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Chapter 001 Break-up

It was a rainy night.

“Just sign the divorce paper! I’ll give you five hundred million as alimony!”

“Ivan, did I do something wrong?” She had always been humble and measly in front of him.

“Eileen is back. She doesn’t want to see you again! I want a perfect wedding with her as my bride, so you must leave!” Ivan White crossed his long legs and leaned lazily on the sofa. He looked as stoic and cold as a stone statue with his perfect and prominent facial features.

“You want to divorce me just because she’s back?” Molly Hill’s bloodless lips trembled. “Do you think marriage is a child’s play?!”

“Eileen is supposed to be my wife! You were the one who played tricks and kicked her away two years ago. Now that she’s back, I won’t let her go again. Sign the paper! You earn five hundred million for sleeping with me for two years. That’s a high price!”

Ivan had always been good at condemning people without mercy.

“W-W-What if I don’t sign it?” Molly asked in despair.

“Well, I have a thousand ways to make you disappear from this world ‘legally’.”

As the successor of the top financial group in Oscos, he was capable of doing anything regardless of the consequences. No one dared to stop or go against him in this city.

Two years ago, the grand union between the Hill family and the White family had been held. At Ivan’s and Eileen’s engagement party, he was drugged and mistakenly regarded Molly as Eileen, Molly’s sister. The next day, the scandal had erupted throughout the major news outlets, saying that Molly, the eldest heiress of the prestigious Hatchworks Group, hooked up with Ivan, her soon-to-be brother-in-law.

Eileen had been so angry that she went berserk and was sent to a sanatorium abroad for treatment. Everyone was reproaching Molly for being the most shameless woman to snatch her sister’s fiancé. Ivan hated her even more, determined that Molly had taken the effort to drug him and trick him into sleeping with her.

However, the two families had been old friends for years, and it was a marriage of interest. Under the pressure of Old Mr. Hill, Molly’s grandfather, and Marie White, Ivan’s grandmother, Ivan was forced to make the best of the mistake and marry Molly.

Molly felt like she was living in hell during these two years of marriage with Ivan. Her forbearance, tolerance, and affection in exchange for more humiliation and torment. She was mentally and physically exhausted. She had had enough.

Perhaps, divorce was the best option for her.

“Alright, I’ll sign it, but I have a request.”

“What is it?!” He guessed that she wanted more money. After all, money was all a cunning woman like her cared about anyway.

“I want to make love with you as a husband and wife for one last time.

In the past two years, every time you had sex with me, you always called out Eileen’s name. You make me feel that I’m the worst woman in the world. I have had enough! I’m your wife. I want to make love with you one last time while you call out my name.


For the first time, Molly was hysterical, and her entire body trembled in rage! In these two years, he had tortured her endlessly! He had had sex with her in the past two years just to punish her and humiliate her. Passion and affection were non-existent in the process.

“Shut it. Eileen is waiting for me in the car. She’ll be upset if I stay for too long.”

Molly sighed and chuckled. She had suffered from mental and physical torture for two years. However, his heart broke when he had to let Eileen wait for a while longer. His desire to protect Eileen disgusted her to the extreme.

“It’s up to you. I don’t mind being the headlines again!”

Ivan hated being threatened the most. He curled his thin lips into a cold sneer and jeered, “Fine! I’ll fulfill your request. Don’t regret it, Molly Hill!”

Ivan stood up, grabbed her shirt, and lifted her up. Then, he threw her onto the hard coffee table. He was very tall and strong. The forceful throw almost knocked her out.

He then ripped her shirt, and the buttons flew in all directions. There was no warmth in his actions at all, nor did he give her any time to prepare herself mentally.

“Ah!” Molly cried out in shock, her entire face contorted in pain. He was as ruthless as ever as if she would never feel pain. Perhaps, he enjoyed seeing her in pain and despair!

‘Good! Very good!’ She would never forget how ruthless he was to her in her entire life. This time, she did not cry and beg him for mercy like usual. She just looked at the ceiling with tears in her eyes.

“Molly, are you happy now?!” Ivan almost wanted to tear her apart. He finally called her name when they were doing the deed.

Although it was very humiliating, the resentment that had accumulated in her heart for the past two years could finally be digested. “Ivan White! I won’t love you anymore!”

Ivan held her jaw in disdain and sneered while staring at her face. That was a beautiful face. But deep down, she was a shameless and cunning bitch. Hence, he felt nothing but disgust and hypocrisy in the face of her love and adoration.

Perhaps he didn’t want Eileen to wait for too long, or he couldn’t stand her emotionless reaction, he ended the session much faster than usual.

“Sign the divorce paper, take the money, and leave Oscos!” He did not want to see his ex-wife ever again after he married Eileen.

After Ivan finished speaking, he left without batting an eye at Molly.

Two months later, at the hospital.

“Ms. Hill, congratulations, you are pregnant with multiples, but I suggest you reduce the number of fetuses. It will be dangerous for you and the babies if there are too many fetuses!”

Reduce the number of fetuses? No, she did not want to deprive any child of the right to live! They were her children, and they had nothing to do with anyone. No matter what, she decided to give birth to them and raise them well…

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