a place in James heart.

She was happy as hell.

Besides that, James was upset.

In a moment everything changes, his happy family is now transformed into a sad family.

He is now going to be a father,, and he had to accept Emily anyway.

He had to take care of Emily now.

Furthermore, he had to take care of his baby now.

Furthermore, he ordered Emily to go back to her room and to take rest there.

Emily did the same and went to her room.

On the other hand, granny was consoling Bellarena.

Bellarena was crying.

Her tears weren’t stopping.

She knew that now she has to leave her new family and James will not accept her anyway now.

Her face was full of tears. Granny was crying too for her.

Granny was doing everything to make bellarina to stop from crying but all in vain…

At one time bellarina decided to leave the house but something stopped her and it was granny…

Who will look after her after she’ll leave her?..

Who will be granny’s friend and will bear all her tantru……

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