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It’s a fantasy book. It’s similar to Harry Potter, but the difference is that the girl named E.C. Edwards has to study hard to become one of the best wizard student. The subject of the book is that it’s not enough to be blessed, or protected by a spell or a mediocre student to be an magic architect, magic engineer or guardian. Also you could become a responsible for growing herbs and cleaning potions, just like Merlin, before he became one of the most well-known wizards.

‘Here at the school of magic, we will train all sorts of wizards. You will learn how to use magic and master it. Many of you will become magic architects, the greatest inventors of all time. They invented among many things, the vigil candle, patented by Henric Julien IV. Professor Brian Hazzelnuck, who paved the way for … any place in this world where we want to get at once, leaving behind the …witch broom. Yes, he showed us the way to transmutation … through portals. And we are very lucky because riding those brooms was not very comfortable and safe … As others told me, because I did not have … the chance to try something like this.”

… Miss Harmony smiled at the children, continuing to talk as she looked at them:

‘Or maybe some of you will become guardians. Who knows? You will join the group of fighters against black magic. And who punish wrongdoers. Or you will become potion makers who will create the strongest cures and the most powerful elixirs. Or you can become herb growers for potions, fantastic and non-fantastic caregivers … it all depends on you. Depending on what you choose …”

‘As Johnny really sucks, I think he’ll be a potion bottle cleaner … or a caretaker of mystical and non-mystical beings … And he will clean their manure,” Alexander laughed at his own joke.

Many children in the class also laughed, especially Alexander’s friends. Or rather, those who wanted to join this kid’s group and his attention, as he belonged to a renowned family.

‘You’re wrong. I know a lot of stuff. For a year I read all kinds of books, unlike you.”

‘Maybe you read, but you learn nothing. As for me, I’ve been studying magic for five years. I came to Elmbridge just because I needed … papers to prove how good I am.”

‘Please stop fighting. Alexander, first of all it is not nice to offend. Please, in my class speak only if I speak to you. And please never offend anyone again …”

Miss Harmony stood up from her desk and got close to the boys.

‘Did you hear about Merlin?”

‘Of course I did … I read a lot of books written by him. About magic, potions and more. Anyone heard about him,” Alexander the “wise” smiled.

‘But did you know that at first, before he became one of the most well-known wizards, he was responsible for growing herbs and cleaning potions? This is how he became

The idea of the book is just same as the one from the real life. If you want to succeed and to be one of the elite, you have to study hard, to learn a lot.

This is a great idea that could easily show the direction to our children.. what to do to create their way in life.


I send you these about the story of the book:


Who would expect a story titled ANTIMAGIC to be about wizards, mystical creatures and fantastic, unusual adventures?

Yet, it really is …

It’s even more than that. You’ll see if you read the story, that there is, beside all this, a spell, mightier than the strongest spells ever, even than Abracadabra.

Yes, ANTIMAGIC is the most powerful magic of all known and unknown in the wizards’ world, because it’s a spell that can stop any magic, no matter how powerful it is.

The narrative in Antimagic story will succeed not only in helping the children’s minds to imagine fantasy worlds or to create their own stories with fairies, princesses, famous wizards or knights, because they already know how to do it, but it will develop even more their thinking and desire to KNOW.

Reading this book they’ll see and understand what all wizard students got after their decision to study magic at the famous and old Elmbridge School of Magic.

What they all got is that they’ll become skilled and wise wizards and magicians only through study and long and painstaking search for knowledge.

And even more than that, this book will help grown-ups too to remember to dream again, because we, grown-ups, kind of forgot to do that.

Therefore, dear readers, young or grown-ups, enjoy the lines of this book and discover with Elizabeth Catherine Edwards and her friends the mysteries of magic.

Go through many and wonderful events with the heroes of this book, more or less unusual, strange. Swim with her and her friends in the mysterious waters of the Purple Oasis. Run with them from the dangers that are all over the Ancient Forest and into the maze beneath Elmbridge School of Magic. Admire together imposing creatures such as ogres, carticors (fantastic hybrid mole-elephant-badgers), lycanthropes and many others interesting as well.

Besides, don’t forget to support them to easily overcome moments of sadness, when they need it so much.

Enjoy this book, which will show you that in order to become a great wizard in Elizabeth Catherine Edwards’ magic world you must embrace learning and knowledge. You’ll see that algebra and geometry, this wonderful and magic mathematics, or botany, or chemistry, or potion making and shapeshifting classes and even simple things like writing, reading or addition, all this are necessary for that. SO LIFELIKE.


Also in my book I put some drawings made by myself.

Thank you for your time.


               Tiberiu GANEA.

Chapter 1 – An Orphan Child(1)

One ‘cool” evening old England got us accustomed to, when all you had to do was stay inside your warm house roaming the land of dreams, Officer Gangsley Taylor, and two other Scotland Yard officers, wandered the dark streets of London.

Beside them there was nobody there, which was more than normal on such weather and at such late hour. It wasn’t their wish to walk down the streets. Still, to achieve their goal they had to take this unusual action.

They were wet to the bone because of the water flowing from the dark sky, ceaselessly hit by huge drops of rain stinging them like needles. To their distress, the gusty wind blew off their cap of police community support officers. The three ran towards Moon Street. They knew nothing about this street. It was a line on the map for them, very far from the city centre on the outskirts of London.

Scotland Yards were used to such unpleasant moments. Yet, walking down the darkest and strangest streets of the city on such night it was too much even for them.

Considering the weather, it was clear that anyone except the Scotland Yard officers minded their own business. One could say the weather was triggered by unusual happenings, mysterious, meaningless recent events. Something at least as puzzling as horror stories often shared by folks who like scaring people.

Officer Gangsley Taylor and probably the other two joining him, Jones W. Carpenter and Smith Smithson, have seen far too many atrocities in their career to scare them off. They took part in real events, when the only strange thing was how humans could express so much hatred, violence, indifference, throughout history. Therefore, they left without hesitation for the place of their mission.

They faced heroically the rushing stream coming from the sky. Rain wasn’t an enigma at all. It was common for that April time when customary rainy days settled over England. Still, the three were increasingly impatient to reach the location they were looking for.

That road was so badly cobbled that one risked breaking leg at any step taken. It was flanked on both sides by tiny houses looking as if they were built just before Stonehenge. They were crummy and sloppy, crammed as if trying to transfer heat to one another in the wind blowing harder and harder. The shape and appearance of the houses killed any passer-by’s mood to visit a friend or someone in the family living in this slum.

Even Scotland Yard officers didn’t want to be in the middle of that incipient apocalypse. However, they didn’t give up.

‘Good evening …” Gangsley said, surprised at the sound of his voice.

He didn’t realize at first that it was neither the place nor the moment to be polite. The officer got silent because he noticed there was no one in front of him. He just seemed to have seen someone.

Anyhow, he saw someone’s face before him. His gaze met a face so beautiful and young, like a fairy face. Despite that, it was so white, foreshadowing death, bloodcurdling only thinking of it. Not to speak of really seeing it.

Yet, Gangsley smiled as usual, somewhat calmly, for that face seemed far too odd; therefore, it was just a product of his mind.

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